Improving itemization - Patch 1.1 Preview?

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Itemization in Diablo 3 is one of the most improvable aspects of the game so i think most feedback should be directed towards this area. This feedback is NOT supposed to be a demand towards our dear CMs but rather a thought-process of the community agreeing/disagreeing with one another to reveal strengths and weaknesses of the suggested ideas to reduce the ...

Disparity of perspectives

Going by the premise of humans being rational (not logical) it´s possible to say that people standing at the exact same viewpoint of a certain topic are going to make the exact same conclusions. Consensus isn´t met every time when ideas from individuals coming from different perspectives collide and no one is capable or willing to change the personal perspective. This is where the world wide web shines. It allows to bring probably any viewpoint possible to the table and allows to look at the topics from a greater distance from many angles. So provide every thought you guys have, everything that doesn´t suit you everything you disagree with so we can create the improved...

Carrot on a stick

The carrot on a stick is the most simplified model of motivation through anticipation of a reward. Biggest problem of this analogy is the lack of showing possibilities how to increase the hunger of the "carrot-chaser". Many Diablo players i have talked to feel the carrot they are chasing right now is either to hard to catch or does not satisfy enough when caught. The most simple way to address this issue is to simply add more carrots to the equation. But let´s not leave it at carrots, we want apples, hot dogs and German "Wurst" tingling in front of our eyes. Adding more and more motivators has the benefit that we can allow the chaser to more often catch something he was chasing for, but even more importantly to give him "Wurst" while he was chasing the apple. Convincing us to get things we didn´t even know we are hungry for is such a diabolic process that simply confuses us and as soon as we start chasing every stick and being rewarded with even the smallest forms of rewards most players will stick to chasing it. So let´s add more carrots via ...

Parallel progression ! Important !

THIS is the most lackluster principle about Diablo 3 at the moment. Currently there are to few carrots to chase. Parallel progression means we improve on multiple aspects simultaneously. The current game SHOULD allow to always make small steps of improvement no matter in what direction we are going. But there aren´t enough tabs to progress in. Currently there are:

- Paragon levels: Every time you kill anything you gain XP
- Gem upgrades: On every kill you have the possibility to find a gem and move closer to the "gem-limit". Per gem slot you will need 729 gems of the same type. It´s like a second XP bar that increases by 1 every time a needed gem drops.
- Items (Screen-DPS): The most important tab of progression, but also the one that has the biggest problem. Items that are found at the moment don´t have "character". People are not searching for new boots, for a new weapon or for a new ring. They look for an overall + in the DPS screen. Sometimes it feels like there is only one item-slot called the "DPS-Screen"-charslot. This was done better in Diablo 2 where people explicitly looked for white items to fill the weapon slot and then put a check on that slot and tried to improve the other ones.
- Knowledge: When unexperienced people gain new informations on every run. Identifying which events to skip, what the map layout looks like and how to fight certain monsters, etc.

These tabs are already allow for a good feeling of parallel progression, but people want more, so let´s start by adding better crafting and adding imbues!

Stop Skipping

Crafting in other games:

Diablo 2: The most famous one. I´m going to stick to the "Item-crafting". This was the most complex item-system of the game but also had the chance to create the best items for many slots. To craft properly one had to find many types of items and acquire a lot of knowledge. There are ilvls, clvls, alvls, affixes, recipes and itemtypes that needed to be studied and while farming the mats you always had a chance to also find things you were not looking for which made it feel even more rewarding.
- Complexity
+ Could be very rewarding
+ Progression in many tabs

Titan Quest:
Probably one of the best crafting systems was titan quests charm/relic hunting. These imbues were bound to monster types and only these could drop the items. There were 3-5 parts each imbue consisted of and there were 20+ types of imbues. Each imbue could only be cast on certain armor types and only if the item is not of unique quality. Here is where the magic happens: The small parts held a small bonus that always increased by the same amount for every new part added but once the charm was completed new affixes from a new affix pool were added!
Example: Incarnation of Hektor´s shadow: 60 defense & 3 % chance to dodge projectiles per part. On completion the imbue additionally rolled one of the following stats: 65 defense, 450 life, 26 strength, 16% armorpen, 41% reistance.
This might seem redundant but in the game it created great incentives to use rare items instead of uniques and farming for the rare ones could keep people entertained for hours every time they found an upgrade. My absolute favourite system.
+ Great customization and incentive to farm
- The monsters that dropped charms didn´t drop anything else and didn´t allow for parallel progression

