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Blizzard guys - my 2 cents are solely about legendaries. We all love what you did to them in 1.0.4, but there are still some things that could be adressed. First thing is a diversity problem, meaning - if you want best 2h, in 9 of 10 instances you'll end up with Skorn or - if you're DH - Manticore, best bracers - Lacuni, and so on. How about making all legendaries useful to some point and their ilvl flexible and dependable on such factors as difficulty (for example inferno could give you a chance of dropping a Messerschmidt's Reaver with high ilvl63 roll that could be an alternative to Skorn) or level of character?

In other words it would be a great fun to use legendaries that are currently considered as crap in inferno because of low ilvl or low dps / stats. It's like whenever they drop on the ground, we're feeling - so unlucky, another Fiery Brimstone. Basically I'm not saying that every legendary item should be awesome, there are items that are specifically designed to serve different purposes, like Cain's set or Goldskin, but how much fun it would be to sunder the ground your enemies walk on with Cataclysm or Chain Lightning enemies when you hit with Odyn Son with ilvl63 roll in Inferno? If I want to specialise in Fire Skills, why I can't equip my character with Magefist with decent stats adjusted to Inferno? Fjord Cutter with chance to be surrounded by a Chilling Aura when attacking, would also be enjoyable as hell!

Let's just sum up what it would do to the game:

- a new variety of possible builds, endless possibilities in combining gear, item hunting alive again,
- no changes to the current gear, noone feels cheated - just adding possibility to drop higher ilvls with better stats to the items that required low level, and lower ilvls with lower stats to high ilvl items,
- massive new usable content, imagine dropping Skorn lvl 25 in Nightmare with lowered stats, and Odyn Son with ilvl63 roll in Inferno,
- new, fresh approach to the item content.

I personally feel that patch 1.0.4 changed the game dramatically in a good way, and I'm thankfull for those changes - we really do love new on hit effects, auras when attacking and feeling of uniqueness in the items. Why not go even further and create even more diversity, so we can have a lot more fun with gear, and not just limited options? Even adding new items and leaving things where they are now would improve the game experience by a mile.

For example:

New Set
Aranoch's Lost Heritage

The Prophecy
Legendary Set Wand

777.4–1302.0 (high possible dmg here because of low avg dmg of orb, and low aps of wand)
Damage Per Second

1.40 Attacks per Second (we need to be sure it won't be used for cm wizz)
+(numbers to tweak) Arcane Damage (so it won't make rares and Echoing Fury obsolete, and won't be used for Archon Build with Triumvirate)
+41–50% Damage
+150–169 Intelligence
Critical Hits grant 9–10 Arcane Power (Wizard Only)
+1 Random Magic Properties (making socket possible)

Helded once by powerful archmage Viz-Ghul from Aranoch, who protected the city of Lut Gholein.

Alliance of Aranoch
Legendary Set Orb

+(28–110)–(29–370) Damage (lowest avg dmg legendary orb)
+170–200 Intelligence
+13–15 Maximum Arcane Power (Wizard Only)
Critical Hits grant 5–10 Arcane Power (Wizard Only)
Critical Hit Chance Increased by 9.0–10%
Increases Attack Speed of Secondary Skills by 9-20%
+1 Random Magic Properties

The source of unlimited wisdom and arcane power. Emanates with glowing energy.

Set bonus:

2 armor spells can be active at a time
Reduced Arcane Power cost of Secondary Skills by 50%

Numbers can be tweaked but the idea is simple - make secondary skills a valid option and fun to play. Make people want to try this and leave that cm build for a while. Let's have two armor spells active at the time, that will draw people to give it a shot, but because of lowered aps of the wand, no ias on orb and increased speed of secondary skills - freezing isn't the best idea with this, Chantodo's will be still way better for cm folks. Archon build will still be better with Triumvirate and Echoing Fury, or amazing rare 1h. That's how I perceive "game changing legendaries".

