Will using key-spam program be legal?


Im a CM wiz and im tired of spamming buttons. I want to be able to hold-spam all 6 skills, not only those in mouse slots. I serfed forums a bit but couldnt find answer to the question about program that will allow me to do that.

Please dont reply if you dont know for sure (and dont have proof link), otherwise - please reply=3

Q: why dont you just use another build if you dont like to spam?
A: First of all i like to spam :D Second, CM is the most effective dps build at mp7+ for me atm and it gives sick advantage for the party (stun lock), but pressing those buttons at the speed of light for many hours is so annoying...

Q: Do you know that you can hold keys on kb and it will spam skills just like mouse button skills?
A: Yes, but when i hold all 3 keys - only 1 works.
17/11/2012 01:18Posted by Kopanda
Im a CM wiz and im tired of spamming buttons

17/11/2012 01:18Posted by Kopanda
First of all i like to spam :D

17/11/2012 16:02Posted by Tourist
Im a CM wiz and im tired of spamming buttons

First of all i like to spam :D

spam skills, not buttons. I can spam WW by holding LMB, but i have to spam buttons to spam other skills. Get the difference?
This is the reply i got when i made a ticket about something similar to this


Hi there , Game Master Shyntatlab here!
Thank you for your patience, I know waiting times are high at the moment. I've had a look into Auto-hotkey for Diablo 3

Generally, third party programs are not allowed to be used with Diablo 3. Hotkeying macros is very much a grey area in this. Use it if you wish, but plase be aware that it is very much at your OWN risk, and if action is taken on your account for using it, it's unlikely to be overturned.

Hope that helps :)
Please don't hesitate to contact us again, either in-game or through the eu.battle.net website. :)
English Game Master
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Then i made a reply and got the next reply \m/

"I am very sorry that I could not contact you sooner. We are trying to get to everyone as quickly as we can, but our response time is always dependant on the amount of incoming tickets. I will try to answer your issue as best I can regardless.

Thank you for contacting us concerning the use of third party programs.

The reason for the vague reply is that we do not know each program that is available outside of the game to assist it in any way. This means we can not give you a binding answer concerning a specific one.

A good rule of thumb is that, if the program played parts of the game for you, for example using macros to execute a number of moves through 1 button press, that would be considered a form of botting, which may be picked up by our anti-scam programs. This could result in your account being banned.

Changing keybindings, for example using a button on the mouse to press instead of pressing 4, every time you want to use that button, is fine. Since you are still pressing the button every time. It becomes a problem if you press the button once and the system executes the skill repeatedly.

Generally, I urge you to stay on the side of caution when it comes to third party software. I would prefer it if you could continue to play the game to your hearts' content.

Thank you for taking the time to read my reply. I hope it will be of help to you.


GM Saryndie
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thank you, Flarez.

The only thing that isnt clear so far - will HOLDING mouse button to simulate holding of 4 keys be concidered as botting? Cuz i cant repeatedly use 3 skills by holding 3 keys only cuz my keyboard is a cheap crap (and im not rich enough yet to buy the good one). This situation isnt clear cuz in this case 3rd pt prog will let you to use multiple skills repeatedly, but it wont simulate multiple presses of keys automatically.

It would be cool if you could ask them about this, but i can already see that its very hard for them to give a clear statement regarding this and even if they say that in some cases you can use 3rd pt progs - there is still a chance that you will be perma banned...

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