A very unusual form of crafting but it had its hights. For a small fee you had a chance to either add an affix, not change anything about the item, or remove all existing affixes.
+ Very simple, very fast
+ Items are never completed
- Risk of item going from hero to zero was to big.
- tooo random.

Ideas for Diablo 3


As mentioned above imbues, to me, are the greatest type of progression in ARPGs. The idea is to create a new item-type that has varying loot-tables for each region. These items can imbue certain item-slots and those can not be of unique quality. They consist of several parts (3-7) and each part roles random stats of the same affix and can be imbued on an item even if the imbue is not completed. If combined the affixes add up and if completed they also gain a new affix from a new affix pool. If this new affix is an ability a more detailed description is available in the "imbue-window" Imbues start dropping in Hell difficulty. Imbued items can not be traded.

Example: In the cathedral, the crypts and the festering woods each monster has a chance to drop an "imbue of withering". This item is an additional item drop and does not effect other item drops. It is not influenced by magic find and they can not be traded. The "imbue of withering" consists of 6 parts. It can only imbue amulets. The base attribute of each part is "+2-8 intelligence, 1-3 strength". A completed imbue can vary from +12 intelligence and +6 strength to +48 intelligence and +18 strength. When the imbue is completed it gains an additional random affix giving the imbue a random passive from any class (only the respective classes can use it).

If implemented correctly these imbues can create huge incentives to keep farming and improving. What does correct implementation look like? Important rules are:

- Easy to achieve, very very hard to perfect: The first step to make this possible is randomization. Everybody will be able to complete imbues but most of them will be of average quality if rushed. Those that want perfect ones will have to farm for a longer time. The second step is to make people lose the imbue, once it has been used. If you managed to craft a perfect one, it is necessary to still have incentive to craft those. So the imbue has to be lost if the amulet is switched.

- Make them farmable, but not as an exclusive type of progression: As mentioned in the example these things have to drop WHILE killing whatever you want to. If you limit them to an area where ONLY imbues drop, people get tunnel visioned and are saddened every time they don´t get the drop they wanted. But making them drop at completely random locations makes it to hard and to unrewarding to strive and hunt for those. So the perfect solution is to bind certain imbues to certain places that allow for efficient farming but not at the cost of normal loot.

- The inventory problem: The biggest problem is the space these little imbues take up. I think usually people will want to farm at least for two sorts PER imbue. One perfect slot that wants the best stats and one "trash" slot that people just want to complete so they can get the completion affix. But i wouldn´t call it a problem, if there wasn´t a possible solution to this. By creating a new "imbue-screen" that has all imbues listed you can not only create an easy way of informing people which imbues exist but also give them the possibility to craft one imbue in the window. If people want to work on more than one imbue they will have to give up a slot in their inventory. I´m thinking about creating 20 imbues, so the window would consist of two rows with ten imbues per row. All available imbues will be listed there and be greyed out until the player stores a partial or a completed imbue in the slot. The player can drag this imbue out and use it on an item at any given time. If moving the mouse over an imbue in the "imbues-screen" a tooltip saying "This magical tool can increase it´s wearers intellect and strength if used properly. It was seen to be created as a side product when corpses in the foul crypts and graveyards were reawakened." to show people what the imbue does and give a rough description where it can drop.
Example of a few imbues:

1. Example:
Imbue of withering:
- Parts drop in Cathedral, Festering Woods, Crypts, The Weeping Hollow
- Tooltip: "This magical tool can increase its wearers intellect and strength if imbued on an amulet. It was seen to be created as a side product when corpses in the foul crypts and graveyards were reawakened."
- Can imbue amulets
- 6 Parts
- 2-8 Intelligence, 1-3 Strength (Min: 12 Int, 6 Str; Max: 48 Int, 18 Str)
- Completion bonus: Gain a random passive for your character (respective class only)

