The Exit is always the last place you look...

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too true xD
ha.. i'd probably find the exit first and proceed with a full map clearing... i tend to go left-up on maps and have a sort of OCD thing on clearing maps
I might of imagined it but wasnt there something about the maps in D3 being randomly generated?

Perhaps it generates the map as you explore? And in dungeons, once a certain amount of map has been explored it then generates the exit?
lol, we get the same thing playing with friends...
Good luck looking for VotA. Good luck finding Key Wardens in A1/2.

All the same "RANDOM".
It's in the last place you look because once you find it YOU STOP LOOKING.
To be honest I'd never seen a dungeon layout where the exit was right next to the entrance in the keep depths, hence the the reason for posting the SS.
05/11/2012 23:37Posted by TerminatorD

LOL. This happens to me too all the time. I have gone through plenty of maps like this one in Diablo II as well as Diablo III, and although I cannot remember for sure, possibly even in Diablo I :-)
nice picture :) yest it happens often to me as well .... kind of annoying when farming
06/11/2012 12:42Posted by Enduros
It's in the last place you look because once you find it YOU STOP LOOKING.


I think a more accurate thing for the op to have said would be, "The exit is always the last [only] place you haven't looked."
The exit is usually the first thing i find, then i feel the need to go back and explore the rest of the map.

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