what happened at dreamhack?

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wanna fight against gold sellers? start by fixing that damn chat channel so we can scroll rightly instead of having 7 lines of gold sellers to obstruct our talking with friends/channel people in general, sometimes i just get mad and log out, meh.
More benefits for playing in a party. Right now I almost exclusively play solo just because having anyone in my party just slows me down, or vice versa. Maybe +10% exp, +10% drop bonus for each additional person, multiplicative with MP bonuses.
+1 for benefits for playing in party
Did you talk to anyone who has stopped playing due to issues with the game? I think if you did not, the feedback you got may be slightly self-selecting.

For instance, people who are still hardcore players might be somewhat happier with the itemization of the game (either affixes' variety & strength, the role of the trifecta on your DPS, the frequency of legendary/set drops, the existence (or lack) of low level sets/uniques, the lack of good class-specific gear), or the interactions between your gear and your skills (i.e., that it is totally 100% dependent on gear).

If you talked to people who quit playing because of these issues, you might get a different perspective. In the end, it's all about who you want to please, I guess. if you want to please the people who have stuck around, then by all means proceed. But if you want to get insights from people who loved D2, wanted to love D3, but found it lacking, you should probably get feedback from people other than current hardcore fans of D3. I'm not sure if you do focus groups of that type (dreamhack is probably not the forum for that), but it's a perspective that someone who wanted to engage the maximum number of players would probably consider imo.
Did you talk to anyone who has stopped playing due to issues with the game? I think if you did not, the feedback you got may be slightly self-selecting.


Until there are Australian servers I have no interest in playing the lagfest. No additional feature can compare to fixing the rubberbanding, disconnects, timeouts, pauses, warping, etc.
Did you talk to anyone who has stopped playing due to issues with the game? I think if you did not, the feedback you got may be slightly self-selecting.

All the people who signed up for the roundtable discussions were active players. Some of them had stopped playing a short while after release, but came back for Patch 1.0.4 and Patch 1.0.5 because they liked the Paragon system, the Monster Power system, and the Infernal Machine.

DreamHack is a large event however, so I had discussions with a lot of people outside of the roundtable discussions as well. Throughout the event, I talked to a lot of players as well as ex-players.

The players gave us a lot of great feedback on what they think we did right and what we did wrong with Diablo III, and they also shared a lot of thoughts and opinion on things they feel could improve the game.

The ex-players of course gave us a lot of solid feedback as well, mostly they were telling us why they no longer play Diablo III. There were many different reasons why depending on each person I talked to, but almost of all of them provided suggestions on what they feel must be changed, improved, or added to the game for them to start playing again.
Wow,never expected such activity at my thread and I would like to thank both Consider and Vaneras for their presence. And as a classic gamer... feel obliged to ask with all that feedback what are the Devs plans and when to expect new updates?
(plz dnt make the soon© sarkasm)
~much appreciated~
29/11/2012 09:59Posted by psyXakiasIII
And as a classic gamer... feel obliged to ask with all that feedback what are the Devs plans and when to expect new updates?

I'm afraid I have no new information I can share with you on this right now, but keep an eye out on our blogs for future updates. I believe there should be something interesting posted there soon :-)
I know the topic of bots is one of great import and frustration, but unfortunately there is very little I can say on this particular topic. What I can say is that we do not consider them legitimate players, and therefore we have no intention to treat them as such.

Yes. To find out how they do the things they do, how they still are able to do what they do and maybe figure out how to end it.

To end it is easier said than done, unfortunately these things tend to be more of an ongoing cat and mouse game. That being said, we are constantly researching them and what they do.

If you're not doing anything against them, maybe you should start listen to them, else they will end up becomming your only custommers.

That is a rather bleak viewpoint on the situation, but I can understand why you feel this way. We are not ignoring the issue, in fact we are constantly fighting them and countering them whenever we are able, but as mentioned before I am not at liberty to share more specifics on this. Again, it is an ongoing cat and mouse game and it is not a simple issue to resolve.

Yes, It's rather bleak, but it's totally coming from Blizzard side.
Basically you're saying you're fighting in secret, offering nothing more than your word.

Worst, you're saying that is an eternal and ongoing constant Cat and mouse game. What drive a honest player have to keep playing, if even you say that cheating is here to stay?

Sorry, but the customers are right. Soon the cheaters, botters and exploiters will be your ONLY players, so the earlier you start to listen to them, the better. Perhaps you can find a reason for them to leave the cheating life, and put it in game.
Nothing new was announced at DreamHack.

We had a roundtable discussion at the event with a nice group of players who all signed up for it. It was mostly an informal face to face talk about the state of the game and its future.

People there shared their opinions on what they think is fun or less fun to do in the game, including what their goals typically are when they log in. We also talked about all the content that had been added since release, and whether or not that content has improved the game. We of course also talked about potential future changes or improvements that are wanted or needed the most.

The coolest thing about the discussion was that we had a lot of different types of players there, all with different opinions and interests, which helped balance the discussion quite well I think. There were a couple of guys in there who were very hardcore theorycrafters and min-maxers, some guys there were primarily interested is PvP, some people were very into lore and story, others who prefer a more relaxed game-play while hacking and slashing through hordes of mobs, we saw solo players as well as group players, and of course there were those with heavy interest in economy and crafting.

YAY Great thank you so much :) heuuuuuuuu NOT

It is great you took the initiative but how come this was not done 3,4,5 years ago? Where did you find your game testers honestly? I have lost all belief in you blizzard. You have failed your customers and you will not admin it. I know you are a CM and you did not have much decision power or none but its your duty to inform the guys who do that you have FAILED US!

I will not go into details but you have made promises and they were not kept!

I promise you that your customers will not make the same mistake again :)
28/11/2012 10:00Posted by Moof
You seemed to have missed a couple of, rather large, demographics. The botters and exploiters.

huhuhu lold hard.

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