2. Example:
Imbue of celerity:
- Parts drop in Fields of Misery, Howling Plateau, Desolate Sands
- Tooltip: "This magical tool can increase its wearers speed, allowing him to move quicker and dodge attacks if imbued on an amulet. Creatures in huge open areas had to adapt to their environment and move quickly to survive. Magicians claim to be able to harness their essence and bind it to scrolls."
- Can imbue amulets
- 3 Parts
- 1%-2% dodge chance, 0.5%-4% movement speed (Min: 3% dodge, 1.5% ms; Max: 6% dodge, 12% ms)
- Completion bonus: Teleport 20-60 yards by clicking "force move" on the ground while having the item not on cooldown, 60-10 seconds cooldown

3. Example:
Imbue of resilience:
- Parts drop in Hell Rift, Gardens of Hope, The Battlefields, The Barracks
- Tooltip: "Grants the wearer improved defense and allows to retaliate attacks."
- Can imbue shields
- 3 Parts
- 0.5%-2% all resistance, 5-50 armor (Min: 1.5% AR, 15 armor; Max: 6% AR, 150 armor)
- Completion bonus: + 50 random single resistance, Shield retaliation: After being struck the yielder has a 30%-80% chance to retaliate with 300%-2000% of intelligence as damage. The retaliation is not possible for 2 seconds after each block. (Coupled with this affix i would like to see at least one tier of shields that can role a lower block chance than 10%)

4. Example:
Imbue of fortification:
- Parts drop in Gardens of Hope, Desolate Sands, Fields of Misery
- Tooltip: "Allows its wearer to increase his life and a chance to summon a sacred shield when being hit."
- Can imbue shields
- 7 Parts
- 0.2%-1% increased life (Min: 1.4% HP; Max: 7% HP)
- Completion bonus: + 40 random stat, Sacred shield: When dropping below 50% HP a sacred shield appears and reduces all damage taken by 0.01%-0.1% of its wielders dexterity for 4 seconds, 60-15 seconds cooldown.

5. Example:
Imbue of strangulation:
- Parts drop in Festering Woods, Howling Plateau, Dhalgur Oasis, Stringing Wind
- Tooltip: "Reduces cooldown of all abilites and allows to drag monsters to the wielder."
- Can imbue shields
- 6 Parts
- 0.25%-1.5% reduced cooldowns, 2-10 Vitality (Min: 1.5% Cd, 12 Vit; Max: 9% cd, 60 Vit)
- Completion bonus: 10%-50% Chance to vortex a monster towards the player if its attack is blocked, + 12-60 Vitality

6. Example:
Imbue of domination:
- Parts drop in Cathedral, Alcarnus, Tower of the damned
- Tooltip: "Increases summoned minions damage and allows to control more minions. Gather the essences of Sanctuarios' greatest summoners and bind them on a scroll."
- Can imbue Belts, Amulets
- 3 Parts
- 1%-4% increased minion damage, 0-2 Pickup radius (Min: 3% MD, 0 PR; Max: 12% MD, 6 PR)
- Completion bonus: summoning mastery: Reduces cooldown of minion based spells by 1%-50%, Doubles the amount of minions summoned

7. Example:
Imbue of venom:
- Parts drop in Howling Plateau, Fields of Misery, Fields of Slaughter
- Tooltip: "Increasing its wearers Agility and Resistance. Gathered from the most poisonous areas in Sanctuario this allows to apply a deadly venom to the attacks, once completed.
- Can imbue Shields, Belts
- 5 parts
- 3-10 agility, 1-6 poison resistance (Min: 15 agi, 5 pr; Max: 50 agi, 30 pr)
- Completion bonus: Venomstrike: Normal, non critical hits apply a poison, dealing
100%-2000% of the players poison resistance as damage over 2 seconds

8. Example:
Imbue of oppression:
- Parts drop in all dungeons that spawn randomly
- Can imbue belts
- 5 Parts
- 1-3% Chance to stun on hit, 0,5%-1.5% inceased attackspeed (Min: 3% stun, 1.5% ias)
- Completion bonus: Oppression: Increases the duration of crowd control effects by 10%-60%.

