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I've greatly increased my farming efficiency, Magic Find and Paragon level, yet throughout the lifespan of this patch as well as the old one, i get less and less. That makes no sense within the context of how the system is supposed to work. If it were truly all about the Magic Find and no other factors affected the loot, then i should be getting progressively more and more quality loot, instead of less and less.
However, for me this was completely expected occurrence.

I wrote in several older threads of mine that the loot does not behave as advertised. I saw this coming with the release of 1.05, because it happened with 1.04. In both patches the same thing occurred. The first few days i used to get crazy amount of set and legendary items, then throughout the lifespan of the patch (if i could call it like that) the legendary drop gradually decreased more and more.

I got level 61 Paragon DH, level 14 Paragon Barbarian and level 10 Paragon Witch Doctor.
Talking specifically from my DH experience.
During 1.04 i went from paragon 0 (correct me if i am wrong, but that was the patch which actually introduced the Paragon System) to like 40 or so paragon, yet that didn't seem to have any effect on the loot. The loot dropped like crazy at the start of the patch, even though i was very low level Paragon, and throughout the lifespan of the patch it progressively decreased to the point that almost nothing was dropping close to the end, even though my Paragon level had increased significantly.

Now we get to observe the same thing all over again. At the start of 1.05 i was getting like 10+ legendary items a day. 21 Paragon levels later (currently 61) i get less, and less, and less.
I often talk to players who have over level 70 Paragon characters, they all describe the same exact phenomenon.

This pattern is blindingly obvious to me and reasoning why the system behaves like this is also blindingly obvious. Each and every patch Blizzard introduce certain amount of legendary items into the economy, then throughout the lifespan of said patch they gradually reduce the drops, so that the players actually have to compete for the remaining items on the action house. When the loot becomes more scarce the players are willing to pay more and therefore bid a lot more on the items.
It's a very effective gold slink that has a very simple purpose: to get as much gold out of the economy, so at the start of the next patch people are more willing to buy more gold from the RMAH.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but if you can't see the pattern, then you are as blind as a bat...
I don't know about the theory you created in the end, but my experience with drops is exactly the same as yours. It gradually drops after the patch and in the end, my game returns to its position before the patch; i.e. nothing drops.
aaaaaaaand..... another thread with BS. I play like 3 hours/day and get a good legendary daily. Today witching hour after 30 mins of playing.


you should watch x-files :) seems you'd go along with Fox Mulder.
LoH modification was announced before the patch was live. it's been a month i think.
You must've made yourself an impressive tinfoil hat.
You don't get less legendaries now compared to the first day after the patch. The reason why you think so is that the quality of the drops stayed the same but with the high mf bonus from paragonlevel and the doubled droprates on legendaries the market is flooded.

Some legendaries which used to be 30 million are now only 5 million. Just dropping 10 legendaries doesn't mean that they are all useful. The term of being 'useful' changes over time.

Also if you get less useful items you aren't eager enough to farm the same amount like you did in the early stages of the patch, but this only has a minor impact.

People want stronger gear, but this is hard to get and gets harder over time. New patches make it easier to gear up, but will also introduce some better gear than the current top notch. These new pieces may be useful at the first days no matter what affixes they roll but will be very dependent on those 5 weeks into the patch.

Blizzard doesn't ninjanerf droprates. They want players to play the game and probably won't go backwards in droprates unless it's somehow bugged.
16/11/2012 22:14Posted by Freya90
You don't get less legendaries now compared to the first day after the patch. The reason why you think so is that the quality of the drops stayed the same but with the high mf bonus from paragonlevel and the doubled droprates on legendaries the market is flooded.

What does the market have to do with with the number or the quality of my personal drops? Nothing, unless you are from the people who think the drops are directly linked to the AH, which is kinda extreme even for me (yes, even i am not at that level of tin foil).

And how do you know i don't get less, when in fact i do?

16/11/2012 22:14Posted by Freya90
you aren't eager enough to farm the same amount like you did in the early stages of the patch

Why do you think i play less? I don't recall saying i that i play less, because i don't. In fact i play waay too much as it is.

And what do you know anyways, with that number of elite kills i doubt you have an adequate view over the loot throughout the patches. At the same time your gear doesn't match those elite kills at all, unless you got extremely lucky or had help... or put in real money. Whatever the cause, i still doubt you can have an adequate opinion on the loot throughout the lifespans of 1.04 and 1.05 with such a low number, it shows that you didn't really farm consistently.
have exactly same experiance as you. plvl 56, 425% mf and get less loot then i was plvl 20 with 130% MF. Can't really say less since i had my last drop last week, hard to compare nothing to something.
It has logic. I am only level 32 paragon, before a week or 2 I have got like 2-3 legendaries/act3 run. Now I am happy if I get a crapy one in 2-3 runs.
I guess you are just lucky/unlucky. As your legendary drops seem to follow a logaritmic curve, mine is like a light exponential one. Our average might be the same :) At the beginning of the patch it was 1 every 2 days. Now I get 1 every 2 hours approx.
It's just like a drug (it is a drug), you grow resistant to it over time. The drops are just like in the beginning of the patch but your level of what is good has increased, you are probably not even counting non-ilvl63 legs as legendaries any more, perhaps not those worth like a brimstone either.

