is this the real diablo 3 ?

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After more than a year since this footage there is nothing new about it, no news no footage. Probably 2015 and on...
Website says, BETA will be announced end of 2012 and full game sometime in 2013.
Oh boy, I will probably forget about D3 existance when this game is out

I check their website almost every week... what I like about asian developers is that they really know how to make game for gamers!
I don't get it, how can you tell that this game has no bugs, no slow endgame, low droprates and whatever-the-frack you people keep !@#$%ing about?
Were you not excited when the first Diablo 3 videos were released? You must have had a reason to buy it in the first place. But please, don't let me stop you from getting your hopes up for the perfect game, I am sure this will be the one to reach perfection.

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