Crafting using the jeweler and the blacksmith:

Crafting has a few major purposes once the max level has been reached. The first one is to improve the loot experience. On every kill monsters have a chance to not only give better gear to the player but to also give new materials to the player. In D3 this is ensured through salvaging items that have no use to the charakter. The next goal of a good crafting system should be to allow to customize the players gear by giving him a way to influence the loot he gets. The only decision the player has at the moment is whether he wants to use his materials for boots or for a belt. Combined with the huge effort and the lack of unique affixes for crafting it is very discouraging for players to invest time in crafting rather than killing a few other monsters which grants the same reward. Crafting should add new affixes and allow for alternative loot paths. Players should be allowed to dedicate their hunt to materials and see the regular items as an added bonus if they so desire. A little bit of complexity should also add more fun and dedication from players.

Changes to crafting materials:

Following the idea of parallel progression crafting materials have to pile up while the player is doing whatever he wants. The other goal is to make the piñatas that dare calling themselves our enemies more interesting to pop. We can achieve this by changing the current crafting material system a bit:

- Material quality: Depending on the affix quality of the salvaged item we can get 3 types of material quality: normal, superior and magical. Items in the 0%-60% range of the best affixroll salvage into normal quality (90%) or superior quality (10%). Items with the best affix being in the 60%-94% range salvage into normal quality (20%), superior quality (70%) or magical quality (10%). Items with their best affix in the 94%-100% range salvage into superior quality (50%) or magical quality (50%). This allows you to gain superior and magical crafting materials even from white and blue items, making these items really interesting to dedicated crafters. Yellow items still have the advantage of rolling more affixes and therefore having a higher chance on high affix rolls.

Usage of normal, superior and magical quality: At first we have to remove these materials from the inventory completely. Right now there are 3 different lvl 60 crafting materials and adding quality levels will overflow the inventory. Since these materials don´t have any use at all, no matter how often you click on them they do not deserve to be in the players inventory. Create a new crafting window with a 3x3 grid. Not only does this look really compelling and tidy, but it also removes the hastle of storing and picking them back up. Dragging those into the trading window should still be possible though. Also, dragging higher quality materials into lower quality brackets inside the materials window allows to downgrade the materials fast. At the crafting window the player can chose which quality level materials he wants to use.
The different quality levels influence the efficiency of the player´s crafting by altering the amount of items crafted. Normal materials always generate one item. Superior materials have a 20% chance to create one item, a 70% chance to create two items at once and a 10% chance to create 3 items. Now things get crazy: Magical items have a 50% chance to create 3 items, a 30% chance to create 4 items, a 15% chance to create 5 items, a 4% chance to create 7 items and a 1% chance to create 10(!!!) items at once. These items are rolled individually and the player should make sure he has free inventory space if he doesn´t want to turn into a pinata himself.

- New crafting item, that CRAFTS!: More loot is something everybody wants. Another colour that we can cheer about and look forward to on every kill called SCROLL OF THE HORADRIM.
A very rare crafting material that can drop everywhere and stacks in the players inventory. Dropchances are higher for unique monsters. This item allows players to increase the third affix of an item by a random amount between 1%-30%. The bonus is shown as a new affix at the bottom of the items description and adds "of the horadrim" to the basic items name. You can use the scroll of Horadrim as often as you want to reroll the increas of the third affix.
Crafting - Blacksmith:

New recipes can drop from monsters. These are similar to sets but every piece works well on its own and they allow players to add flavour to their itemslots by introducing new affixes. These items have the same crafting materials cost as the regular rare items + one white item. The affixes of the white item will be kept when crafted. After an item has been crafted it can be enchanted with a scroll of the horadrim to add one additional effect.

