Error 500 Authentication Module

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Is there a problem with the Authentication servers again?

I tried to relog and now i can't get in again..
It gives the next error:

Error 500: There is a problem with the authentication module..

Plz fix it, its weekend, i like to play diablo 3
me too have this problem.
can`t play
error 500
Same here! Different errer number though...1819047246?????
is this still a problem for you guys? because I've been getting this for days.
I just got it now after getting the error 3 msg for the last 2 days
there was a problem with the authentication module. error 500. wtf?
has the been resolved? if so how?
Exactly sam problem here.

Is there anyone working on it?
It is happening when I login diablo from a hotel.

I think blizzard is doing too much location detection thing. We DO play diablo when we travel. Why stop me from logging in?
same here, except if i use another accout without authenticator i can log in
You'd think that after 12 !@#$ing years, Blizzard would have been able to get the game up to scratch. I think that Jay %^-*ing Wilson should take a look at Path of Exile and see how much better the indie developers are doing.

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