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so oke im not QQ but my heart is broken .. it just dont want to do the endless runs anymore...
ubers ? nah no thank u ..
ive played enough to say , that i dont wanna spend 100M on some little extra gear with mabey 10-20+ dix .. no my gear is just right and its good as it is it worked fine .. mp 7-8 doable..

so there i was on the forums to look if there was some new ''content'' and was reading all sections.

and there i was seeing multiple poeple talking about PoE .. and i was like :''whats PoE ?'' .
So i took a look for it and saw just only the trailer on youtube and was instantly sold to the game...

y blizz u could learn from that IndIE developer .. really

just say`n hmmmprhhffhaha
I am playing POE and the content is just endless compared to diablo. And as you said, they have a team of 30 or so and they do a MUCH better job than blizz
haha its runescape 3D looks crap lol

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