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Last attempt of creating such thread... Please give a like rating if you like the ideas. Beware wall of text ahead.

1. Ability to drop banner to create a checkpoint, that you might return after forced respawn. Also when a player teleports on you they will teleport on your banner. Also the teleporting from banner, should be disabled for players who are in the brawl area.
2. Respawn timer is capped at 60 seconds on multiple death occasions, so you don't dive into the fray when your spells are on cooldown, regarding the #1. Respawn counter will be longer because pinning a banner close to champs means you'll farm somehow faster.
3. More death penalty when Nephalem Valor is active. 1 point of vitality effectiveness loss on forced respawn which will cause 3% of total life lost roughly. Vitality effectiveness currently capped at 35 hp per vitality, and I think it's manageable for it to drop down to 10 hp per vitality minimum. Avoidable if another team member resurrects you on the point. Can be wiped away when player resets the whole Nephalem Valor. If you're a glass-cannon or too bulky you better play in parties where you can fit in.
4. As Monster Power public games introduced, same-class but different gender characters should increase each other's source generation by 10%. So people are meant to play multiplayer, even more regarding the #3 and #5. Else, this bonus should be added to certain passive abilities but this simply holding the hand of player which I wouldn't like to see.
5. With every high Paragon Level (75 and above) friend to join your game, whole party gets one free Nephalem stack. Since there are 4 possible max players, 3 invite joined players will grant 3 Nephalem Valor buff to the whole party. Cutting the time to do a boss rush. So higher Paragon Level players will play party games instead of brawling all the time.
6. At the case of Brawling or PvP, higher Paragon Level might cause you to drop more gold when slain, as you advance. If you're a higher Paragon you should be tough anyway, otherwise don't brawl at all.

System changes and artifacts
1. Charms should make a return with Talisman artifact, to take place of scrapped skill tree system. Talisman was in the beta stages of the game then removed, planned to be rewarded to hero after a quest. I assume that was the talisman of the Leah given by her mother, then she rewards it to us. Every time we repeat that quest at higher difficulties Talisman should upgrade to carry more charm units in it. Single charm unit at Normal, 5 charm units at Nightmare, 9 charm units at Hell and finally 13 charm units at Inferno. Charms only should offer static random rolled stat bonuses such as +6 to Strength or +9 to Intelligence or even +# static damage bonus to specific class skill (such as static damage modifier to some skill; think them as skill points) , they should only carry a single property on them. Unique account bound ones could provide more properties or may be even charged skills on them.
2. Quick Item slot, with the hotkey "E". And by the single flick of mousewheel and hitting "W" button character should swap the weapons with some delay. Item slot shouldn't get affect from elective mode or primary, secondary slots and act like health potion slot. Quick Slot should allow player to use an Enchanted Scroll, a charged skill, throw a potion. I remember spellbooks at Diablo1, how about teaching to your character new spells too? Charged spells can be classified with their cast source cost; some may require mana, others discipline, spirit and so on, to maintain balance. Some may require no cost but comes with a very long cooldown.
3. Bring back CC effects on elemental damage of weapons, they should only occur by luck on critical hits, and their proc chance should be penalized as difficulty rises. Such as 20% as default chance on Normal and 12% at Nightmare difficulties, then it drops down to 8% at Hell and 4% at Inferno difficulties. For example Lightning damage should knockback, Cold damage should snare, Holy damage should blind, Fire damage should fear, Poison damage should confuse and Arcane damage should immobilize enemies. Since they only occur on critical hits, their chance is approximately around 1,5% at Inferno for an average 30% crit chance player. So no CC gear will be trashed at all, since the CC effects will be based upon weapon damage bonus. If you read further I put more on the elite CC resistances.

