The jokes and references in Diablo 3

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Dear Blizzard Entertainment.

Who made the jokes in Diablo 3?
We got the Unity Ring from a comedy sketch..
Mr. Crabs from Spongebob Squarpants monster in act 3..
Sloraks Madness hysterical laughter..

I demand names ;) (No not really).

Did you all guys write down things you found funny on a piece of paper and shook them around inside a huge cauldron and did a random generated handtake on them? Or did someone, alone fella, in a deep basement write and plan all of this?

I made these reference videos a while ago. Not everyone is spot on, but there are some good "ahas" in there! Not everyone if funny, but its nice to see some kind of reference in them..

Reference video 1:
Reference video 2:
Reference video 3:
Reference video 4:
Cool videos!!! thanks for sharing!

I've figured out some of those too!

thanks again!
Those are some tight pants, no male hero should be forced into that corset. He's sure to get his hammer jammed. ;)
This great item has to be a Ren & Stimpy reference:

seen in this legendary (get it?) song!:

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