These allow players completely forgo the current defensive stats armor and resistance affixes by granting the player a huge lifeboost and situational defense. Items crafted with these recipes have NO armor and NO resistance at all. They can not be imbued and can not be traded. Crimson items can be created for the boots, belt, shoulders and wrists-slot. They have 3 base affixes:
+ 200-500 Vitality
+ 10%-20% Life
+ Armorconversion 1-25 (Armorconversion: For every 1000 points of damage the character takes he gains x amount of armor for 5 seconds.)
Along with these set affixes there are another 4 affixes (excluding armor/resist):
1. Either +5.000-25.000 Healthglobes/Potions OR +500-2.500 Hp/s.
2. random affix from the current affixtable (affixlevel = itemlevel)
3. random affix from the current affixtable (if 1 higher alvl is available than alvl = ilvl + 1; if no higher alvl is available than alvl=ilvl - 1)
4. random affix from the current affixtable (if 2 higher alvl are available than alvl = ilvl + 2; if no higher alvl is available than alvl=ilvl - 2)
Additionally to the affix-roles the player can enchant crafted items to gain one ability that is autocast every 30 seconds (wizard-armor,monk-mantra,barb-shouts). Only the latest ability that has been put on works (if the player has more than one enchanted item).

These allow players completely forgo the current critchance and critdmg affixes by granting the player an attackspeed bonus and increasing monsters vulnerability. Items crafted with these recipes have NO critical chance and NO critical damage at all. They can not be imbued and can not be traded. Obsidian items can be created for the boots, hands, amulet and head-slot. They have 3 base affixes:
+ 100-250 Attribute
+ 1%-5% increased attack speed
+ a) Vulnerability 1000-7500 (80% chance) or b) Vulnerability 1000-15000 (20% chance) (Vulnerability: Increases the damage taken by target by x after each completed attack. This damage is added after critmodificators and is therefore not improved by critical hits.)
Along with these set affixes there are another 4 affixes (excluding crit,critdmg):
1. + 2-7 pickup radius
2. random affix from the current affixtable
3. random affix from the current affixtable
4. random affix from the current affixtable
Additionally to the affix-roles the player can enchant crafted items to gain one ability that has a 1%-10% chance to be cast on hit (chackram,exploding palm,zombie charger,energy twister). Only the latest ability that has been put on works (if the player has more than one enchanted item).

These allow players to heavily take advantage of abilities dealing damage over time. Items crafted with these recipes have NO critical chance and NO critical damage at all. They can not be imbued and can not be traded. Ember items can be created for the weapon, hands, head and amulet-slot. They have 3 base affixes:
+ 4%-12% increased damage to elite monsters
+ 1%-6% movementspeed
+ a) Curse mastery 10%-35% (80% chance) or b) Curse mastery 25%-55% (20% chance)
(Curse mastery: Increases strength of damage over time effects that are applied to the enemy)
Along with these set affixes there are another 4 affixes (excluding crit,critdmg):
1. Either +50-200 armor or +20-50 single resist
2. random affix from the current affixtable
3. random affix from the current affixtable
4. random affix from the current affixtable
Additionally to the affix roles the player can enchant crafted items to gain one permanent minion (mystic ally,raven,3 zombie dogs,Madawc) that is resummoned after 30 if it dies. Only the latest ability that has been put on works (if the player has more than one enchanted item).

These recipes bring a new use to all the crowd control affixes that spawn on items by adding a dmg-aspect to successful procs. Anthracite items can not roll main attributes. Along with this set there will be a new lvl 59 2hand legendary which quadruples the damage done by the procs. They can not be imbued and can not be traded. Anthracite Items can be made for the chest, head, belt and ring slots. They have 3 base affixes:
- Reduction to crowdcontrols +3%-12%
- Reduced damage from elites by 2%-5%
- a) Empathy 300%-1500% (90% chance) or b) Empathy 1300%-2000% (10% chance)
(Empathy: For every proc of crowd control effects the target also receives x dmg based on Vitality)
Along with these set affixes there are another 4 affixes (excluding main attributes):
1. random crowdcontrol effect
2. random affix from the current affixtable
3. random affix from the current affixtable
4. random affix from the current affixtable
Additionally to the affix roles the player can enchant crafted items to gain one permanent minion (mystic ally,raven,3 zombie dogs,Madawc) that is resummoned after 30 if it dies. Only the latest ability that has been put on works (if the player has more than one enchanted item).