Skills and stats
1. Passive skills need work, they should rely on stat and attribute comparisons and grant bonuses to the player if requirements meet. For example; "If your strength is higher than your dexterity, Cold Blooded grants 50% more critical hit damage against frozen targets" "If your Lightning Resistance is highest of your resistances Sixth Sense also adds 10% bonus dodge chance", "If your dexterity is 120% or higher of your strength, Weapons Master allows you to dual wield two-handed swords, maces and axes". That will create a constant item circulation among classes, and will create build diversity sooner or later.
Some passive skills can be turned to be "ranked" for character customization, like the planned trait system before D3 goes live. Rank system could require Paragon Levels as I've been insisting.
2. Stats should benefit more than just a single benefit as a second stat. They should offer extra benefits, so this way most of the bad rolled items will be saved from being trashes and good rolled items will have a price increase. If secondary stats would give more benefits everyone would find one that fits their character. Such example; Strength could increase movement speed passively as it increases the armor with 1:1 rate, Dexterity could grant faster hit recovery as it increases the dodge chance, Intelligence could reduce the crowd control duration that you are under as it increases the resistances with 10:1 rate. All of these details can be bound to ranked passive skills I've once mentioned.
3. With drop rates are being nerfed and stat range being buffed. I think Nephalem Valor buff should change. Like instead of offering Magic Find and Gold Find, it can offer +%2 life bonus(to compensate with new vit effectiveness death penalty I mentioned) and +%2 damage to elite per stack; %15 experience bonus should stay thou.

1. Blacksmith should gain an ability to open a socket to any blue magical quality gear, as you level him up. Socketed magical belts, shoulders, bracer... Because that will help Magical items to have a degree of quality compared to rare quality items, and crafting will have a meaning. As I will mention at #2 and #3 that will create build diversity and customization.
2. Jewelcrafter should create actual jewels regarding to the recipes with random properties. Such example; "Journeyman Jewel of the Bear" should always roll +[30-45] vitality with 2 random prefixes and level requirement of 22, "Grandmaster Jewel of the Pain" should always roll +[40-55] dexterity with 3 random prefixes and level requirement of 46. Hope you get the idea, jewel recipes are based on the proficiency and the suffix of the jewel. Also crafting a jewel should require high tier gems and possibly brimstones, in return they offer chance of rolling powerful affixes such as slightly increased attack speed of 1-2%, so player can use that jewel recipes as a gem and item sink.
3. Mystic Artisan, makes a return she will craft and upgrade runes, showing different kinds of masteries. Arcane Arts Tab (Upgrading runes -require dyes, essences, tomes- and exchanges skill runes through divine knowledge), Alchemy Tab (Creates powerful concoctions such as Throwing Oil and Rancid Gas Potions, Rejuvenation Potion, Thawing and Antidote Potions and stat boosting Elixirs(+20 vita for 15 seconds, +100 int for 20 seconds)), Enchant Tab (attribute boosting Enchanted Scrolls (+200 LoH for 30 sec, +50% Crit Damage for 10 sec... etc.), charging skill staffs), Trade Tab (selling random charms, random elixirs, random scrolls, random charged staffs)
4. Rune system should return with runewords. Complicated and powerful runewords should require more sockets, and their benefits should be unique but less. Runes should take place of Mystic's item enchant ability at beta stage, for example Um Rune related to Obsidian glyph, requiring Paragon Level 42, rolls "[20-40]% chance of cause bleeding for [#-#] damage over 5 seconds" on weapons. The damage range should be completely random. Player can roll 105-2258 damage or 228-780 damage. It will have a random roll every time you remove the socket and combine it again.
Runes should NEVER offer straight static bonuses like +10 vita, or +10 int, they either should offer bonuses based on percentage. Such bonuses as; % less damage from elites/ranged/melee, % more damage to the elites, life%, class skill bonus, % attack speed, % elemental damage,% chance to CC...
Runewords only should work on socketed magical quality items, and they should offer extra affixes when completed. That's why Blacksmith should open socket to only magical items.
5. Rune glyphs should appear like the scrapped system; Alabaster, Indigo, Golden, Crimson, Obsidian. Blacksmith should craft them once with a plan. To upgrade runes you should bring glyphs to the Mystic, along with the required essences and special dyes, they may act like keys in your talisman to trigger runewords from the runes you carry on your gear.
6. May be Artisans may need apprentices as they level up? Haedrig takes Kormac for he cannot find the inspire to write love letters to Karyna and Kormac takes the job of improving the max durability of armors; Covetous Shen takes Scoundrel for he rips the townsfolk off from their precious items through gambling, he will take the job of the gambler to sell unidentified items to the player; Mystic would take the Enchantress perhaps for she can craft successful enchanted scrolls like her name suggests.
Contn'd and bump'd