Now you could combine this with new Helm of Command, for free casting of secondaries, and the item itself could be a source of diversity and viable alternative to Mempo for all classes:

The Helm of Command - new version can't be crafted

+184-189 Vitality
+8% Chance to Block
+40 Physical Resistance
+61-80 Resistance to All Elements

One of 23 Magic Properties (varies):
Reduces cooldown of Call of the Ancients by 10-20 seconds. (Barbarian Only)
Reduces cooldown of Earthquake by 10-20 seconds. (Barbarian Only)
Reduces cooldown of Wrath of the Berserker by 10-20 seconds. (Barbarian Only)
Reduces resource cost of Rage Skills by 25-50 Fury. (Barbarian Only)
+13-15 Maximum Fury (Barbarian Only)
Reduces resource cost of Vault by 2-4 Discipline. (Demon Hunter Only)
Reduces cooldown of Rain of Vengeance by 3-9 seconds. (Demon Hunter Only)
Reduces resource cost of Secondary Skills by 12-20%. (Demon Hunter Only)
+9-10 Maximum Discipline (Demon Hunter Only)
Reduces resource cost of Cyclone Strike by 20 Spirit. (Monk Only)
Increases Mystic Ally Damage by 35-50%. (Monk Only)
Reduces cooldown of Seven-Sided Strike by 3-9 seconds. (Monk Only)
Increases Spirit Regeneration by 1.00-2.33 per Second (Monk Only)
Reduces cooldown of Summon Zombie Dogs by 3-9 seconds. (Witch Doctor Only)
Reduces cooldown of Fetish Army by 10-20 seconds. (Witch Doctor Only)
Reduces cooldown of Big Bad Voodoo by 10-20 seconds. (Witch Doctor Only)
Increases Mana Regeneration by 9-11 per second. (Witch Doctor Only)
Increases Ray of Frost Damage by 7-14% and reduces resource cost by 4-5 AP (Wizard Only)
Increases Arcane Orb Damage by 7-14% and reduces resource cost by 4-5 AP (Wizard Only)
Increases Arcane Torrent Damage by 7-14% and reduces resource cost by 4-5 AP (Wizard Only)
Increases Disintegrate Damage by 7-14% and reduces resource cost by 4-5 AP (Wizard Only)
Reduces cooldown of Archon by 10-20 seconds. (Wizard Only)
+13-15 Maximum Arcane Power (Wizard Only)

+1 Random Magic Properties
empty socket

That was my 2 cents, keep up good work and keep us excited!

My other topics with ideas and feedback on the game:

Game changing legendaries? Let's go deeper

Fixing BIS Item Rule - Bringing Diversity!

What's your most useless passive and skill? Buff them!

Make higher MP worth farming!

please, add your opinions.
08/11/2012 23:50Posted by fhantomPL
Feel free to share your ideas and we'll together make this game even better.

We sure will, just thinking about it warms my heart.
I made a post a few days ago with this idea but i shall re post it here as its a place for ideas to be collected( atleast thats what i understand,sorry if im wrong ;/)
Ill copy-paste my post ;)

Diablo 3, runes and rune words

As many Diablo 2 players will remember, runes and rune words were such a large aspect to the game and for many including myself, were perhaps one of the main reasons why Diablo 2 kept us captivated for many years. Of course the phenomenal itemisation Diablo 2 had to offer played a big part yet runes and there rune words only added to this. Some may argue that the Diablo 2 rune system spoilt the game and that they were to over powered however the concept of them surely cannot be thought of as a bad thing.
For players unsure what runes and rune words were in Diablo 2 I will explain briefly.

Runes were like the current gems in Diablo 3.You could place them in sockets in items and gain benefits based on which rune you used.
Jah rune would apply
Weapons: Ignore targets defence
Armour: Increase max life 5%
Helms: Increase max life 5%
A rune word is a combination of certain runes in a set order placed in particular items to transform that item into a set piece with varying stats. This is rather like the hellfire ring currently where it has set attributes yet also has some variation.
Over the last few patches Diablo 3 has improved more and more yet on a personal level it still seems to be lacking something. I could argue that one reason for this is due to the itemisation it has to offer, therefore the addition of a rune and rune word system could solve this.
I will explain a few ideas behind the system and for the sake of this post I will remain calling them runes and rune words although of course they could be renamed to anything EG. Glyphs, Marks, inscriptions.

