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Thank you very much.
I want you to know these replies from you guys mean a LOT to all of us.

plus one!
- Free travel between Acts (all waypoints available) without losing NV
- option to disable all the dialogs / scenes from bosses
- option for reducing graphical effects (so that you can actually see what the hell your character is doing in a multi-player game)
- gem/gold sink, removing gems from your item will destroy them
- salvage hellfire ring into organs (preferably into the organ you need)

plz plz plz :-)
Just to add something to the fray. People should realize they are not alone in Diablo3 and should accept the fact that the game won't be tailored to their needs but to the needs of the many (I hope). So, please be patient and be realistic in your expectations and don't relieve your frustrations out here, because no, we don't need to know that you got bad drops since "forever" and that means, in your not valid opinion, the measures have been half applied.

Except Diablo 3is a business and need to make money, this is not charity dude!
You can expect no new patches no fix on bugs nothing other than the game 1.00 version provides on buy. Of course no multilayer because the servers cost too. And i they can not be payed by ads on battle net because i suspect that D3 are allot more sophisticated than the D2 servers

i dont understand how can you say fans of old good diablo and no trading in same post. hell there was lot of trading even on open battle.net characters (you know the ones that could easily cheat items) massively multiplied on actual realm characters. some of you people have really short memory or didnt played legit d2 at all. (legit as in original copy that was able to play online)

Those are only sugestions, but most realistic idea is hardcore challange with these restrictions:
-no shared stash, Blacksmith and Jewler for characters
-new better item rolls, no str on bows, no dex/int on mighty weapons etc.
-highly increased drop rates for rares, legendary and set items so everyone can find low lvl sets and legendary during leveling and high lvl on inferno difficulty
-level and experience restrictions, lets say, you play on normal mode and when you reach lvl 35 you no longer gain XP in normal mode so you can continoue to farm normal but no gaining levels, nightmare limit lvl 50 and hell of course lvl 60, you gain paragon levels only on inferno difficulty!!!

Only one small patch and new button upon creation of new char in which says "hardcore challange"!

So if you don't want AH and want to see better rolls and drops then make a compromise with Blizzard to have only one life and really lose everything upon death (gold, stash, artistans, plans etc)

And its not my idea but an idea from hardcore forums. Tryed it and it really works, excitement of play is way better and even Blizzard staff marked that thread with Blizz mark. So why not make HC mode with above written restrictions? If you want good loot then play HC challange :)
Dude there is Hardcore where all this is what you discribe ...
gem destruction is a bad idea - another gold sink is required. crafting, special maps/dungeons to buy, gamble or enchantment guy for example. not everyone is mega rich, not everyone is super lucky and finds good things to sell which make them millions.

if you're gonna introduce a gold sink it has to be optional for high MP and rich players, not a compulsory measure that penalises everyone regardless of in game wealth.

just some random thoughts:
- introduce a collection kind of thing, like books or coins, so when you find a rare bit of kit you can either sell it, wear it, or collect it - maybe there is some cost or something tied to the collecting element (achievement based for example). maybe tie it in with some kind of showroom with dummies in so you can get your multi-player pals to see your stuff.

- increase drop rates (yeah blah blah) i've still never seen a set item drop, i've not had many legendaries drop since 1.05 (single figures). i play the game for the loot, atm i'm stuck in the not enough money to upgrade > nothing drops that i can wear > nothing drops i can sell > pick up gold very slowly > hope this gets more interesting > oh let's play something else loop. i saw a great new meaning for RNG on either here or the US forums - RNG - Receive Nothing Good.

- random dungeons with random bosses and enemies purchasable with ingame gold with varying difficulties. could be fun

- sort out crafting, make it worthwhile and a viable alternative top dropped or purchased gear.
15/11/2012 12:50Posted by ArchangelINC
Dude there is Hardcore where all this is what you discribe ...

Yeah but characters have shared stash, artistans, gold and HCAH. Loot system is same as in SC.
Gold sinks exists in this game but you do not see them, they are as follows

Repair cost for gear: Sure it is not much these days. But still a sink none the less. That is unless you only look at a gold sink that takes hundreds of millions of gold out of one player's account. If this is true then you are blind to the gold sinks.

Crafting is another gold sink: Sure you are taking a chance and chances are that you will not get anything good, D2:LOD gambling anyone.

Gold Auction house is another: Sure it is moving gold from one player to the next. But Blizz still takes their cut anyway and taking a cut is removing gold from the game.

Gem upgrading; Here you obviously think that upgrading gems to the highest order cost only pennies to make. If 16 million gold is pennies to you then you have more gold than the rest of us. Just craft a couple of radiant stars and see how quickly your gold goes down.

Duping; I have just Googled duping and the only links that I see on the front pages are the ones that are outdated and have been proven to either be a fake or do not work at all.