Helper Side Characters
1. Making them not attack the idle enemies unless we're at 10 yards close was a step but how about setting their aggressiveness via right clicking their portrait? Offensive, Defensive and Passive should be enough to settle them down in a battle. At Offensive setting they should attack everything in sight, Defensive setting should only retaliate against the monsters who recently attacked the hero or the pet/follower self, at the Passive setting they should only attack monsters who recently attacked pet/follower self. That should prevent them from attacking the only goblin among elite packs (they do it all the time), and cause it to escape.
2. We need more magic find, or a proper way to make magic find to work more effectively. I offer the small solution of making neutral NPC helpers on random encounter that we can gear up for passive magic find benefits.
Such as; level-capped Recruit class NPCs who we can gear with only normal quality items to increase their survivability; to benefit from their passive magic find and gold find. Also there should be no level-cap Heroic types who we can gear up with magical items to improve the MF% and GF%. Unlike Recruits, Heroics only should be bound to the quests they found in, like Captain Haile. This way low level alts will get magic find they seek too. Recruits should have a level cap for gear at lower difficulties, while Heroics don't have limitations for level requirement.
3. Leah is supposed to be a mortal; she's not a goddess. She should be nerfed somehow, she should keep her helper characteristic by being a mortal. I offer that she should have a limited amount of health, when she goes down she should recover and become awake with a demonic blast which knocks away and deals damage based on the normal quality bow we armed her with, that fits the story better.
4. Tyrael is a fallen angel, his unleashed power can awake dead and now he has none? Seriously you guys ever thought about giving him a battle aura? He might change the auras as we set him to be defensive(Vigor or Defiance), passive(Meditation) and offensive(Fanaticism or Might) may be? And why he wouldn't call other angels to join the fight?
5. High ranked angels should help us at the Act4, why not? I'd like to see them cast Fist of Heavens, Mass Heal, Shield Smite. They don't deal any damage to the mobs also.
6. Scoundrel should gain a barding (source boost or cause fear and confuse among mobs) ability, Templar should gain a quick recover and resistance boost, and Enchantress should get something illusion related.

Mobs, Elites &Bosses
1. New elite affixes needed, we all get bored of game taking notes of what we had a hard time to kill and use it against us. That sure puts a challenge but fighting 6 reflect damage, extra health elite packs in a row becomes a bit boring after a while. May be it wouldn't be so boring if Barbarian was the only character in the game...
A source burning affix(siphoning), leaving a tar trail that slowing down the player(foulwalker/icewalker), impunity to all CC effects and damage reduction (stoneskin), reducing resistances on hit occur (cursed; Lower Resist, Amplify Damage).
2. Monster immunities should return, all normal mobs and Rare or Champ counterparts should carry at least one immunity, while Bosses should carry at least two. Before everyone pisses on me, there were immunity and resistance breaking skills at the beta design of the game, bringing them back won't hurt. Besides from that, elemental related Elite affixes such as Frozen, Molten, Arcane and such, should grant related CC impunities, and resistances which scales within' the current Monster Power level. For example; Frozen mobs should incur 10% less damage from cold based attacks, at the Monster Power 10, they should take 75% less damage from anything cold based. Another example for CC impunity could be; Molten affix having impunity against Chill and Snare effects, or Frozen being impervious to Freeze.
3. As for bosses, I always think the mini-bosses as punch bags; change that. with 2 elemental immunity and several CC impunities with natural life regeneration on top of that they should offer a serious challenge. Bosses should bear 2 elemental immunity fixated for their characteristics(Immune to Physical should be a very rare occasion), natural regeneration(especially on mini-boss uniques), more furious (shorter enrage timer that ceases away quickly, allows them to use their skills rapidly without any delay) and certain CC impunities (like diablo being immune to fear etc...). Besides that I hope you're planning to add a chance to them to drop; rare jewel recipes, high level runes, rare dyes (to upgrade runes at the Mystic) and charms. Also legendary account bound charms to drop from high monster power uber bosses would be really cool.

