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The base pickup radius should at least be 7yards.. It's frustrating when you find the perfect piece but it doesn't have PuR on it, but you need it or you have 0.
Happened to me and had to search really long to find an upgrade helm with PuR...
I've wrote here about useless passives and skills, that really should be buffed

copy paste:

Hi there,

So what's your thoughts regarding most useless skills and passives, and what would you do to improve them? Tired of Ruthless and Weapon master on every barb? I'm against "nerfing" type of adjustments, as it is easier and more frustating way to make things in balance again, so i'd prefer to buff useless stuff.

i'm not a monk, wd nor demon hunter specialist, but from what I know about monk, everyone uses breath of heaven with blazing wrath rune and sweeping wind with cyclone - other runes on those skills should be buffed immensely; please provide feedback. I'll focus on wizard and barb:


most used passives: critical mass, glass cannon, blur, evocation and galvanizing ward
most useless: conflagration, paralysis, temporal flux, arcane dynamo, power hungry
conflagration - now 12% more dmg for 6 seconds (increase from 3 sec)
paralysis - in addition to chance to Stun the target, all attacks cause lightning to arc to 3 nearby enemies, slowing them by 20% for 3 seconds and dealing 12% weapon damage as Lightning.
temporal flux - in addition to slowing enemies by 30% for 2 seconds by using arcane damage, temporal flux now also grants 50% reduction to all control impairing effects.
arcane dynamo - after 5 Flashes of Insight, your next non-Signature spell deals 100% additional damage (increase from 75%).
power hungry - removed bonus to Arcane Power whenever you are healed by a health globe - now Critical hits grants 5 arcane power (see life steal passive on Barbarian - powerful affixes on items should have at least one decent alternative on skills/passives).

magic missile - dmg should be increased from 125% to 140%, with charged blast rune 175% and seeker 152%, this is still the weakest primary spell.
ray of frost - even after buff, still noone uses it because of better options. while dmg is ok, needs to proc APOC even after the initial cast. single target runes need to have some sort of minimum AoE affect at the target location, so stuff around the target get hit and slowed as well.
hydra - need a little more base dmg (from 28% to 42%), such a nice skill and still waste of slot on most occasions
ice armor is still inferior to storm armor and energy armor which was hugely nerfed after the patch. don't nerf them, just a little boost to ice armor could balance things a bit more.

ice armor now reduces melee dmg by 15% (from 12%), runes:

frozen storm - 30% dmg over 3 sec is useless, 20% dmg over 6 sec could be useable,
chilling aura - enemies slowed by 40% now (from 30%).
storm armor, runes:
scramble - now increases movement speed by 15% for 7 sec (from 25% and 3 sec)
magic weapon; only force weapon and blood magic are useable, let's buff the rest:

electrify - dmg increased to 17% (from 10%)
conduit - 2 arcane power on hit
venom - 20% dmg over 7 sec
familiar - only arcanot and sparkflint useable

vigoron - increases life by 10%
ancient guardian - now absorbs 1 attack every 4 sec (from 6)
cannoneer - 20% weapon dmg to enemies within 9 yards now (from 6)

pure power: never used; reduce the damage of all archon abilities by 20% and reduce cooldown from 100 seconds to 65
slow time: now active all the time, when player is in the archon form


most used passives: ruthless, weapon master, superstition, bloodthirst
most useless: pound of flesh, juggernaut
pound of flesh - now also increases health pickup radius by 10 yards.
juggernaut - duration of control impairing effects on you is reduced by 30% (increase from 20%), and whenever a Stun, Fear, Immobilize or Charm is cast on you, now you don't have only a chance - you always recover 15% of your maximum life.