The auction house also helps to give this feeling, it has now adapted so the more common drops (like legendaries without any useful extra rolls) are actually not worth a crap, but they were worth a lot at the beginning of the patch and made you think drops were better before.

Subjectivity is the reason, unless you come with counts of hours played and number of legendaries, it will always be this.
YES! I am experiencing same phenomenon. I run with buddies ranged 20-31 paragon, i am currently 41 paragon myself. The guy who has monk 26para (melee) class char takes most of uniq/set items, 2nd best is 29para barbarian (melee), 3rd best is WD 26 (magic, not so close to enemies). And then I am the last to get uniq/set items.

My MF is higher of course than theirs are but it doesnt seem to be working, so eg. last nights gameplay of 8h. I got total on 0 uniq/set items MP5 runs A3, Monk had 8, Barb 7, WD 2.

Maybe I am jinxed or something, but i am starting to lose faith in here...
Last week, 20-30 legen/day
This week, 1 legen/day

Cap MF in both cases

Some friends experiment the same, im sure that something was changed.
Amount of drops are the same, the quality has been nerfed into the ground. I would assume this is because of the controlled player progression and the availability of upgrades on the Auction Houses. Unfortunately they don't factor in that if you cant find anything you cant get any gold to buy from the GAH,oh wait there is the RMAH where you can buy gold. Buying gold completely takes away the point of farming though. Buy gold get better gear to farm for things you wont find.

Blizzard need to be upfront about drop rates, especially with a RMAH. I think players would appreciate a constant drop rate instead of trying to entice players back with exaggerated level drops every patch.
yeah... it did change for sure and that has nothing to do with conspiracies...
i bet that - disregarding some random exceptions - only the people that participate in the rmah still get the same drop rates as at the beginning of the patch.

why should blizzard not award the players that generate them additional money? - especially now since the market is flooded with legendaries!

before that patch i stopped playing because there was no point in continuing to. when the patch came out i tried again... and i was paragon lv.5 that time... with about 180 mf i remember finding two legendaries in my first run!! - unfortunately crossbows which i absolutely don't need at all, but still seem to find all the time... another coincidence? right in my second run i found another (crossbow :), and since then until a few weeks ago, a legendary dropped almost every run...
now i am paragon 17 and have changed to increase my mf greatly... depending on the gear i now have up to 330 (which is still low... i know), BUT now in 4 out of 5 runs i don't get anything!
I'd say the exact opposite. My barb was plvl 30, and I got about an inventory full of rares in 1/3 of a a3 run. About 1 leg per run. The barb had 200+% mf.

Now I'm on a sucky WD with 15% MF and I get an inv. of rares per RUN. Also, the frequency of legs is about 0,5 per run.

Thus -> more MF, more drops.

The usefulness or value of the drops, however, naturally declines with TIME, not plvl or MF.
first 20 hours play on this patch I got nothing, since then its been increasing, got 3 or 4 in a day earlier this week. As m experience is the opposite of yours, so I guess its fair to say its random, which is what blizzard have said since the start, which is what all the reports point to, which is almost certainly the actual case.
Blizzard have stated previously its not random and that loot is controlled so that players dont advance to quickly. Unless you want to buy your way up the ladder.
The day and life of your average D3 player

/runs Act 3
/loots 2 legendarys...
/goes to forums...

"Well it looks like Blizzard fixed the drop rate again, I looted 2 legendarys this run!!! this game is so great".

/returns to game
/runs act 3, no legendary
/returns to forums...


/emo's out in his basement for 15 mins
/returns to game, Act 3
/loots legendary, sells it for 30MG
/returns to forums

"FINALLY blizzard is listening to their players! I told you it was broken and now its fixed again!! Must have been fixed last patch, players rejoince!"
18/11/2012 12:04Posted by sedITion
Blizzard have stated previously its not random and that loot is controlled so that players dont advance to quickly. Unless you want to buy your way up the ladder.

thats not what they said, they said the ah was taken into account in the drop mechanics but they clearly stated that when an item drops, its rolls against a fixed number to be a legendary, if it fails it rolls for a rare, if it fails it rolls for a blue etc etc.

It's like some people actually want to be annoyed so much they intentionally misread what they actually say.

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