Enraged Phantom Rare Bugged?

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So supposedly they no longer spawn in Festering Woods. I've also been running Decaying Crypt a lot without encountering either champ or rare Enraged Phantoms.

Can anyone confirm having found one in 1.05a? I don't want to waste unnecessary time searching if it's bugged.
found on hc both champ and rare in decaying crypt..

the rare spawn is very rare :)
Alright, thank you. Guess I've just been unlucky then - 30-40 crypt runs so far and haven't seen champ or rare.
Found (hc) after 60ish runs; if someone needs tick add me @ Serenity#2788.

Edit: They're dead.
did you do 60 runs in Crypts or Woods ?
03/11/2012 16:59Posted by petobabz
did you do 60 runs in Crypts or Woods ?

In Decaying Crypt (spawns in Fields of Misery). I'm pretty sure Enraged Phantom elites no longer spawn in Festering Woods.
they never did (or at least i think so).
04/11/2012 07:51Posted by Shmu
they never did (or at least i think so).

Ofc they did. I found plenty of rare enraged phantoms when searching Fecklar's Ghost.
Found champs in Festering Woods 3 days ago, so they still spawn, although its rare.

Same for rare enraged phantom in Decaying Crypt, once I found it in 4 game and then over 50 clears and nothing when friend needed it.
Thank you SO MUCH for the information that the rare Enraged Phantom spawned at Decaying Crypt!

I just got both the rare and the champion in the same run!
Took me about 150 runs to Festering woods and 20 runs to Decaying crypt, in the end it spawned in Decaying crypt. In Festering I had only champs (cca 1 in every 5 runs).
Champs spawn in Decaying Crypt and Festering Woods
Rares only in Decaying Crypt
I have found Enraged Phantom 3 times in "The Festering Woods" and Rare Phenomenon didn't check complete. Once with a friend, Once with a follower and once with no one.

I did find the "Sand Dweller" in "Forgotten Ruins" and in checked with no problem

I someone is still looking for this Rare, add me to list (HC only).
This is my last to find.
30 runs in Decaying Crypt = 0 rare phantoms. Add me if you are looking for it too...
Try Hell or Inferno.

I found 4 days ago in DC LVL 1 Hell Diff HC.

Then SC Inferno same place.
I need this creature too on HC, will be trying to find it today
Need it also rare on HC ;/ Cant find it, did many runs on festing woods and crypts but without luck.

Iploman, you are wasting your time in festing woods, rare can an only spawn in crypt
weird thing... I dont see any packs of phantoms,not to mention that even white phantoms. Maybe this is bad luck, still many runs in the crypt.

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