looking for nice people to play with

Looking for Players
well i'm rob from scotland im 30 years old just looking for mature fun players to play the game with feed up of playing with people who dnt chat or just go afk while doing the run really annoys me lol well rant over if you like to play and have fun and no childish things happening then feel free to add me

Well Hello,

I know what you mean with the non social people, main reason i've been farming alone for a long time.

Anyways, I'm Willem, 19, from Holland and tired of playing alone :)
At this moment my invite is bugged somehow, so if you'd like you could add Metux#2661.
Added you, Anguskhan!
Hello, a while back I used to do my daily runs all alone and thus, due to boredom, I quit the game for a while. Now I`m back and to make the farming/run experience alot more interesting am also looking for people to converse while playing and/or even play together!
If you`re ready and willing, my ID's KuroRyuuD#2313 invite me and message me and we shall figure something out!
Hey, Im Paul 21 from London. Tired of playing alone all the time. Feel free to add me
Feel free to add me: Lucretsia#2990
Swedish, 47, just playing for fun. :)
tired of farming alone too, nice players add me: MrSimple#2599
Feel free to add me - Ninjatic#2896 from England, 23
I'm Chris from England, 19, same reason here. Bored of playing solo.
Add me aswell, I'm from Holland, but my English is fine

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