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I need some help what to do with my gear. Currently im doing T4 easely have not tried T5 or T6 because im to scared :(.

I want to be able to do T5 and higher.
vernift, ur chars seems pretty good, the only thing i would change is boots and belt for a Captains Crimson to get 10% more CDR.... that preety much it on the gear....the harringtons belt is good but i dont think its good the whole time...
on the skills i would take out the BH and put Teleport Safe passage, with a good CDR gear u get it to 100% up time while u are not in archon form.....
also on the familar, take the cannoer out and put for 10% more dmg....
and on the passives i would take out unwavering will and put somehting different due to teh fact that in archon form u will be moving and teling a lot around....
Profile above is Unavailable so I can't give any advise :)

But it would be great to hear any insight on my wizard, thanks.

Amulet is for 60, but nothing even slightly comparable ever dropped. Doing T4 now, but slow enough to not even think about T5.
not unavailable im in US... just change the beggning to US
link for u
Neck - need one with fire % dmg CC and CHD
Aughild - Use SHOULDER + CHEST
Capt Crimon - Use Legs + Belt
Keep ur BT until u find cindercolt - use BT Chest + Boots
rings - are ok
off hand - ok
weapon - craft one with 20% fire dmg devastator
I need general tips how to be better, solo doing t2, in group t4 max. What of my items is need to upgrade first, maybe better going on fire elemental?
I think you should focus on getting more %elemental damage. I see you have a frost-build, these days Fire is the way to go. Arcane is also pretty good, and frost in mainly for CC. Keep farming and you will be good! Also, a mirror ball with 2 extra bolts is so nice. Got mine a little while ago, helps alot.

Now someone help me :P
edit: too slow, was also meant for Blueberry

More &elemental damage in general i'd say, and Azurewrath. (Don't try kadala on this one, she'll rip you off).
You already got the RoRG, make use of it - craft yourself some boots & gloves e.g. cains, or aughild's chest+bracers. Especially Aughild gets you at least half a Torment-Level higher.
Also, did you try myken's ball of hate? I'm not that great fan of electrocute, but it makes AP-reg with.
surge of power a bit faster.

btw: gz on that firebird's plume.

I'm playing fire right now. It get's you faster to T3-4, but then you will miss the chill- and freeze-effects you are used to. Still struggling with that on T4-5, comfortably soloing @ T3.

Try and replace your gems if you have the money for it.
and try and get better pants and belt. else it looks pretty damn nice. Love your weapons, and you have an awesome Cindercoat.
Find a better pair of boots. (One with a useful effect like firewalkers/ice climbers or a set piece like vyrs or captain crimson)
Same with the pants unless you have a blackthorne belt/boots to get the set bonus'.
Also you should reforge the AR to armor on your boots since we get AR from int but lack a source of armor.
The only thing I can imagine is more damage in you Tal Rasha's source ... everything else seems as good as I could imagine :)
I think you should consider to change your bracers and shoulders for Aughild's set items. If you do not have the recipe yet, you can also try to get storngarm bracers.

Also you can have your elit spawner bracers in your inventory, and can change it just for the shrine kill, or even for the shrine activation. It's not a big deal, I do the same thing every time.

I'm pretty sure that you are eager to find a new necklace, i hope you will be lucky soon.

Pretty interesting build btw, it's refreshing to see someone not walking on the same path as everyone else, for example me. :)
@Dexter - amulet should be fire to benefit the EB of the Woh, you just have the Vyr chest equipped there are better , Tal and Blackthorn and of course a Cindercoat for resource and dmg benefit.

You are also using Chrimson's with RoF dmg, this could be rolled or another smithed (personally I'd you a Blackthorn's 2 set for vit and Elite benefit)
I've been skipped.
Hi, I could use some help in figuring out what am I doing wrong. Haven't played that much but I'm pretty proud of the gear I managed to snag in my time. Now I seem to lack damage in general - I can do T1 fine but anything beyond that and I fall behind quite a bit. I don't know if it's me, my fire build or whatever else but it's getting rather frustrating and I would be very grateful for your advice.
@Spades - I'd have thought you can tackle more than T1 with that gear. Your rings are clearly a weakness. Just keep farming and i'm sure stronger ones will drop.

Your weapon, though provides fire dmg. is weak for base dmg. Maybe drop that for a higher dmg weapon without fire (I was using a 2.4k Sever until recently (I'm also fire) as it beat my 2k fire axe)

Addition - the bracers are not the best - look for Strongarms or the Aughids set with shoulders (Blacksmith made) for dmg reduction/Elite benefits.

You have pretty solid fire gear, i think the easiest upgrade for you is to reroll those bracers a few more times, and to craft a few more shoulders, it could increase your toughness a bit.

kinda strange build, why you dont use archon?

you could use better rolled rings thats for sure, your head also looks a bit strange, you dont need IAS in this build right? mby craft aughlids and get different bracers - strongarm or malthael ones if you need resource for AO, and stack more arcane torrent bonuses

but your wizard is strong one, high torment material :)

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