Battle Rage - only Into the Fray and Marauder's Rage are considered as a useable rune, buff the rest:

Swords to Ploughshares - Critical Hits now have up to a 10% chance to cause enemies to drop additional health globes (increase from 5%, can be combined with pound of flesh).
Bloodshed - Critical Hits have a chance to cause an explosion of blood dealing 35% of the damage done to all other nearby enemies (increase from 20%)

rage skills - most people only uses Wrath of the Berserker
Earthquake - Critical Hits have a chance to reduce the cooldown by 0.5 second.
Call of the Ancients - Critical Hits have a chance to reduce the cooldown by 0.5 second.

edit: also, if you're interested in fixing item diversity problem:
+1 to all (and I have felt that way since launch)
Why hasn't blizzard applied this stuff yet? People have been asking for it for a long time. Most suggestions are unanimous too. Also how do developers not think of this stuff? Makes me want to nerd rage. Start a boycott d3 movement or something (but that's technically happening anyways, except people are just moving to wow... that'll show em...)
From the lists above I very much liked:

Public games:
- Don't force players into a party.
- Open up the PK mode

- Paragon levels provide a small increment to pickup radius.
- Players can now auto pick up tome of secrets, health potions and gems.

- Item socketing
- Item attribute incrementation
- Legendary item rerolling
- identify all items
- salvaging hellfire rings has 100% chance at a random organ
- 3 hellfire rings can be crafted into a new hellfire ring just brilliant idea.
- Ability to craft more than one item of a certain type with a single click, provided you have the necessary resources.
True that! Needs a bunch of fixes for sure! Hopefully they actually work on this stuff instead of putting it away on forums for nothing. Especially picking up health globes, tomes, hp pots ect should be able to pick up just like gold. Identify ALL!!!! OMFG horrible. wasted probably 10 hrs just !@#$ing id rares ect. Need fixes on AH especially with maras and soj, this is bull%^-* to scroll through thousands of pages to find the ring i want and other legendaries that dont show up atk spd ect, should be able to put them also into the game or ah too. Make a spot so u can jump into public games with MP #s (Also if mp public games will probably improve with the bots, the bots wont be able to farm easily or at all with higher mp levels!). As far as PVP ill start posting once we get anything with pvp... Making me want to go back with wow and start pvp/arena again. And little tid bit, would like to have some sort of battleground (not arena pvp) where u have 2 sides to battle and have nps and monster/bosses on the side like alterac valley or all the rest in wow. And also maybe the developers would have actually released pvp anytime soon or even like a long time ago... An assload of people who play d3 are leaving because there is nothing for the game anymore. I have been bored for weeks now with nothing else to farm more keys or hellfires... I actually just farm xp and legendary drops on normal runs for faster paragon levels instead of mp levels because its a joke with legendary drops ect as of late for me. I even just pwr leveled 3 alts just to play a diff char cause I have nothing else to do. PVP or new patches with new bosses/instances/dungeons/ bosses that just appear while farming act 3 runs would be nice too. Anything would improve this game 200000 fold and you wont lose on huge clients (And Blizz you are seriously losing the d3 market, most just gold farmers and bots when u jump into public games too, if you aint going to actually cut down on the gold farmers/afkers/botters than at least throw the bots together lol instead of real players). I just go on public games once in a while for fun but even that is losing touch because of the bots and afk peeps. I just run with my follower nowadays, farm farm farm farm, nothing really new. It is getting stagnant, please developers to do something with this game, it is an amazing game, we just want to be able to do new things in the game. Seriously bored and waiting on pvp or new patches till I play again. Same with most of my friends they just sit in menus bored out of our trees as well and look on ah cause theres nothing else for us. I aint saying Im pro, but Ive spent alot of time with other games (WOW ect) and maybe you guys can delve into what is missing with d3 and incorporate it too. And thanks for looking into this thread, because its exactly what I am looking for into a game too! Thanks guys, Adios!
+1 to all.

OP, can I repost something here I posted in one of the sister threads a few weeks ago?
As it is the only thing I'm missing from that list...

Cheers for the work!
very impressive. some of those changes can be argued about but overall i agree with all of them
alot of good improvements... but it all fails on one critical point.


the truth is, nothing can work if the foundation is flawd.
all thees changes will most likely produce more bugs then already exist.

fix the foundation should be top priority

People getting black screens due to physex engines
(ghoom,sewers etc, lets blame drivers...)

