Help a poor wizard noob!

Hello, so: I have a couple of questions about my wizard. I have just found a new amulet I can't decide whether keeping it or selling it.

the new amulet is:
+320 int
+80 str
+33 max dmg
+9% life
+53% crit dmg

the old one is:
+165 int
+61 all res
+460 loh
+7.5% crit chance

With the new one I gain 5k dps and 3k life. On the other hand, I lose the LoH, my crit chance is lower and my res unbuffed are around 400.

Which one shall I keep? and for how much shall I sell the other?

Another question: which are the items I should change first? any suggestion?

thank you!!!
old one better;]
surely is the old one doubt..for 5k dps and 3k life lost crit chance to deal bigger dmg and way am changin that one..

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