Improve the Wizard above~!

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Nice build lots of damage.. ive got also the grandeur ring(not wearing atm)
so you have 2x2 set items that cound as 3 thats nice where do you go from now one?
Ive got also the cain set but i dont fnd it as good as the tal rasha's set
(witch i have now only a belt from)

so im hoping to find more from this

also kluez perfect moonlight!!
Meh, been skipped.
Ok Nynex let me do you then :)

On your char I would go for improved raw dps and elemental dps so you can farm T1 - T2 faster. So this is what I would do:
1. Neck: enchant to get more CHD (e.g.: 90%+)
2. Bracers:enchant and replace lightning dmg with arcane dmg. It is better to focus on non-signature spells
3. Yellow ring: enchant and replace AS with CHD
4. Source: enchant and replace familiar dmg with Disintegrate dmg
5. Legendary ring: enchant and get CHC instead of Life per hit (if possible)
6. Gloves: enchant and get more CHD

This will increase your sheet dps and focusing on arcane your arcane dmg aswel

Now, your toughness is a bit low, but if you can survive T1 replace Dominance with Elemental Exposure



PS: CHD = Critical Hit Damage, CHC= Critical Hit Chance, AS = Attack Speed
I suppose higher crit on gloves
Maybe even set pieces, like tal rasha or fire bird to have some bonuses
oooww now i'm skipped... lol
and I'm skipped..pff :))
23/04/2014 18:24Posted by bedroomboy
oooww now i'm skipped... lol

Thanks for doing mine! Where next? Well I'll see if I can get some Tal Rasha and go from there!

For yours:

I noticed you have an Andariel without elemental damage? Guess you rerolled it? Maybe try to get another with elemental damage, CC and IAS. I'd drop the Vit and try to get some elsewhere as 20% elemental damage is a huge boost (looking for an Andariel myself!)

Upgrade your gems, but that's expensive and I'm sure you are already working on it.

Not much else to say really, would be nice if you get some legendary gloves with similar stats but higher int (for example Firebird so you could craft Cain's boots for the 8% IAS).

Overall though looking nice, SoJ is very nice so gz on that!
I would love some criticism if possible. I played the game for the first few weeks after it came out in 2011, and just started playing again a few weeks ago. Still figuring things out, thanks much!
I, too, would love some feedback. I really want to push up through T3 and beyond! Help me get there please.
Astynax: you should be able to cruise thru T3 easy except maybe you're missing a +fire dmg SOJ ...and craft yourself Aughilds`s shoulders & Bracers (+RORG for the 3 pieces bonus)
Can anyone help me out with what I'm doing wrong as far as maximizing my damage output
Skywizard your profile is unavailable for me.
Im pretty new to wizard and would love to hear what i should focus on.
Sidenote: i do have better bracers..

would say itemization looks fine, would reroll ms on boots to armor or all res depending on which one gives the most (get ms from paragon). try to get a similiar rolled belt and get life per kill on there aswell.

Not sure how you want your spec but would ditch temporal flux for elemental exposure and get the fire rune instead of conduit for magic weapon... and swap armor to frost armor frozen storm... , with resource cost reduction in paragon you should manage with apoc 4 (from quick overlook, doesn't look like to much IAS). That's easy +20% damage, seems far better then reactive armor which is "unrealiable" even if your focus is lightning, this way your disintegrate applies everything except cold (yep lightningdmg from weapon) and you can use the frost armor for the last 5%... seeing as chaos nexus rune is best on close range when surrounded, the synergy is pretty strong.

As for mine, my RNG finally hit yesterday (2 tals, even if they miss 2 rolls... it's still good for now), and i managed to craft some essential pieces to my build. I'm gearing towards frost meteor... even if it may not look like it atm
23/04/2014 21:53Posted by Skywizard
Can anyone help me out with what I'm doing wrong as far as maximizing my damage output

Try to save money to get better gems.
Try to get a socket on your off hand
Find a better sword, more damage than 2100.
Try to find an amulet with both crit chance + damage.

Excellent gear. WHy so much CD reduction? None of them are really to long..
Only thing I can recomend really is Stone of Jordan but it's rare. Also maybe a Mirrorball/Firebird OH? Is the 4 set really so important? Either of those offhands would increase your dps hugely


Main thing I can suggest is pick one kind of elemental dmg and stick to it. It is the only way to get the best dps possible really.. be it frost considering your OH or fire like me or arcane for an archon build.
Looking to see if I can improve my gear in anyway. I'm arcane focus, and I was constantly switching between arcane torrent and disintegrate until I found gear that rolled disintegrate. Mostly rares, but I was able to get a ton of crit rolls fairly easily. Just farming legendarys now to see what I get.

I can do T3 fairly easily with my templar but it becomes a struggle once I join a party as I sometimes have no one tanking for me. Thoughts?
Can you link your armory it's not loading reprisal

Some mixed items you got. Try and get the 3 set bonus from aughild's set. Maybe instead of your gloves (why have you re-rolled secondary stat on those btw?)

Other than that, your SoJ is really good, i would love to have it!


I like the arcane build, maybe try to work in a 3rd piece of vyr's to get the archon set effect?

Oh believe me, i'm trying... :P

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