1.0.7 WD.

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Beleg been a while I thought you were dead man :P

well usual pre christmas madness at work, so beeing constantly stucked at work, plop
things gonna settle down during the holidays again, hopefully :)

I'm looking at the DoTs and SB to get buffs, then we can play as a WD with pets DoTs and a fun nuke, our DoTs need at least double the damage they do to be useful.

The item problem is a pain, I agree with the knife and helm, also items like the gidinn need better stats to make them worthwhile.

Even Visage of Giyua is a bit weird, no vit or life % possible on the helm at the same time as crit and one without crit is pretty useless.

we got agreement right there :)
Make Fetishes usefull (Active skill, passive and Gidbinn)

Would also be nice if the damage of the pets got reflected at the pets. Especially since LoH doesn't proc on pet attacks.

I forgot about fetishes, they don't have force armour so just go splat as soon as any AoE ability goes off with the 1 minute CD makes it a pointless skill now, though if pets summoned from abilities and items had force armour this would also be nice (Circle of Life dogs die in seconds) and fetishes need force armour obviously.

@Beleg, heh same mate been real busy with work and home life :P trying to get my dining room floor stripped sanded filled re stained and lacquered before christmas the joy of it.
I would like to see SB WOS: dont point next to the target in order for all the spirits to hit the single target ... very annoying. It should be the other way: point to the target and all 3 spirits hit it. Point next to the target and the spirits scramble.

p.s. the bears going in 3 directions is super annoying .... also sometimes bears are missing to hit mobs very close to walls.

Hex: to prefer hexing the elite (higher priority), instead of some random white trash mob

SB: remove the initial lag/delay when you start casting it ... or the delay between other runes (not applied for WOS, does not have any delays, except the first cast)

thx for starting this thread

dogs: more movements so sacrifice can be more effective. now they go after a white mob 60 yeard from the battle and when you sacrifice them, they dont do any real dmg, coz they are often outside the battle. Make them fight monster closer to you and help with the tanking in some way (use them like ram)
I'd like to see a buff to Hedge Magic. Heal allies for 2k HP? That's nothing. I'd rather have something else in that slot but it has the potential to be a very useful spell if it was buffed a little bit.

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