Returning Barbarian, looking for help

Hello. I played D3 a while ago (was on for the horrible release, and played for a couple of months constantly after that). I haven't played in ages though because all my friends quit. I've decided to take it up again casually along with other friends, as a filler game for weekends/downtime/a change of pace.

I've tried searching the web for a complete barb guide to catch me up to how things work nowadays, but I'm finding it difficult. I've changed to the WW/Sprint build, which was just taking off when I quit (I was originally running Wrath/EQ elite zerg build), and I've played around sorting the playstyle out. So the spec/playstyle I understand and it's all fine.

What I can't seem to find is a gearing guide. I'm probably just searching the wrong things or being blind, but could someone help me with how to gear?

Specifically, what legendaries/sets to go for for the WW/Sprint build, and what stats to look for on those pieces and on rare pieces.

As a note, I'm going to probably drop about £50 on gold when I get paid just before the new year, which roughly equates to 200mil I believe. So that's my budget.

Thanks in advance!
A video guide to barbs 1.0.5:
And a budget guide to buy barb gear:

This forum is amazing. All the people helping and adding. These two have just not been commented on lately. there are i page 2 of the threads and thats why you didnt see them.

Hope they help.

GL and welcome back! All my friends quit too, so I had to look for new and also found players here.
Thanks! I've taken a look and it's confirmed the kinda stats that I would be looking for. Still don't know what legendaries/set items to specifically chase (other than Skorn!), but I'm buying 35 mil gold today and gonna invest in a semi-decent Skorn and some rares with decent stats. When I buy more gold in the new year, will look at some of the IK set as I -think- that's a good set :D
Depending on what build you're favoring you'll have to spend more or less gold.
Have a look at mine, disregard the pants since they're only for low MP farming runs.
I use dualwield for all builds I try, be it Hammer or WW. But for hammer at least you can use a decent skorn (try finding one with the fury reduction on it)
A cheap legendary bracer to boost crit chance would be Strongarm Bracers btw.
Thanks! So I am right in thinking IK is a good set to get 5 pieces of then! I doubt I'll be able to afford any decent pieces of them for a while though looking at AH...I'll just grab some rares with the same kinda stats, and then look to farm towards IK. I'm running 2H Axe WW/Sprint build at the moment, and have spotted a few Skorns around the 15m mark with pretty decent stats.
I would recommend HOTA build or some Cleave/Rend/Revenge. The 2handers are just bad for ww. You need att spd to do a lot of ticks with the tornados (tick=damage and fury gen) and skorn/2handers have bad speed. Dual wield 1 handers uses better att speed on weaps and gets a +15% att spd for free. So try another build :-)

Yes full ik set is very expensive and best for ww build. Using HOTA build it is not required! There you need lots of CC and ALOT of Crit damage! A skorn with socket and +1xx crit damage is really good and enormously so if it has Life Steal as well :-)

You dont have any IK set items, but it can be great to have 2 or 3 of them. A non expensive and very gainly way to go is get IK belt and IK boots. IK belt was Life steal and AR naturally and a skill bonus. Get Rend fury reduction for HOTA build. With ww the skill bonus doesnt matter. The belt should have 170+ str and if money enough get VIt/Life% as well. Then buy IK boots with ordinary stats (90-100 str and vit and 12 ms and 7x AR - all these come naturally) for around 2 mil or get double STR roll (130+) for more gold. These two items are rather cheap for ordinary stats. Having both gives you set bonus of 60 AR. So in total two item upgrades give you 7x+7x+60 AR= at least 200!!!! At the moment you get 61 AR from these two slots :-) That's wat I call upgrade :-) And this will actually get you to 400 AR which is acceptable. 500 being you goal most of the time.

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