People getting Nausea due to physex
(ppl should not play more then 1hr anyways,lol)

HDD overload/fps drops due to weird programing
(its the customers pc,lol)

Current anticheat only punish the non cheating players
(like we have the ability to know this will hurt us in the end, ppl are sheep,lol)

Random disconnects
(latest patch brought them back, atleast for me,guess its my
router,drivers and/or the fact that im not a wiz at computers - i cant be, i dont work for blizzard, right?)

what Blizzard says and do is not the same thing
devs - "we made range creature less likely to kite you
(only effected moloks? buffed semi-range creatures to kite you more include: succubus,Dark Cultist,Wretched Mother, blood clan oculist,blood clan impaler,quill backs & soul rippers)

"we buffed drop rates aren't you happy?"
(lets put in like 50 extra affixes, lets pretend that we didnot understand the criticms lol.
also lets pretend like we want to change the fact that legendary should be better then yellow)

"shielding mobs only have one shield up at a time now"
(lol j/k)

"wallers dont put walls on top of you"
(but they do put them around you in awkward angles so the effects are the same as if they where on you, lol)

bassicly, all your changes are futile if someone dont shake the D3 team up a bit, and you posting this bassicly good thread.... will only prove d3 team to walk all over us and claim they "doing it for us"

ps. i wish d3 team could have some balls and stop using the public as their alibi for doing so.
i wonder why they hafto use an alibi for making changes...

making games should not be about "keeping your job" - and that is why blizzard is not what it used to be.
Let us lave message to offline friends (or players)
Let us link items or send message to multiple friends at the same time.

+1 to all
Hi, guys!

I have updated the thread with all of your input. Your continued support and dedication is invaluable and continues to drive and inspire me (where the game in its current state fails).

Przemek you deserve to run this thread more than I do!!!

One a personal level, I liked Salibus' input more than almost anything I have ever seen since the Almanac initiative started. Giving ALL items a chance to be useful, to serve a purpose...simply amazing, the beauty of that thought is almost...poetic. The buy order/whishlist idea is not far beneath it, either. Kudos, man! :)

Again, sorry it took me so long to update the thread. I really wish I could be more responsive. I suppose the best thing we can do is pray that I lose my job soon. :P
Nice. quite a lot i would like to see in the game!

Great work to all involved

-paragon levels provide a small increment to pickup radius, possibly 1 or 2 for every 10 levels << this!!
Added ^_^
Fist of all you guys at least you get blue posts!
It was very nice for my European eyes to see so many Blue replies in 1 thread.
Allow me please to tell a few things here, because it's pointless doing on the EU server belive me :(

We on the other hand don't get quite any replies at all ever on the EU server. There were also many many constructive forums with countless brilliant ideas what and exactly how to change in the game to make it more fun and would add much more variety of the game as it does now.

Fact is, that it's getting really really boring to grind all the same places over and over again.

I think if you would grab some ideas from the most popular ones, you could make it quite fast and people would at least enjoy the game more and leavers would come back to check those out at least and maybe stay again.

Here you go with some: Why not...

- "unchain" the at the moment completely useless leg/set items and let them roll higher usable affixes - would tune up the business and would remove the feeling if you see a leg "Gloves" on the ground (now you think: oh' damn... another brimstone candidate..). For example : Slorak's madness wand - limited dps, limited affixes, but could mention a lot of them like gladiator gauntlets, ageless might etc. they are more or less useless now, many other type weps beat them. Give those items a chance at least to be able to roll something useful instead of their lifes last only until the next salvage part :P

- add more set/leg items wich could be based on the most popular builds players are using and not the opposite wich you do with almost every patch eversince, that you nerf all the popular ones to oblivion.. - good for business would shake up the pending AH

- add more "random" dungeons. I'm asking you, WHY can't the devs mix up the desings/enemys/places of the acts? Why can't you just add more and more dungeons to each and every part of the maps? Would be really great belive me. All of them could spawn totally random in each act, using the skin-mixture of all the act's dungeons.

