Improve the Wizard above~!

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a socket on your main hand with a nice fat emerald will do better than the int bonus (about 80k DPS). Swapping the DMG bonus for a 40%CD on your ring will net another 20k DPS thereabouts. Apart from that a reroll on chest for more than 1 socket. Since you have GW try swapping audacity for glass cannon (so you get ranged bonus too), you have very similar toughness to me and I have no issue running GC.

@losiu I intend crafting cains insight and habit too.
I thought that I would stick with frozen orb even after the nerf cause of my gear. Any thoughts or ideas?
Dudes, any idea on what should I roll on LoG? APOC or vit?
Please advise me on how I can improve! Thanks!
Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I'm mainly focussing on t1 rift farming as efficiently as possible.
You are on the right track. IMO only think you need is any fat legendary with an unique affix that you can build around. I would say just play the game more, you have done mostly right with what you have
@Bartuc: I would advise you to really use Energy Armor with Pinpoint Barrier instead of Mirror Images for higher torments. Your build seems squishy for torment 1 so extra crit chance ain't bad.

Also I would advise you to try Dominance passive instead of Temporal Flux. You will see a lot of survivability bonus especially in big packs and you will not needed Mirror Images.

As far as the gear is concerned, keep farming those Vyr's pants and gloves (focus on 2-set) (they will drop eventually!) and if you are lucky with Kadala get a new Source (with your build a Triumvirate will be the most ideal).
14/04/2014 22:59Posted by TheBoss
Please advise me on how I can improve! Thanks!

Reroll the socket in your trium for a % spell, way more edps that way.

Reroll the 5% ias in your thunderfury for something else, it's not worth the slot imo. For exemple, you can reroll it into vita and get a ~700+ roll, then remove the vita on your rings to get two inte + trifactor ring.

You're using lighting spells with an archon config, it's far from being optimal. Archon is not going to benefit from your lighting elemental bonus, it could be a good idea to switch for a single element (remove archon and focus on light, or switch for arcane.).

Overall, focus on elemental damage and spell damage, you'll gain a ton of edps that way. The same amu with elemental damage instead of ias is going to give you a nice edps boost for exemple.

You're using a thunderfury and the proc is great, but arc lighting only got a 0.1 proc coef. It could be interesting to replace it with shock pulse with no rune (it's also a close range spell). It got a 0.931 proc coef and deal 194% weapon damage (per projectile? Can't remember.), but you'll see your 317% thunderfury proc almost all the time.
@ Ouchie

Could definitely improve that amulet! Try spam kadala for a higher cold roll maybe.

Other than that your gear could only be improved by some rerolls really, but only by a few percent.
Lookin' for some advice to improve, any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
@ pen1ny

If I were you I'd start with the simple things:
Craft new legs, you are lacking two sockets.
Roll your Wailing Host, LpS isn't the greatest. You can get a lot more out of that ring.
You can roll your bracers cold damage, really cheap aswell.

There you have some :)

Oh and for the person commenting on my stuff, please take not that the Firebird items arn't being used right now. Just trying to figure out what to do with them and what spec to go. :)
Thanks for the tips guys!
@ Horfil
Im not a hardocre player but gratz for doing hardcore man :) You are obviusly good at it and good gear
Any advice for my WD?
@ SorLix

Roll the fire skills % on your axe.
Gamble sources for another Mirror, one missile is good, but two is better. :P
Roll the LpS on your shoulders. (For armor, you can then roll the armor on your helm for a socket.)
Your belt, roll the Shock Pulse.

Oh and remember rolling yellow items is fairly cheap. :)

I would suggest looking for a new ring, you need that CHD.

There's a few things I would change!

@ RaitheTheDK

I'm not using the Firebird set at the moment.
Oh and I saw you play SC, I play HC. Just gemming raw int is a bad idea.
@Horfil You need to scoket your chest, and you don't need all resist on your items, because you stack intelligence, you get alot of all res just from that, so on the pieces you have all res on, re-roll to either a damage stat, or cooldown reduction.
@RaitheTheDH Would definitely try to get some more Crit overall. Both CD and CC could pretty easily be rolled to a good amu and in a helm for your instance. Your elemental dmg % is pretty good though :)

Wow! That must be the highest damage i've seen on a 1hander yet.

AS for your build, im not 100% sure what's a priority. I would however assume you would be better of with +arcane dmg on neck instead of flat damage. Movement speed is also a very bad stat in terms of what its worth in paragon points. Maybe roll of movement speed on pants for armor or allress or skill dmg (if you havent done so already for the sockets), and rather get the movement from paragon points.

Not gonna lie I'm quite jealous of that Cindercoat :P been looking for that for my fire wizard for a while.

Only thing I'd really say is the SoJ has cold damage which would need changing. Awesome gear though (:

For anyone commenting on me, the second wizard is the one I use but happy to take comments on either one

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