Runecrafting using Shen:

The next character that needs more use is Shen the Jewelcrafter! His job is to give players small improvements over long periods of time. Currently he is only capable of upgrading gems as a form of progression. Every gem that drops currently increases the players progress by a small amount. The higher the upgrade gets the lower the total increase of strength is. For every perfect gem the player currently needs 729 gemdropps of the same type in inferno-difficulty. Problems arise when players start using the auction house. The costs of buying a gem in the auction house are about the same as the costs to craft the gem yourself and therefore removes the incentives to collect gems at all. This removes Shen's purpose almost completely and therefore he needs a new thing to do!
Runecrafting allows players to improve their favourite abilities and if really dedicated, players can even "perfect" those. Long long ago every rune had multiple levels but this was removed because the system of storing hundreds of runes was to clunky. So to address this the system has to change a little:
Runepower: For every kill the player gains 1 runepower (10 for elite, 100 for bosses) to one random rune-type (crimson,obsidian,golden,indigo,alabaster) that is not capped. The runepower is shown in a small section at the bottom of the skill selection frame. Every rune-type can store up to a max of 100.000 runepower. If the player collects enough power he can use it to upgrade one of the abilities permanently to the next level by going to Shen and selecting the ability and the rune he wants to improve in a new tab called "Runecrafting". There are 3 upgrades for every rune possible. The first one costs 10.000, the second one costs 35.000 and the last and final upgrade costs 100.000. Upgrading reduces the runepower by the amount it costs. Players start earning runepower after completing normal mode by killing monster that grants experience. Runepower is shared among all characters of the same gamemode (softcore - hardcore).

New items for runepower: These items allow players to influence the runepower farming process and give new items to be excited about if they drop:
- Powerfocus: There are 5 types of powerfoci, one for every type of rune. They have a rare dropchance (one every 1500 kills) and are bound to the account. Once used they make the next 5.000 runepower gathered go to the rune-type they were called. (Crimson powerfocus, obsidian powerfocus,...)
- Equilibrium: Very very rare. Once used they make the next 5.000 runepower gathered go towards every rune-type at once increasing the amount gathered by 5 times. Tradable. They can be combined with a powerfocus by Shen and create enchanced powerfoci, which give 3 times more runepower, but only to one type of rune.
- Concentrated runepower: very quite rare. Can be given to Shen to increase a random runetype by 5.000 runepower. Account bound. Can be combined with equilibrium to give 2.000 runepower to every rune-type.

What would change? Level 60 characters progress in even more tabs with every kill they make, they have a chance to receive even more loot and most importantly players will have to make choices again. It would take huge amounts of time to level every rune to max level (3.625.000 runepower per rune for a character with 25 abilities) and therefore characters are forced to make choices again. The rune upgrades are not strong enough to greatly change a characters power, but still encourage those who focus on their favourite abilites. Since runepower is shared amongst all characters it's also profitable to level new ones.

That´s it! I hope you guys enjoyed my ideas and see what´s still possible in Diablo 3 itemization and crafting systems.

TL;DR: New itemtabs to progress in. While farming you won´t be looking for legendaries only.
Progression through items:

1. Finding legendaries
2. Finding rares
3. Improving imbues (all 20 of them)
4. Improving Crimson-set
5. Improving Obsidian-set
6. Improving Ember-set
7. Finding high affix whites and blues
8. Leveling Runepower
9. Finding and Upgrading Jewels

Epilogue: Now that you managed to scroll down that far, what is left to do?

- Feedback: What do you understand? What does not make sense to you? Why do you like/dislike the feature? Give me your perspective and show me the flaws of the system.

- Improve: Discuss how to make this system better and add ideas.
I think a start would be to change the current crafting system into a more customizable system.