I know this will sound like a broken record to some but I still say like you do that the only duper here is Blizz being tricked into duping by rolling back so called hacked accounts. There is not one video that I can find or someone that talks about an actual method where players can dupe on their own.

Content: I know that you are right and the devs need to work on the endgame so that there is more to do for everyone. I believe in time they will have enough to do. More so when they add in PvP.

Class equality: This is something that players would complain about until all classes are homogenized, 100% equal in every way. I know you do not want it, but that is the nature of other players. Even there are builds that can no doubt beat inferno Diablo on MP0 easily with the right gear with a full 5NV. Also there will always be one class that is the strongest class in the game. It always will exist because the game is always about numbers. Meaning that there will always be one build that will be mathematically the best build in the game. Similar to hammerdins in D2:LOD being the best builds in that game.
I disagree with an entire item disappearing upon failing an upgrade. I have spent over a thousand hours on this game getting my stuff without any involvement of the RMAH. Do you honestly think I would even touch a feature like that? You have some good suggestions (OP) but this one is far from realistic. A max durability loss (with some extra gold + gem cost to repair it back to full max dura) would be an alternative here, not destroying the item. That is just terrible.

Also, to bring the item inflation down, which I suppose was your point there, an upgrade could also demand specific types of gear. A crossbow e.g. could cost X amounts of bows/xbows/2h xbows with certain options/dps along with gold. This would bring down both item and gold inflation a little. People would buy off all the cheap and useless junk items that go from 5k+ gold on AH that way to upgrade existing items. Then THOSE items could be destroyed when used to make an upgrade which should both have a risk of failure and if succeeding, only upgrade slowly so that you simply cannot max your gear for a good while.

This suggestion might need some tweaking too, but you get the main idea. It also requires a reason to actually strive for a max upgrade, there is no real point in that currently. People talk about PvP which surely would change things around, but it has to be a sophisticated PvP system or else it will die like everything else did over a short time.
didnt read anything but this game does !@#$ing suck
no one gives a !@#$ about any updates anymore as long as the drops are %^-*ty as hell cant be used for anything not even worth vendor loade of craph does thise mean anything ?????????
It isnt perfect but its still best game until Elder Scroll Online imo.
I like the game and get pretty decent drops...i think the gold is a little ridiculous, i mean it would take me 5 years to find enough gold for a IK armor...so the trading part kinda sucks, but hey someone is feeding their family.
+1 Miguelitro
They should just add bind on equip like in wow. When you equip an item it becomes soulbound and then no1 but u can use it. This will stop the inflation of items in the game. Because as it stands now. Every time a item drops .. there is a new item in the system , and nothing is done to lower the amount of items which in turn makes them useless like we have seen over the past few weeks. If this were to be implemented drop rates would have to go up a little tho.

You are apparently not listening at all when we tell you to block forum posts containing the names of certain gold selling websites. I know this because I report several identical posts serveral times each week, using progressively sterner language, and not only do they and they keep appearing, they actually seem to be taking longer to get removed...

Slightly off-topic, but yes, those posts are very annoying. We remove these posts all the time, yet they are always ready with a new account to post with... it is an ongoing "cat and mouse" game I'm afraid :-(

I know it is really frustrating, so thanks a ton for your continued efforts with reporting these posts.

21 pages..

9 pages

cat and mouse?

sweet monkey jesus

We also don't want to raise false expectations, so if we announce a new feature and people get all excited about it, then those very same people might get very upset if the developers find that the new feature actually doesn't work out very well and decide to replace it with something they feel works better.

Now that's interesting. Having a look at the WoW expansion features one could assume that raising false expactations is in fact company policy. Dance studio for example? Or at least new dances? No?
Come on ...raise our expactations already because in reality there's actually not much to get excited about. Not even pvp. Because we all now that class crippling will go hand in hand with this update.
There is only 1 thing for the expansion: REPLACE THE CURRENT D3 TEAM.

If the current D3 team is in charge, you will get the same boring game. No one will buy it.
I really hope the devs are working on improving the less popular skills in the game. Not just bumping numbers up, but maybe re-working the mechanics on some.

Take Thunderclap for monks for instance, the vast majority of people use it because it does respectable damage, but also teleports, breaks jailer, and aoe's. How can the other clunky, underpowered spirit generators even compare to it? The same can be said for the mantras. Of course overawe is the best one.

But why not take a chance and dynamically change some skills? You did it with Sentry for DH, and that seemed to work out well.
- Free travel between Acts (all waypoints available) without losing NV

If D3 had this, it would make it to the record books being the best game ever made.

Imagine that you could actually run through the whole content in a one game.

Of course this would add a problem of controlling the scripters and botters because input limit would not be reached so easily. But blizzard should be able to figure out some clever system.

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