Merchants and quest rewards
1. Let rare merchants like quest bound ones sell unlock-able via achievement, medium rare dye; which would be used in rune upgrades. Highly rare dyes should only drop from bosses so there would be more and more reasons to slay bosses and mini-bosses.
2. If Runes require dyes to upgrade, set some achievements to unlock some mid-rare dyes to be sell at the traders.
3. People are actually skipping content for killing ubers. I offer that the solution of setting a small stat boosted drops for end-of-act bosses and quest bosses as you advance higher in MP difficulty. Such as setting MP to 5, you will receive a chance to get 10% more max main stat limit on items that drop from end-of-act bosses (2% more per MP level; Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, Diablo) and 5% more max main stat limit for quest bosses and ubers (1% more per MP level; Zoltun Kulle, Maghda, Rakanoth, Iskatu, Spider Queen, Ghom, Cydeae...). That means if an item gonna roll 300 max main stat, it can roll 330 or 360 as well, if it drops from bosses regarding the MP level.

1. People been complaining about unrelated stat bonuses on class specific items, rather than complaining I understand and appreciate that. All in all, if it's a bad roll it's a bad roll, it will get salvaged; but I don't get why class specific items don't get class related skill bonuses or source bonuses on them? If I get a barb belt it should have skill, fury bonus or lifesteal on it, if I get a voodoo mask it should have a skill bonus or mana bonus on it, at least one class related bonus. That's all I want.
2. 2-handed weapons are still a finger down to the one-hand+off-hand or dual wield combos. 2-handed weapons not worth it besides Manticore and Skorn. I offer that 2-handed missile weapons should have a chance to roll "Reduce duration of control impairing effects" and 2-handed melee weapons should "Increases critical hit chance". Skorn should be re-tuned and get its random affixes removed if possible.
3. 2-handed staffs could be roll as skill charges, as I mentioned in the System Changes-Tertiary Slot section. Player either uses tertiary slot to use elixirs, scrolls or charged skill of the staff they're holding. Only staffs should roll charged skill affix, besides that I expect legendary rings amulets and other legendary 2-handed weapons to roll one. Charged skills either require a class specific source (mana, discipline to cast; ie. mana required to cast curse of resistance) or have very long cooldowns or have channel times like town portal or identify.
4. Shields are inferior to off-hands, legendary or not they only cater to tastes of a small amount of players. Majority prefers off-hands or dual wield, to be honest. I offer shields should have a chance to roll "Deflect missiles on block", or "Melee attacker takes blocked amount as damage".
5. High level (ilvl58-ilvl60) legendary items should be "optimized" magic find, experience and low-alt gear. Adding indestructible, % magic find, level requirement reduced by #, +experience modifier and skill bonus affixes and adding more legendary recipes which would roll these stats, really help that. with ilvl58 legendary items character should nicely run at the start of Inferno.
6. With the introduction of day and night I'd like to see day and night only affixes, especially at legendary items. Daytime or nighttime getting different attribute boosts sounds nice. As for penalties if their stats are rolled nicely and stat boost is good, penalty will be overlooked and legendary item will become godlike and if it's not they'll become trash which promotes gear changes.
7. How about creating an item class that is "Corrupted", may they have a purple name too? Your character normally can't identify that item after several tries, identify channel always will be interrupted by an instant spawn shade that deals 1 hitpoint of damage to you then fades away. Then, you should head to the Mystic to identify and pay gold to her. Cursed items always should roll an attribute boost or penalty at daytime or nighttime. Dedicate the affix to the ilvl61-62-63 items? It can roll +300 intelligence at the daytime or -100 to vitality at the nighttime, pure luck.
8. No one likes "Melee attacker takes damage" affix, if you bring back the resistance piercing skills it would have some value. At least player can reduce the physical resistance of the opponent and that would mean something. I'd like to see immunity piercing effects, bleed damage and static skill damage modifiers at charms. They should take the place of removed skill system.

Completely cut down the summarizing post.