When crafting an item, instead of seeing a list of recipes you are given a craft settings screen.
On this screen you are given...
1. Item level dropdown box, this allows you to choose what base item you want to craft. The better the base item, the more costly it is to craft.
2. Item Quality field, this has two drop down lists, one for legendaries and one for magical affixes. The legendary one lists all legendaries you have unlocked plans for. The Affix one chooses how many affixes you want the item to have, ranging from 1 to 6. Not all affix quantities are unlocked at the start for all item types and levels, you will need to teach the current plans (recepies) to unlock these quantities. The more affixes the higher the item cost.
3. Affix level slider, used to determine the level of the affixes rolled. High number of affixes require plans to unlock the high level part of the slider. The higher the affix level, the more the item costs.
4. Fixed affix dropdown list, only available on rare items (4+ affixes). Receipes are required to unlock affixes. This option is very pricy and will substantially increase cost (but lower risk).

Want to craft level 63 Archon Gauntlets with 6 affixes all level 63? No problem! Want them to have Critical Chance? No problem as well. Will cost you though...

Crafting resources also need a change. All items will need any combination of normal to inferno materials. Material drop quality is now randomized so that salvaging a magical item in inferno will still have a chance for a normal material, but as it is a high level it will much more commonly drop hell to inferno material. Like wise a normal item will drop more normal and nightmare materials. Each affix determines a seperate ingredient roll up to 3, after 3 it is random between 3 and the affix number. The material ratios change as you increase the quality of the craft so that you will probably need very few normal materials if you are crafting a level 63 gloves with 6 affixes and 63 affix level.

If this combined with the legendary revision I proposed in many threads, it would be great.

03/01/2013 22:40Posted by Dwelve
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Post it yourself. Use your D3 profile as that is not region locked (only SC2 is).

Jewels were a nice small addition to the original Diablo 2 making loot even more interesting and giving more choices for socketing. The new jewels should go the same route having a few primary goals:

+ New items to search, find and loot
+ Adding alternatives and allowing players to make choices
+ New system for players to learn and research
+ Easy to go into and very rewarding if dedicated to it
+ Constantly small steps of progression

First of all there need to be some changes made to the socketing. Jewels have to be unique and allow new choices and alternatives to give people the items they want. Putting them on the same level as gem-sockets is therefore not an option. Instead each jewel will be put at the same level as one affix. So this is how it'll work:

Shen gets a new tab called "add jewelsockets". Selffound non-jewelsocketed white/blue/yellow items will be put in a slot and the player can chose to socket the item.:

Rare items: The player can chose how many jewelsockets he wants to add. The new sockets remove one affix per added socket from the item after the item has reached 6 affixes and start removing the affix in the lowest position of the item after that. Example:

Gloves: 150dex, 50 vit, 5 pickuprad, 5%ias -> adding 4 jewelsockets -> 150dex, 50 vit, 4 jewelsockets

Gloves: 150 strength, 5 pickup, 400 liferegen, 50 fireresistance, 5%crit, melee attacker takes 50 dmg -> adding 3 jewelsockets -> 150 strength, 5 pickup, 400 liferegen, 3 jewelsockets

Blue Items: Shen adds a random amount of sockets , up to 5, to the item. 9% chance for 1 socket, 14% for 2 sockets, 39% chance for 3 sockets, 34% chance for 4 sockets and 4% chance for 5 sockets. Blue items keep their normal affixes. A blue item with good rolles and 5 sockets is therefore stronger than a rare but very unusual.

White Items: Shen adds a random amount of sockets , up to 5, to the item. 9% chance for 1 socket, 14% for 2 sockets, 39% chance for 3 sockets, 34% chance for 4 sockets and 4% chance for 5 sockets. Jewels used for these sockets are increased by x% based on how strong the white item was. Example: White superior boots with 14% increased defense increase the stats of the jewels by 14%.

Variations of Jewels:
Having just one type of jewels wouldn't increase the current loottable by a lot so there have to be different types of jewels:

Normal Jewels: These jewels have up to 3 random jewelaffixes.

Class-specific Jewels: These jewels have up to 2 random affixes from the normal jewels-affixtable + 1 additional class specific affix (+% damage for ability/reduced cost of ability).