The runes and rune words
25-35 Runes would need to be added each with their own name and attributes. These could greatly improve diversity as unlike the current gem system which has very little option in what bonus’s you can add to your gear (main stat or critical hit damage/life mainly) these runes can have effects similar to items.
Rune 1:+spirit/hatred or any resource regeneration
Rune 2:+Movement Speed %
Rune 3:Magic find
These were just a few examples yet the list could be endless, adding other stats like attack speed, gold find, life steal, life on hit.
The rune words could work in the same way as Diablo 2 were by applying certain runes in a set order into the correct type of item will transform the item into the rune word.

Finding runes
Runes would be drops like most items in Diablo 3 however some factors should be applied.
*The higher level the rune the rarer it shall be.
*Certain runes cannot drop in lower difficulties. If there are 32 runes available the drops may look like
Normal mode runes 1-8 may drop
Nightmare mode runes 1-16 may drop
Hell mode runes 1-24 may drop
Inferno runes 1-32 may drop
*Magic find does not affect rune drop rate However MP level does increase the chance.
*Runes can be upgraded. Like the current gem system via the jewel crafter.

Making rune words
There could be many ways in which to make rune words however I believe simply adding runes into socketed items in a correct order will create the rune word(as long as the item type was correct) If a mistake is made in the creation of the rune word the jewel crafter should be able to remove runes just like he can remove gems however once a rune word is created the runes cannot be removed.

Socketed items and white drops
For this system to work, items will need to have extra sockets added to them. Now as this could cause some servere issues with the games current items, Id suggest a change to the games current white/Grey item drops.
White and grey items will need to drop more regularly and possibly be able to have a few affixes on them. EG a white armour could have +10% Enhanced Defence.
Either these items can drop with additional sockets or a add socket option could be added to the blacksmith allowing players to add a random number of sockets to a white/grey item.(Much like the horadric cube recipe to add sockets)This can ONLY apply to white/grey items.

How will players know what rune words are availabe?
One way to do this could be by adding a new Traveller NPC in each act who is studying the ancient runes and who is collecting Rune lore books which can be found just like current lore books are. Once a player finds a rune book that particular rune word recipe is added to the travelling rune collectors list and is viewable via interaction with the NPC. These recipes are NOT mandatory for the creation of rune words but merely a source of information on how to make each one.

What could the rune words be?
The rune words don't necessarily have to be the most powerful items in game!
Yes, some difficult rune words to make could be very strong and comparable to end game well rolled legendaries, however many could be optional items for lower levels or half way items between end game items and mediocre lvl 60's.
Consider them more like a gap filler with some high end ones yet plenty of "alright" ones to add more selection in the itemisation.

• Will add a new dimension to the game experience. Not only will players be able to farm for rare and legendary drops but the white and grey items which drop could be more sought after than some rare items themselves.

• In having rune Drop rates only increased via Monster Power level and not magic find, this will give players an incentive to farm at higher MP as currently it is more efficient to farm lower MP.

• Will add diversity to character item builds.

• Possibility to include the blacksmith and jewel crafter giving them a much more active role in the gameplay.

• Achievement additions for finding rune word lore books (for the recipes)

• Adds a great level of fun being able to collect and create your own gear.

• Runes alone will bring extra customisation to current characters, being able to add additional movement speed if short of cap, or life steal if needed, what ever the player feels they need.

On a closing note I fully believe having a rune system in Diablo 3 will boost the game play even closer to that of its predecessors. I personally spent many hundreds of hours just farming cow runs in Diablo 2 for runes and everything about the whole system kept me playing for years. Hopefully many people will agree with me that such a system needs to be added and even if you are not a diablo 2 player I hope i have been clear in explaining it and the idea appeals to you.
Thanks for your time in reading this post and of course any comments are welcome but no trolls please.

I would love to see Rune words coming back to D3.