More to come may be...
I would like to see auctions to take considerably less time, a lot less time than they do now. All that really happens right now is that not many want to bid on an item that has more than a day left because most people do realize that just drives the price up and you won't gain much by bidding early stages of an auction. That means that currently you just have to wait for a long time and then at the very end of an auction those who really want the item start to bid. Thats why i would make an option to create short auctions with custom durations- for example 10 min auction or 2 hour auction etc.
With each block and dodge that occurs character should lose stamina instead of health.
26/11/2012 16:34Posted by Ghost
With each block and dodge that occurs character should lose stamina instead of health.

man you know, when you block you don't block the whole damage, wrong choice of words there anyway... system should work like:
-player blocks a certain amount of damage, but still loses some life and it cuts stamina.
-player dodges the hit, but it cuts stamina also.

also thanks for reading.
26/11/2012 18:21Posted by naksiloth
-player dodges the hit, but it cuts stamina also.

there is no stamina in D3 and i sincerely dont thinkt hey will add it.

I agree with quite some stuff you wrote there but some of them would create a lot of imbalance betwen dual wielding classes and non dual wielding ones (and this is already screwed greatly because of the life steal)
-player dodges the hit, but it cuts stamina also.

there is no stamina in D3 and i sincerely dont thinkt hey will add it.

I agree with quite some stuff you wrote there but some of them would create a lot of imbalance betwen dual wielding classes and non dual wielding ones (and this is already screwed greatly because of the life steal)

According to the small design in my mind;
2-handed wizardry staffs: has a chance to roll charged skills
2-handed other weaponry, especially Daibos; 2-handed Monk staffs: has a chance to roll block random amount of damage depending on the roll.
2-handed Sword
Magical Item
Parries 1300-4000 damage by chance (Random amount it can roll 515-2405 as well, block occur is bound to the natural block chance of the character comes from character's dexterity)
Since it's a magical item you could add a socket to it also. To be exact I'm thinking about doing it "Parries #-# amount of melee/missile damage by chance".

If player is dual wielding 1-handers, magical items should be good enough to deal dps, increase critical damage and life steal, since 1 single magical item cannot do all of that unless it's finely crafted by Blacksmith (more than 3-4 affixes) I think it's a fine balance to open sockets to them.

If player is going for 1-hander+off-hand then it's still fine to use a magical 1-hander as well as a high rolled rare item. if player is going for 1h+shield then it's pretty much head to head with the 2-handed weapons.

Care to tell me where the imbalance is? Sure there are imbalances, but I do believe it's nothing that numbers couldn't solve, I mean by nerfing other things.
There are some good ideas over here. People should check it out.

3. Diablo should be alot scarier and much much more powerful, not talking about the damage she does, her damage is fine. I mean she just took 7 evils in her body and the only ability she gain is warping the player to the realm of terror? Give him some abilities from the bosses of D2 or new abilities. If I'm playing a totally innovative game, seeing the same the same tactics and same skills for Diablo makes me settle down.

She?! :O
Apologizes for thread necroing felt like bumping this up for the last time after a long while.
Great ideas, I would be pumped to play Diablo 3 every day if it had more of the highly popular features that Diablo 2 had. Here's to hoping Blizzard takes some of these ideas into considerate.
If only they took playerbase suggestions seriously...
29/12/2012 22:43Posted by theyaN
If only they took playerbase suggestions seriously...

I think I need a very brilliant idea, opening a single thread for a single idea since no one really reads through this, or more upvotes...
I read it and liked it. too bad most don't read it

3. Diablo should be alot scarier and much much more powerful, not talking about the damage she does, her damage is fine. I mean she just took 7 evils in her body and the only ability she gain is warping the player to the realm of terror? Give him some abilities from the bosses of D2 or new abilities. If I'm playing a totally innovative game, seeing the same the same tactics and same skills for Diablo makes me settle down.

She?! :O

Yup. Who did diablo posses? Leah. What sex is Leah? Female. Hence, diablo is a she now.
Look at her model closely, quite lightly built, wide hips, has breasts even (or something to imitate them), a waistline and... other details. Overall more feminine, slender look if compared to massive, muscular posture in d1 and d2.
Too long :) some ideas r good.
Bump because... updated somehow... need a small attention, hope it doesn't hurt this thread.
Liked some ideas, not all of them.
+1 new elite affixes i like---and they must fix the damn electrify-nightmarish every 1-2 seconds make us go away running--we are not all wrath barbarians

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