Importance of LoH/LS for monk?

For the standard sweeping wind spec, what would be a good LoH to settle for. Is LS no good for monks? Reason Im asking is cause I need to know If I can settle for 1 offhand with high LoH or need a Amulet aswell.

Thank you
Both are important but Lifesteal is better the higher your dps output is, if your looking for sustain at higher MP levels a mix of both is good,

I currently have 6% Life steal and 893 Life on Hit with 664 regen per second and I farm MP5/6 and can do MP8 but its way to slow, I may have to much but I never die.
Ive seen a lot of monks with 50-130K dps using only 1 offhand with 850ish LoH.
Seems a bit low to sustain damage in higher Mps.
All you can do is add more if needed, some players are just better at moving out of trouble, me I just stand and tank
I will not comment on LS, as I have never tried it, but I can comment on LOH though.

All I can say is that you can do perfectly fine with just LOH, as long as you find a balance with AS, Armour & Resistances.
Have close to 1300 LoH, and can easily face tank poison&molten on MP10 (even with both affixes togheter), but Damage Reflect Horde has become a real problem if I can't kill these elites in about 10 seconds (few seconds before serenity, serenity and few seconds after serenity).

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