Improve the Wizard above~!

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Max fire dmg on helm, max it on gloves, max it on chest, get new SoJ, obvious stuff. :)
You pose too much challenge MasterSwipe. I don't think your current build can be improved beside rerolling for better stats.
28/05/2014 20:00Posted by Feanor
You pose too much challenge MasterSwipe. I don't think your current build can be improved beside rerolling for better stats.

You're the same challenge, from my perspective. ^^
Nice attack speed increase
-> +Cold damage on Azurewrath doesn't add up with lightning damage from Strongarm. Maybe reroll bracers to cold and changing to cold build to add the +19% damage from Azurewrath?
-> APOC on source with a build with no spenders? I would reroll that also.
-> Your Avarice Ring could be upgraded
-> With an archon build I'm unsure if I prefer a the bonus of the fourth set piece from Vyr's or Blackthorn's...

I recently changed to an arcane build with the gear I had in stock so I am still trying to find the best way to go so any sugestion on skills and gear reroll/crafting I would be much apreciated.
@ érdnA

For build suggestion please refer to Simba's guide

Obviously you want to get more + arcane damage, more + damage against elite. Main focus for the arcane build would be getting vyr's set so you can get the Archon optimised.

Crafting I would suggest Aughilds power (shoulders) and Aughilds Spike (head) and/or the bracers. The set bonus is what you need + you can reroll shoulders to reduced cooldowns.

For the archon build, you basically have to swap every slot you currently have I am afraid (except perhaps the tal'rash if you chose for going 3 set vyr with RORG (hands, pants, boots). However if you go 3 set vyr instead of 4 set vyr, you lose the potential to get the "unity" ring which adds alot of + elite damage.

@ readers: What item slot should I focus on next? The reroll on the SoJ to + 20 arcane damage is on its way.
New to the thread, so I don't know what advice you've already gotten Glamdring.

@Glamdring, If you have the gems, I would think trying to improve the CHD on your amulet would be good, since you currently have a lot more (CHC / 10) than (CHD). Even if you put all your paragon into CHD, that's 63%, which is still well behind the ideal 10 : 1 ratio (CHD:CHC).

For myself, I have Aughild's recipe, but the ones I've crafted so far are terrible. I want an SOJ (obvious answer is obvious) but haven't found one--is it reasonable to try to gamble one? I have only about 15m gold, so crafting more royal topazes is cost-prohibitive until I farm more imperials. I know the cap crimson isn't great either, but farming that material was such a pain...

Currently I can do T3 without too much trouble, although I'll still die maybe once every 3 rifts depending on running into 3 packs at once all of whom have arcane.
@ InfoCynic,

Crit/chd on RRoG, Vit-ChC on tal neck. Higher int on shoulders. More Chd on gloves. Problem there is gems but grind away :P

If you are planning on running WoW build you are in dire need of CDR
Crimson Pants/Boots

Drop the Andys for an Ashearas helm.. that or drop reapers wrap and get ashearas wraps, ultimately you still need a socket in your andys for a diamond gem in it.

If you choose to go Ashearas helm get strongarm bracers, it works extremely well with blackhole.
Get a trif rorg (cdr instead of attack speed if possible)

Consider changing Jangs development for Harringtons, however if you like the slow keep it.

Skills wise you need more CC! Trade over some skills for CC or else you will melt in higher torments.

Edit: aand just realized im in EU forums.. heres my account
@ xodivc

nice build you got there

mayby upgrade some gems and youre cd in youre amulet?

further more very nice
Your gear is my dream-gear. Perfect. Ever tried fire archon? Heard it's better than arcane.

That's some sick gear! I honestly can't find much to improve other than perfecting the rolls and using better sockets if possible.
damn, what have you done to you soj? try to fix it someway

Craft cain boots to collect bonus, drop frozen orb since its crap.
reroll helm to soc for some more cdr and change prodigy to evacation.
reroll source to vit and reroll soc on ring to something usefull(cdr, ias etc.)

Your gear is really nice dude! Can't really say that I know what you should be doing but I'd say try reroll that vit on your Mirrorball to magic missile damage!

Maybe try farm a better ring of the royal grandeur and better vyr's boots, Also you could definitely improve your Aughild's spike.
Nice gear! I think you should try and get a nice fire SoJ for that extra fire damage. However your current ring is pretty nice too, but more fire damage would just be awesome!
I assume you need your belt for the extra vitality? Otherwise I would go with a Witching Hour.
Else you could try and get a better Mirrorball as you suggested to Mumriken.

I have never been able to try a WoH build, but can you both maintain Explosive Blast and Meteor? You could try and use Familiar or Magic Weapon.

Here is a link to my wiz:
P.S. I do not play solo, only in a group with friends which kinda explains my low vitality.

Not much to improve, other then re-roll some stats towards perfection, like 20% fire damage on Cindercoat.

Then again, have you done some comparison regarding using sth like Devastator or Burning axe?
Additional 20% of fire damage might be more effective.

Regarding mine - Im doing cold wizard. I know it's way less effective then fire, but I simply like it.
I died ~one month ago, that's why my gear is far from perfect. Currently looking for Frost Burn... already spent ~5k shards at taht beetch Kadala :(
Jarekexe from all of ur gear decent is SoJ, gloves and amulet. I undetstand that it not sc and rerollig gear is much slower. You base on cold dmg, but ur main hand is realy crappy, and amu doesnt have %cold dmg.

Get a descent mainhand with 2,3k+ dmg, and base on what you get (slorak or orpheus) go arcane, if you get TF go lightning or fire. Try to get pieces of Tal set and RoRG :)

After reading ur post completly understood that ur doing cold not random :) Huh.. Get 3 pieces tal, mainhand with mainstat, RORG, amu with cold dmg, perfect frostburn? :D
@Incubus First of all i dont know why you are using glacial spike, you could be so much better off replacing it with archon and the cain set for crimson's
Magic weapon electrify it's so bad it's not worth it in any sort of build,besides you already use supermassive for your lightning meteor
On that Tal chest 595 armor will give you a lot more mitigation the 100 all rez because energy armor will give you a direct percentage to your total armor.ideally you want armor on the legs as well
Also you might want to try out arcane torrent,i used to play disintegrate myself and it doesnt come near torrent damage output even with a great sloraks.
Anyway nice amulet but you have so many things you can improve to optimize your build for efficient t6 runs
@Wolfgang08 u have an awesome build/gear there insnt much i can say just get better gear with better stats. hope someone helps me with my gear/build.
not much i can say...i guess the rorg could be better :X?
31/05/2014 18:08Posted by Flash
not much i can say...i guess the rorg could be better :X?

Are you kidding me?

@carbalhu If you want conflagrate build you need mirrorball, is a must.Also if you want to get the best out of your build you must include archon in it and use as a spender in human form either mm or Wof.I'd recommend MM/Archon, really powerful build

The life socket on the helm is want either cdr socket(if you decide to use archon) or attack speed.Same with the source socket,you could have mm/wof damage there
If you decide to go with mm craft yourself cain set,that attack speed is importasnt for the dots.If you go Wof get crimson for the resource cost reduction

You can also include vyr set for archon and drop tal'rasha all together,if not keep the tals but drop astral presence for EE and switch your build in order to get at least 3 meteors
Aughild pieces are nice but if you go for archon you need cdr on shoulders,source,helm socket and paragon. NO more.With that you get about 45-48% cdr (half time archon) without sacrificing any damage so your archon will remain strong

Either way you decide to go you can improve your damage output by miles
Good luck.

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