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Basically you admit that you released a game which is (still) not ready for pve and now you have no idea how to implement pvp..why the hell you released it if u dont know how to do so?
yet you still spared "f that looser" to the inventors of Diablo..i wish Blizz fired you and kept the blizz north

keep failing Jay Wilson
you people should blame Bobby Kotick CEO of activision instead of JW. He is the money hungry guy who ruins games. if you saw those d3 vids from 2010, you prolly noticed how good D3 was at that time and that was JW design. The something changed, someone made the decisions to strip D3 and make it !@#$ty as it is these days. my guess it's not JW, but Bobby Kotick.
Before making a post on these forums, please try to stay calm and think ahead before hitting that submit button.

A thread like this will not result in anything positive, and it will certainly not bring PvP to the game any faster.

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