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hi im very new to munk (lvl 59) and wondering if i should buy innas set^^

i have heard that it is great for farming and i was wondering why? can anyone explane?
I am interested to know as well please.
09/11/2012 18:51Posted by Dwargoth
I am interested to know as well please.

^^ does anyone know?
I'm using it and find it OK - I guess it's a matter of the right gear though.

Personally, I'm fairly sure my gear could be improved and I probably bought the best I could at the time rather than wait for better gear to turn up.

If you check the 'improve the Monk above you' thread there are some good ideas in there (I wished I had read that before spending my gold).

You will see from some builds that some Monks ignore Inna's completely and have gone for other sets.

One thing I would suggest you do is to get a Helm with a socket in it and put the biggest ruby you can find in it. This will give you a experience bonus which will help you gain paragon levels.

For each paragon level your gold and magic find increased by 3% but your base stats (Strenght, Dexterity, Inteligence and Vitality) also improve - I think the Dexterity improves by 3 per level and I think one other stat increases by 2.

As your paragon level increases you have less need for magic and gold find (don't forget that a percentage of the Templar follower's magic/gold find is added to your own stats).

Edited: See this build for instance:
ty brusilov ^^ some of it i allready knew and some of it was usefull :)
Inna's set it the set optimized for monks, and some of the pieces are very good. The spirit stone has a guranteed high dexterity roll, vitalty, 5-6% crit chance, socket and the chance of dual resistances. That's as close to a perfectly balanced head piece you can come. The pants have movement speed, 1% crit chance and attack speed. You can only get one resistance on them, and have to chose between that and vitality, but the dps and movement speed payoff is so good that it can't be ignored anyway. And the vitality you lose can pretty much be compensated by the chest, which has both vitality and life %, but once again only room for one resistance.

The set bonuses gives a good dps and dodge boost as well; 130 dexterity for two pieces. The 3-piece bonus is close to useless, but the 4th piece giving you a 70 spirit price reduction for Sweeping Winds is fantastic! To get that, go for the belt as the 4th piece, since the daibo is pretty much useless. The belt, on the other hand, gives a nice elemental damage bonus as well as 1% crit chance. Unfortunately that too only has room for one resistance, so using Inna's set does mostly mean you have to get as much resistance as possible from other gear. Still, add them all together and you have a great set for fast farming; 12% movement speed, damage reduction from elites, elemental and attack speed bonuses, and increase crit chance, as well as a lot of dexterity. This set packs a punch!
I just changed my Inna's Vast Expanse and Inna's Temperance for ones with All Resistance - didn't cost me an arm and a leg but I am limping a bit.....

My All Res is now 750 up from 606 and I'm a lot happier with that.

Now I just need to work on increasing my Dexterity again (at one stage it was over 2000 but it's now up to 1826 from around 1200 which still has some room for improvement).

I have managed to get my Critical Hit Chance to 53% and my Critial Hit Damage to +228% - I need to leave the Amethyst in the second hand weapon for the Life on Hit in the socket.
Any two pieces of this set is worth using, for the 130 dex bonus. The most interesting part is the pants with movement speed and attack speed -no other pants have that. The most balanced piece is helm: high dex, vit, high crit, socket plus 2 random affix, only very expensive helms can beat this. Going for the 4 piece set bonus is a bit problematic, because none of the pieces have resist by default, and only helm can roll dual res, so you will end up with low resists, needing a lot of res on your other slots.
One thing to keep in mind with the movement bonus is that it's capped at 25%.

I had a 12% movement bonus on the Inna's Temperance another 12% on Natalya's Bloody Footprints and another 12% on some Lacuni Bracers I had on (they also had 80% All Res and 8% Attack Speed). However, instead of 36% I saw only 25%.....

So, I replaced the Lacuni Bracers with a Stongarm Bracers I already had in my stash - I miss out on the attack speed but they have other bonuses.....
It's a waste of money if your other gear is mid tier. You buy pants - loose 100+ vit. Then you forced to buy helm or chest. And that's the point. If you choose chest, you again loose your res, and get only life %. If you buy helm you gain nothing special at all, except set bonus. In my opinion andariel visage is cheaper and better in terms of dps.
But if it all doesn't make sense for you:
1) Buy helm and save more defensive stats on chest.
2) Buy chest and up your dps more(dex).
Also you can choose belt, but if so u can say goodbye to witching hour.
I would say it's best for tempest rush build XD
There are 2 ways to use innas set as a monk.

Either a 2 pieces set or 4.

the 2 piece set build

Natalya boots
Natalya ring
Natalya head High armor and great CC(compinding with a cold affix weapon and u become amazed) OR Andariels Visage OR Mempo of Twilight

Witchhour belt (30-50% crit dmg)

Innas Legs
Innas Chest

AS a result of innas and natalya, u gain the change to get 130 dex from both sets (260 dex)
and an additional % crit chance on the ring(those or expensive as hell) and extra crit damage from the belt.

This set is more common for a dual-wield class that aims for HIGH attackspeed on Wrist, Gloves, Neck, Ring_1, Ring_2, Shoulders.

It can also be used on a 2h build but with the 2-set option u wana aim for as high dps as u can, Attack speed is off the essence therefor makes Tempest rush almost instantly depleeting the spirit therefor exterminating the use of that playstyle.

The 4 set build
is commonly used by the Tempest Rush builds or in some cases Dual-weild.
To be able to use Sweeping wind at all times without any drasticly using up all spirit, and therefor have a higher base of spirit and initial dps from the sweeping wind at the start of the fight.

So Use a play style you would like to experiance, check youtube, check live stream monks and look how they play, and what gear they use.
The 4 set bonus is amazing for speed farming ,it gives sweeping wind for free , that allows you to keep it at max stacks all the time.
IF you don't spend Spirit refreshing sweeping wind(sweeping wing cost 75 out of 150 spirit) , you basically can tempest rush everywhere all the time, and on low mp's with high enough dps you will spend more time moving than killing stuff .

But higher mp's where you spend more time punching than moving , there's little need for 4 set inna's..

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