For example: Leoric's hunting grounds in Act I, could have 3-4-5 more places to go in with the design mix of act4 + kulle archives + act I dungeons and so on, or some act3 place would spawn in the design of the Oasis from act2... use your imagination or put in another random generator (you're good at this) wich mixes them up for you and makes everything random in there, name, design, mob types etc from every act. Would be fun trust me :P

- Same goes with elites. There are packs where the leader is different from the minions (like act 3 towers - fatso mage chief with bullish pals) why can't there be a total mixture from elites too? Sometimes with 2 bosses etc.. and same about types, any type could appear in any of these "mystic" dungeons, for example with a larger boss in the end of the tunnel

- Why isn't there a way to use your flag as a checkpoint when you're playing solo? Should be not that hard, or at least make more checkpoints in very huge places like craters in act 3.

- crafting needs to be tuned, because it's now outdated vs the drops from even mpl1. Please allow us to craft lvl63 items or at least make some new desings wich can be at least useful.

- Oh yeah and please change the Tal Rasha's set bonus because it's the worst EVER.

I'm not hoping that you will consider any of these or those many ideas wich come from everywhere, but wanted to share this with you guys.

etc.etc. A lots of really "cheer-up" ideas are on the forums, you know that too. Then let them inspire you as the templar does with the "wanna be a farmer" story :)

Greetings from EU - Hungary.
I absolutely respect you, Nihilus for doing all these.

Hopefully Bliz takes note of these.

Some of the ideas are just brilliant . Although I do not agree 100% with the list, I think i would just give a +1 to all to make it easier for you to count :)
Amazing job!

Unfortunately some of these mechanics would be quite difficult to implement so they may take time but don't be surprised if some of them will only make it into the form of expansions.

I'm OK with that as well. Diablo will be an amazing game!
I made a long list there with explanations:

To summarize important parts:
-Losing one point of vitality effectiveness (down from "35 hp per vitality" max. to "10 hp per vitality" min.) on forced respawn after death when Nephalem Valor is active. Can be avoided if a party member resurrects you on the point.
-Every "new" invite joined player will grant one stack of Nephalem Valor (3 at max), so friendship is promoted to make Boss rushing sequences shorter. Forcing people to find new friends.
-Banners create checkpoints and pings to the all players in the game. Can serve as teleport points.
-Blacksmith gets the ability of opening sockets to "any" blue magical quality gear part.
-CC effects on elemental damage of weapons makes a come back. They only should have a chance to occur on critical hits, which will be penalized with increased difficulty.
-Passives grant bonuses depending on attribute comparisons of the characters. Some passives get "ranks" just like trait system to be unlocked within Paragon Levels.
-Some active skills with low damage output gets straight damage bonuses such as 30% weapon damage with +500 damage modifier , +45% weapon damage +200 damage modifier. So without any weapon player wouldn't feel so weak at normal difficulty as a higher level character.
-Monster immunities return; normal mobs get single immunity; elites get single immunity from their normal counterparts also resistances and CC impunities regarding their affixes (arcane, frozen, molten, fast...) which scales with Monster Power level, bosses and act bosses get 2 immunity with several CC impunities.
-Higher Monster Power should put a higher max main stat roll (just str, dex, int, vit) limit on items. Such as 10% higher limit on MP10.
-Let main stats grant a secondary bonus to the characters; Strength increasing movement speed and armor, Dexterity increasing block chance and dodge chance, Intelligence increasing resistances and reducing CC effects duration, Vitality increasing total health and grant small amount of life regeneration.
-Set quest rewards to be given at higher Monster Power levels such as MP 8,MP 9,MP 10 ; static life bonuses, stat boosts, pickup radius, lifesteal, movement speed, +2 bonus to all attributes...
-Fix Leah to be a "mortal" and make her recover to full health with a demonic blast.
-Let us command the followers to be Offensive, Defensive and Passive by right clicking their portrait. Tyrael, pets and Leah included.

Rest are the stuff that is aimed at the Expansion: Mystic Artisan, Tertiary skill slot and Enchanted Scrolls/Charged staffs, Jewels and Runes requiring Paragon Levels, Talisman returns to carry Charms in it, new Elite affixes...
ok. One thing that increase playability. More stuff to drop and use:

- usable runes
- usable white items in crafting
- usable slot sockets ( more then 4 gems)

taaadaa - and u have cool game now.
keeping this great topic alive.

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