LF late-nighters for MP4+ farming

Looking for Players
Hey there.

I'm looking for some mature players to farm with late at night, starting to be boring to just play alone, and seeing as the people I know who play either go to bed early - or are really bad (beyond the point of me benefitting from giving them items).

I have no preference as for acts to be played at, or the MP level, as long as it feels efficient for all participants.

I want to play in a 4 man group if at all possible, and I would like to play with people who do 100k+ damage, Ideally not barbarians, cause I like how the different classes compliment each other buff wise (Big Bad Voodoo, Slow Time, Mantra of Conviction, Mark for Death etc.), and I am still upset that we cant do 5 man groups, concidering how all 5 classes would be amazing together!)

My own profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/BelthazorDK-2722/hero/12250055
Note: It may be showing the wrong boots/belt and weapons (if it's the Kul-Kathos weapons, then that is the "wrong" ones) - which is likely the stuff I use when farming MP0 for experience, in the normal gear I sit at 118k unbuffed damage.

If interested, send me a friend request (BelthazorDK#2722)- I would prefer to play with people able to load up skype when playing, cause if we do have to type all the time, I feel like time is being wasted, and this is the main reason I look for mature players, I really dont want to listen to some kids parrents every 30 minutes complaining that they aint sleeping yet - just saying, and since I am 24 myself, I would be more comfortable chatting to people "relatively" close to my own age.
DanielG#2296 add me, are you Danish? I am 27, Danish and mostly play late night after 23:00... Do Skype and sitting at 179K DPS and solo MP7
Yeah I'm danish, will add you!
I'm up for it, same reason I play late and am getting bored of playing alone. Using a CM/Archon wizard depending on what you want :) I'm English and 20.


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