[Sport] Chicken Run Racing (Poulet Time Racing)

Witch Doctor
Hey! It's me again!!
This time is to introduce you to a minigame/sport, that'll make you roll on the floor laughing for it's fun, and will get you a bit more interested in D3 ;oD .

Here is the idea : reach as fast as possible the finish line before the others, at full chicken speed!

For this, you'll need 4 things:
  • Increased movement speed of 24% (or 25% since it caps).
    For the purpose, you have boots (12%), combined to the time amulet ( http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-flavor-of-time ), a lacuni prowler ( http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/lacuni-prowlers ), or anything else that provides movement speed (Inna's pants, 300th spear, etc...).
    Don't spend many gold on it, just take the cheapest (all for less than 100k)
  • An 'aura' that inflicts damage around you.
    This can be obtained from fire-walkers with 12% of movement speed (to contribute to the 24% above): http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/fire-walkers . Again, they only cost around 30k gold.
    Another possibility is to choose a manajuma set to obtain the poisonous cloud :
  • Increased grab range.
    Can be obtained from the mojo 'Thing of the deep' http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/thing-of-the-deep , or simply out of almost any part of your equipment .
  • The build below:

  • Rules :
    Start a game in 'normal' difficulty without mp (mp0).
    Choose a starting spot, and a finish line. Set a flag using the 'g' key. Once the flag disappears, it's show time!
    Cast Spirit walk, Stalker, and last (but not least!) the angry chicken. Rampage on any enemy by just walking on them (they get one shot because of the trail of fire, or your poisonous cloud thank to your lvl 60 gear) and feed your graveyard injustice with them!
    This way, you'll be able to cast at will all your speed boosts!

    Advises :
  • You may choose between a fixed route race and a random route race:
    For fixed ones, I advise the Bastion’s Keep's walls in act 3, or the second part of the korsikk bridge, from the end of the frozen plains to the fence leading to the siege breaker battle. The technique is to stay in front of the others to feed your GI (graveyard injustice) and re cast your boosts more often than your opponents.
    For random ones, you have the choice. My favorites are the 3 portals in the archives of Zoltun Kule, or the depths of the Bastion's Keep.
  • Many times, it's a close call. So try to kill the mobs in advance (for example blow your chicken sooner) in order to be the only one to take advantage of their death for your GI.
  • In Random routes, it's good to be in first position, but that may become a disadvantage if you get yourself stuck in a dead end! The others will take advantage of the information, and take the lead!
  • Don't forget to summon your burning dogs (homing missiles that OS everything) and the manitou (same).
  • Ghost Bomb should not be useful, but since everything is allowed, we may think about killing the mobs before the player in the lead reach them ;)

  • Budget

    Almost nothing! Everyone at level 60 is eligible to this race since they'll OS anything in normal difficulty!
    The needed gear won't cost more than 100k!

    The name
    The french name Poulet Time Racing (Poulet means chicken) comes from the famous bullet time (from Max Payne), which match this game where you have to speed like bullets, chicken run style!

    Mawts was quite the contributive player on the US forum. He invented the Chicken FUN FUN FUN build, now very well known speed farming build:
    You may replace the severance rune of the spirit walk by Jaunt, and Ghost bomb by bears if your dps is a bit low.
    I've dug up the original thread (with a few videos):
    Those videos were the ones to impress my brain at the time, and gave me the idea for this nuts mini game ^_^

    You tube playlist:

    Try it, it's really fun! Just to speed through the map with a 4 rampaging chickens, many will loose because of laughing!
    This sport is supposed to be WD only, since I doubt that any other class may go as fast. If you think otherwise, there's some challenge!
    You may do this as well solo, and post your fixed route results below!
    Finally, nothing is set in stone. You may find better builds or other way to go faster, it is up to you to change anything to make it better!

    The link to the french thread : http://eu.battle.net/d3/fr/forum/topic/5967188108
    and the us one : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7200031694
    voulez vou poulet avec moi, ce soir?
    26/11/2012 16:34Posted by House
    voulez vou poulet avec moi, ce soir?

    Sure! just add me if you have the gear, and I'll race you ;)
    C'est tres amusement !
    Added vids:

    Race in the ice cave:
    Race in the depths of Bastion's keep
    Bastion's walls
    Played a little bit cause you asked me to, it was fun on lower MP levels :P

    Though I usually like playing MP7+.
    03/12/2012 10:28Posted by Fean
    Though I usually like playing MP7+.

    No, hey, wait!!!
    This is NOT a farming build!!!
    This is a mini game for multi players!
    The difficulty you should play this on is not inferno, but normal!
    Playlist of vids:
    This is so epic, why hasnt this gotten more attention :D This should be a separate game mode in PvP
    brilliant! :D
    If you want to try out, add me in game, and I'll lend you the necessary stuff if you don't have it.
    Come on and try out!
    lol Mickey, tu expose ton sport un peu partout xD ! Faudrait que je tente aussi un de C 4 xD
    I'm thinking about spending some gold to buy a gear and try this :D

    so: manajuma's weapon & mojo, fire walkers, lacunis + a few items with pickup radius?


    26/11/2012 16:30Posted by ZeMickey
    This sport is supposed to be WD only, since I doubt that any other class may go as fast. If you think otherwise, there's some challenge!

    but i think my demon hunter can run faster :-)
    @ptiyoda: the more the merrier! I So yeah I put it in fr, eu, and us. Let's race whenever you want!

    @pekelnik: manajuma set is only if you already have around 20y of pick up radius. If not, then it's fire walker only with a thing of the deep as mojo.
    Also I challenge the other classes in the fr forum and the only DH that was faster was one equipped with the old natlaya set. But I never refuse a challenge, and be pleased to race your DH!
    Added new videos with TripleYou and NanoMidgy:
    Hahaha bravo! That was fun! :)

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