MP10 from lvl 1

Anyone else attempting MP 10 from level 1 and onwards on a HC character? And what are your strategies for it?
I am, (I don`t get to play much) `I`m lvl 27 at the moment on my witch doctor (WD is my mp10 attempt) and my strategy is not alot yet as normal mode is still quite easy, I am also not using the AH at all except for getting gems for my items...But I hear from a friend of mine who died at lvl 57 that knightmare and hell are very tuff with some monsters. I am using a shield and just taking my time..
How i see it, you got 3 options

1. Kite
2. Kite somemore
3. Kite and dont get cornered

have fun and be careful the second phase of the Diablo boss fight is hard as !@#$. Me and my friends were quiet surprised, when our shadows almost teared us a new one.

Here you can take a look
the interesting part begins roughly at 1:05:20. Unfortunately one of my friends got a frozen screen during the fight, but you will figure out which one -.-
Ah and we played selffound. so no AH, vendors only once per act and no smith
Did it with a Barb, currently lv 40. I play single player, single pass, full clears, no AH and make heavy use of crafting and buying upgrades, sometimes restarting the session to reset the vendors. Works fine for now (NM Act 1).

I found regeneration (Inspiring Presence, War Cry) a very necessary part and my skills are heavily geared towards life gain and defense (Rend-Blood Lust, Revenge-Vengeance is mine, Ignore Pain-Iron Hide...), because fights last longer, which means more time to take damage (and sometimes your health potions aren't ready again yet but the boss still lives, whereas he would be dead already at MP0.)

Overall, Normal really isn't that hard at MP10, but of course one needs to be patient (Keywarden Act III with 80k life IIRC). I find it not so different from playing D2 at players/8 in SP mode.
I have on Act 2 hell with my WD now Survived this far basically on pure luck XD
We're doing it 3 people together, its quite interesting :) Atm my goal is to simply outlevel the content and then when/if I reach Hell difficulty, I'm going to try and equip some more normal items with +mf for better items.

And as you say, normal is quite easy actually, though I am worried about the Keywardens in act 3+4, but as a WD, I doubt I will have much trouble ;)

Good point about the Diablo fight, I hadn't considered him a threat until nightmare/hell, but those shadows usually do alot of damage even on mp0
Playing MP10 since the beginning, no AH.
Most of the time with two friends, so we exchange the items we find between us.

Monk (as tank and debuffer), Barb (as tank and dps) and Wizard (as dps slightly-oriented towards glass cannon).

Sadly our Wizard died @ lvl47, so now we have a WD instead; overall it feels the resilience of the group increased with the WD.

Currently we're on Nightmare, right before the SiegeBreaker. On MP10 (for me at least) doing the quest with the 3 catapults on the field before the bridge crossing ... it feels like MP0 Act3-4 Hell or Act1 Inferno.

Freakbatzen was right: we started kiting a lot more after Ghom.
I love choke points where I can tank them one at a time instead of being surrounded by them - which at this point would pretty much kill me in 75% of the encounters.

Sometimes we run around obstacles, sometimes it's kiting back a whole map ... overall: mid-way Act3 Nightmare it got a lot harder than before. :)
There are actually a large number of people attempting this. There was a thread created and dedicated to recording the adventures of players attempting to reach level 60 and clearing inferno starting at MP10 from level 1. I personally tried this as well, but adding in the extreme purist challenge on top, I have lost many characters so far...not gotten past the Butcher yet. :,(

You can find the threads on both of these here:
Extreme purist challenge
MP10 from the beginning
Thanks Nakatoir for the links.

Although I think we have to thank the GD team that works on Diablo3 for allowing us to alter the game mechanics and create our own individual experience.

We can tweak:
- game balance: how much hp monsters have, how hard they hit
- reward system: how often should a small reward pop (blues, yellows, gold, etc...)
- play style: abilities, runes, stats like chance to stun or reduce cooldowns on crit from items...
- choose to use or remove a mechanic completely - trade/AH
and so on...

At the moment I feel we can design/tweak our own rules, based on what we each think a good difficulty curve should be like.
Every player has the tools to make the game as challenging as they want it to be.

And for that I'm proud of the GD team. :)

(regardless of networking issues or the likes) they delivered a good product !!

edit: I'm saying this because the purist challenge ends up in A TON of grind, and we can change the rules at any point we feel it stops being fun to get it on the right track. Purist might be ok in the beginning, but nobody should make their game experience less fun in the end for what used to be a good reason in the beginning. :)
I want to do this with a DH! :D
Anyone wants to join me? as doing this solo will be boring :p

Add me Hkevin#2707
I am doing a monk on MP5 first and will attempt MP10 possibly twinked every chance I can upgrade. My MP5 attempt saw my first monk to level 59.8 Belial MP5 Hell
Playing only MP10 on Normal-Nightmare-Hell.
Ripped 5 or 6 chars (Monks and Wizards) on Hell though, but recently finally managed to reach lv 60 with my Wizard. It's very interesting to play MP 10 - lot's of gold, fast power up and nice items. But fast deaths as well :D

But now farming CoA on MP0 Inderno. Don't want to die :D
Will start making a new monk soon though. Will play only on MP10, that's for sure.
Only MP10, only hardcore! :P
Died on my DH at lvl 36 on my first attempt :(
Was great fun thou! doing this again
Died on my DH at lvl 36 on my first attempt :(
Was great fun thou! doing this again

Cool, that's the spirit!

Level it up, I'd like to hang with a DH in party. :)
I was going full glass cannon mode with around 1k dps at lvl 36 :p
Next time i'll focus a little bit on my defence as well :p
My WD is still going strong eventhough my mates died. I'm avenging them and exacting revenge upon the wicked demons!
only prob i got with mp10 is the general DCing'

edit. if some1 wanna join me just look me up im constantly lvling barbs on all lvls
y ive tried this twice.. both times i died from a random dc.. its impossible when you are always online..
Haven't got a DC yet playing D3 :)

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