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Your journey through Sanctuary will lead you across a variety of dangerous situations. Only fools and those who fancy themselves “courageous” will face their enemies alone. There are three heroic followers who are eager to help you in difficulties: Kormac, Lyndon and Eirena.

Kormac’s devotion is unshakable as he embraces the light. Eirena’s mastery of enchantments and steely bravery in battle belie her youth. Lyndon has to have more to him than meets the eye... He dedicated himself to a conflict against an endless stream of cruel demons.
What we want to know is, out of all these followers, who is your favourite? And most importantly...why?
Which Follower Accompanies You?
Poll ended on 14 Dec 2012
I use Scoundrel with Buriza so I can have little freeze wizard at my disposal.
For Hardcore I always went with Templar because of its healing abilities.
While they all have their definite niche, Kormac is the only one I have a small preference for gameplay wise. His heals and his charge occasionally saves me a reapir bill, as they're actually used when it matters. Things like blind and charm are nice, but they don't get used at the best possible times (though if I stick close to Lyndon, his blind helps me a lot too, of course - still requires me to keep track og him rather than Kormac who keeps track of me).

But I really like having them all out on occasion, seeing how they react to the story and how they banter with the PC. A female monk with Eirena can be hilarious, but that (and her obvious charms) is the best reason for keeping her around.
I sometimes wish I could have more than one of them out, so I could enjoy Lyndon and Kormac's bickering more, and I certainly wouldn't mind there being more we could do with these guys.

Edit: Consider me a 'blank' vote.
Enchantress. Simple,because I am a HC player and with maximus, Enc have the best chance to minimize my chance from dying to a dc/crash etc, the demon take aggro, templar doesn't.

Please show us HC player some love and do something about this dc death, such as if a player is unresponsive for three seconds or more, it will automatically attack any enemies within 40 yards with the left mouse skill, this way we can make use of our lifesteal LOH etc and have a chance to fight back to monsters when we crash.

Some dc last more than a minute, I don't understand why inspiring presence's regeneration is not a passive ability and is just 1 minute, show us HC some love please.

Also ,its not making much sense that the templar is not taking any aggro at all, at least make him have a 50% chance to take aggro(monster AI have a 50% chance to attack/aim him).
Using cc Scoundrel for my Barb
gotta have enchantress for HC. need da dps increase
I tend to use the Enchantress. I've equipped her with http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-grand-vizier some MF rings and an MF necklace. As a result, she's gives me 10GF and 20MF.

I could do similar with the Templar with a http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/sun-keeper a MF shield, MF rings and necklace, but I don't find his abilities that useful, and he doesn't increase my DPS.

I avoid the Scoundrel, purely because there appears to be no weapons available to him that have +MF on them, so by choosing him I'd reduce my chances of shiny orange loots.
On WD I use Templar for his mana regen ability.

On Wiz I use scoundrel with his added CC and AS gear for multi-shot chills (slows) and knock back with a WINDFORCE and an Eye of Etlich. < -------------- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for ranged classes.

Ocasionally I use the Enchantress with a MAXIMUS for a 35k dps demon tank too : - )
enchantress, because the Grand Vizier has gold find as well as magic find, unlike the Sun Keeper :D
You're planning on buffing their skills right?

Using Enchantress mainly because crowd control skills, Templar simply fails to draw aggro on most cases even with his weak taunt skill. As I type'd before a passive ability should allow him to recover faster from exhausted state.

At least Enchantress and Templar have some crowd control, Scoundrel almost has nothing to avoid danger. Blind hardly works and Vanish makes him kind of hmmm... vanish?

I remember Enchantress' old skill tree, she used to has illusion based skills. Why don't you give her decoy casting abilities? Would it make the game too easy?
Templar: Has the highest MF possibility. Sun Keeper + Shield

Followers are only there to buff your MF / GF / XP.
In sc or hc, Templar is always as my follower.
I dont use any follower because all they do is die or make a goblin run but if i do use one its the Templar.

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I like the templar cause he get between monsters and my wiz
I believe that followers can only do 25 % of our damage ,so if there is a limit then let us give them full gear .
Templar: Has the highest MF possibility. Sun Keeper + Shield

Followers are only there to buff your MF / GF / XP.

yeah when I found my first Sun Keeper I ran with the Templar, but atm I've hit the magic cap so the enchantress gets my gold find up a bit without harming the magic find.

I'd like to see them buff these odds bonuses, have items that give your followers gold ferrets, pickup radius, maybe little pet swarms that can distract enemies, autoidentify rares, collect gems/tombs/potions for you etc, maybe spot legendaries on your map for you with a perm marker as well as exp/gf/mf.
none cos i cant bloody log in (error 3007)

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