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@tristan hard to say anything. You are so fresh. Your skill build is all over and looks like you have put every item on you have found. But that said, keep up the good work and test shiets out and you'll find what works and you like to play with.
1st of all why do you have str on your weapon as a wizz? that looks funny lol
2nd.You really lack %elemental dmg. Try to focus on something and get items that get %element. %element gives more dmg then %cd, but it doesnt show on the sheet dmg!
You really have a lot of work to do....

my skill build is in fact other then the one displayed now. i know what i have to do i dont really need advise but i was looking to advise others :)
skill build will be!ZgiS!bbZZac
I'm a melle wizzard and i have to say it rocks, but yes it's very gear dependent :P
@Danshaku, not much room for improvement in my opinion, except for the flawless royal gems, but that's a no-brainer. And ofc rolling MM to mirrorballs shock pulse. Frostburn gloves and more cold damage bonus. Overall a nice build, I would have gone cold dmg build myself, but the drops were going the way of fire.
@aug42, your build looks fun, I wish I could get a wand of woh and a few of your items. to bad you didn't roll a 2 MM mirrorball... I haven't had much luck with the RNG but I have T1 on farm no problem. What T level are you rolling with that?

30/04/2014 05:29Posted by Dcoin
@aug42, your build looks fun, I wish I could get a wand of woh and a few of your items. to bad you didn't roll a 2 MM mirrorball... I haven't had much luck with the RNG but I have T1 on farm no problem. What T level are you rolling with that?


T1-T3 are a walk in the park, T4 is a starting to be less comfortable as I have huge trouble staying alive. But damage-wise I can do T4 no problem. Higher torments are a bit too slow still, I've been solo farming T6 Clear the Hell Rift bounty in about 7-8 minutes for the gold/xp. Got the mirrorball from Kadala, so it figures it came with only 1MM ;D
Your gear looks pretty good, and it seems like you know what you're doing.

Try to get new pants and boots. Firebird, Tal Rasha, or Vyrs would be good..Well, basicly anything since the rolls you have on those two items are really bad.

I feel like the only thing I miss is the Wand of Woh, other than that I could get some better rolls on my gear for more int.
Yeah I'd say the only thing you lack is Wand of Woh. You've got decent gear besides that. Probably more toughness would be your prio after getting WoW. Other than that, you seem to know what you want :)
Look decent to me :)
Maybe u can increase critical damage a little bit
@ DDeltoro,

I don't think you need that much of HP even in higher T's.

I think you need to take a build and to make changes like %dmg on arcanic for exemple to deal more and why not more att speed ? you have regen on electrocute so..

Light of Grace seems like a waste if you aren't using RoF, looks like you have a Winter Flurry which might be better. SoJ seems like the next major upgrade
@ momo the rings need improvment, no vita or armor on those please
Also the mage fits are weak.
Amu to be changed obviously though i note u ve bene very lucky with ure drops so far for such low paragon (fire stuff all around). Gj
@Master swipe I'm sorry but I am new to the game so don't know much about the best items for specific builds I would say I guess you know what you are doing for your build. Only thing I could say as an improvement damage wise would be to change you Nagelring but I guess you've got that on purely for the extra mf? I'm sorry if I didn't help you hopefully somebody else will be able to give you some better advice
@mandyminx, I would stick with one damage type personally. Seems you are more arcane. Swtich super massive to arcane damage black hole and use magic missiles, charged missiles as tripling the damage with mirrorball is insane. Get gear with +arcane damage to increase damage overall to your entire build.

Decent gear. Allthough, some items could use a re-roll. Pants, bracers (why are you running guardians without any other piece?), and socket could be replaced with something else in the source

Other than that, looks fine. You got the right gear, just need the same items with better stats :)
@Wrannec,Yo mate!
Bad rings.. other then that missing AT damage on boots + offhand.
SOJ(gamble) instead of unity and RORG split farm till you get a better one ..
On offhand,Mirrorball or Ball of hate,or Tal's or any other offhand that can roll 5 primaries to CDR+AT bonus damage.

gl :)
I'm certainly not the best wizard around, but i see 1 clear flaw; too little crit damage atleast in my opinion, otherwise really good gear! :)
@ Hellion

Im pretty new at this but here goes. You might need a bit more vitality and attack speed. I like all the cold skill buffs on your toon. Can you get rid of that reduces lvl requirement on your pants? it seems useless to me. Those gems could get some upgrading as well but you probably know that.

I know im still wearing lvl 60 gear and im working on that.
@SirPrivate I'm not sure what build you're trying to get to there, i'll assume a lightning based build
Anyway you got no elemental damage mate :) try to focus on what type of wizard you want to play and make that build as strong as possible.To achive that you more specific gear.
Also dont ignore the crafted sets,they're really powerful and can get you a long way.I'd start with the aughild's which is pretty much mandatory for high torments no matter what build you're using.Good luck!
Pretty new to Wizards, but I've spent a lot of time trying to do a good arcane build. Would love to do the perma Archon build, but I need more CDR and my question is how? Should I prioritize CDR higher than CHD, Crit chance and IAS or should I just hope/wait for upgrades with CDR along with the trifecta?

Any feedback would be awsome as I'm uncertain how to improve at the moment. :)

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