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Hi there!

I would like to know why the guidelines are written? I do my best to follow them, I don't ask people to f*** themselves, I don't call them the most stupid creature in the Universe etc!

Would be so happy to see actions against the massive verbal abuse on this forum! If I log on to many other forums and start to call people names, I would be kicked in a few minutes, would like to see the same here!

All the best!
Is this about the thread that was locked? See they do follow the forum afterall ._.
I'm just thinking overall. It's a little boring to skip post after post with f*** you and your whole life and s*** on you and your mother etc.
Please report these bad posts whenever you see them, and our moderators will take action as soon as possible.

These forums are extremely active and busy, and our patrolling moderators may therefore not always spot bad posts in a timely manner if said bad posts have not been reported. Reporting posts will typically result in faster moderation, because the moderators will be notified when a bad post has been reported.

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