And that idea of having MF not affect the rune drops but only MP was really good, that would give one more motivation to try harder MPs. As it is right now... the +25% MF isn't really worth for my character (If you check my profile I'm a bellow average wizard)... I'd rather put on my MF gear and lose 20k dps but still be able to steamroll over MP0 (getting +120% MF).

With runes being affected by MP only, that would make me think twice wether or not to go on higher MPs during regular farming. As it is now, I only go over higher MPs to farm keys... that is... get 5 NV, kill warden, leave and create another game.

You're right, the idea of making white items desirable would bring a lot more fun to the gameplay. Right now they are just fillers.

The only thing I didn't like was this:
These recipes are NOT mandatory for the creation of rune words but merely a source of information on how to make each one.

I actually think the rune words should only be accessible through teaching the " Runes NPC" how to imbue the item with that combination.
Like we do with the blacksmith and the Jeweler.
+1 to the idea above - it would be totally awesome to see Rune words coming back to D3, whatever the implementation would be.
Offline mode, Am sick and tired of being f@@ked at every turn over the price of things
Lol @ people wasting time making long posts with "suggestions" that noone from blizzard ever reads.
Lol @ people wasting time making long posts with "suggestions" that noone from blizzard ever reads.

What a imaginative, informing and dare i say enlightening post. Your input to this topic has risen the bar far beyond any expectations i could of dreamed. If more people of your Caliber would take the time, dedication and simply had the brain capacity to bring what you have to this forum the world would truly be a better place.

On a side note: The fact people have the ideas and are willing to share them is a start. Blizzard do listen, why else do you think inferno was nerfed to the ground?...although please do not answer that as it is off-topic and i dont think the world is ready for another one of your "next level" posts.
09/11/2012 15:48Posted by Uld
Lol @ people wasting time making long posts with "suggestions" that noone from blizzard ever reads.

hopefully you're wrong. we're trying to make this game better, that's why we spend time here. if forum isn't for providing feedback, what is the purpose of this place at all?
I think implementing legendary packs of enemies into diablo would be a great idea and it would boost my motivation to play diablo even more.

I'm thinking.. they only appear in the Inferno difficulty and the chance of them dropping a legendary depends on the MP level you're playing.

For example:
MP1 = 5% chance to drop a legendary
MP2 = 10% chance to drop a legendary
MP3 = 15% chance to drop a legendary
MP4 = 20% chance to drop a legendary
MP5 = 25% chance to drop a legendary
MP6 = 30% chance to drop a legendary
MP7 = 35% chance to drop a legendary
MP8 = 40% chance to drop a legendary
MP9 = 45% chance to drop a legendary
MP10 = 50% chance to drop a legendary

The legendary packs themselves have a 10% chance to appear in each zone
they will have 3x the attack damage and health of standard mobs and they will appear in a pack of 3.

maybe base the appearance of the legendary pack off the uber mobs?
interesting one, but percentage of drops should be a bit lower I think. would like to see some uber elites though.
bump, so somebody could actually read and post something as well.
Free roam instead of locked on the quest system would increase my enjoyment of the game tremendously.
bump for more attention and opinions.
There are some pretty nice ideas here so +1 to that. I doubt you get a blue post everytime you ask for it but surely they must have read this topic by now. Also I think it helps to click the "Like" button to increase popularity of the topic.
1) Raise drop rates on bosses, so it would be worthwile to end a farming run with boss kill.

2) More things to do in general, either in the form on infernal machine style realms or new, difficult achievements that reward a small stat boost (ie 1% cirt etc)

3) Review legendaries. A legendary should be viable for atleast 1 build out there.

4) If possible, add the on-hit multipiers (life on hit, cm etc) to skill description.

specific item:

make wizard spike usable, and by that i mean remove something (ie the proc, resist, apoh) and add either a decent crit roll or socket (if not both). As a melee wizard looking for 1.66 attack speed weapons only it should be the obvious choice, however current game mechanics dictate the need for crit damage to avoid massive dps loss.
07/12/2012 14:03Posted by sunscreen
4) If possible, add the on-hit multipiers (life on hit, cm etc) to skill description.

totally agree, descriptions are really short and uninformative atm.
bump for more opinions.

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