Elemental Jewels: These jewels have up to 2 random affixes from the normal jewels-affixtable + 1 elemental affix (+x% firedamage, + x% additional damage as fire, +x% fire affinity)

(Fire affinity acts like +x% firedamage but every jewel scales with itsself multiplicatively. Therefore it has to be lower. If used on a couple of jewels it is weaker, but when used on many or all jewels it has to be vastly superior)

Affixjewels: These jewels have up to 4 random affixes from the normal jewels-affixtable.


Since items with jewelsockets can not be imbued or enchanted they have to be stronger than usual affixes when combined but every jewelaffix on its own has to be weaker. 33%-50% of the normal affixes' strength should be able to be achieved by jewelaffixes. The offensive affixes crit/critdmg/ias should not be in the jewelsaffixpool.

However, because jewels give players a very direct and easy way to "craft" customized items jewelaffixes with high properties have to be very rare (10%chance).

Max roll for dex on regular item: 200. ->
Jewelaffixes: 50% 15-46 dex, 40% 25-56 dex, 10% 35-66 dex

Constant progression:

Since players will be encouraged to collect whole sets of jewels (10+) the chances of finding an upgrade are much higher than for example finding an upgrade for the amulet slot. This is much more rewarding and fun to the player, since even if he finds a very good jewel there will be still plenty of uses and potential for upgrades on the other jewels.

List of affixes:

All jewels:

Regular affixes: After a regular affix is picked it's quality version will be rolled: (50% chance regular, 40% superior, 10% mighty)
These are the mighty versions of each affix:

Dexterity: 35-66 , Intelligence: 35-66 , Strength: 35-66 , Vitality: 35-66 , All Resistance: 15-25 , Arcane/Cold/Fire/Lightning/Phsysical/Poison Resistance: 20-40 , Extra Health from globes: 4000-6000 , Life %: 2-4, Life after Kill: 1400-2000 , Bonus to minimum/maximum physical damage: 6-10 , % Damage: 2-4 , Armor: 66-100 , Block %: 2-4 , Blockamount: 200-600 , Crowd Control reduction % : 3-8 , Reduced damage from melee/ranged % : 1-3 , Reduced damage from Arcane/Cold/Fire/Lightning/Physical/Poison % : 3-6 , Thorns Damage : 1333-2000 , Gold Find % : 8-12 , Magic Find % : 9-14 , Movement Speed % : 2-3 , Pickup radius: 2-4 , Reduced Level Requirement: 5-6 , Chance to Chill/Fear/Freeze/Immobalize/Knockback/Slow/Stun on Hit % : 2-4 , % Increased Elemental Damage: 2-4

Next, there are rare affixes for all jewels. These are very unlikey to roll (<1%), but have unique traits:

% Increased Ressource Generation: 2-8 , Indestructable , Increased Movementspeed % : 8-12 , % to Intelligence/Strength/Dexterity/Vitality: 3-6 , % to Armor: 5-10 , Life on Hit: 150-300 , % Chance to duplicate last spell: 2-4 , % Chance to drop healthglobe on Hit: 5-10 , % Chance to summon Fetish on Hit , % Dodge: 3-6 , % Increased drop rate of jewels: 10-20

Elemental jewels:
These affixes are all tied to an element:

% Increased Arcane/Cold/Fire/Lightning/Physical/Poison Resistance : 3-8 , % Increased Arcane/Cold/Fire/Lightning/Physical/Poison Damage: 3-8 , % Reduced Damage from Arcane/Cold/Fire/Lightning/Physical/Poison Damage: 2-4, % Damage added as A/C/F/L/P/P: 2-4 , % A/C/F/L/P/P Affinity: 2-6 (Affinity becomes strong than % Increased Damage after 11 jewels (1.06^11=1.89 vs. 0.08*11+1=1.88)

Class specific jewels:
These affixes give class specific bonuses:

% Increased damage of random secondary ability of Increaseany class (19 Abilities) , Reduced cost of random ability

Finding and crafting jewels:

Jewels have to be quite rare (10% per rare pack) but each type of jewels has to have an area with an increased dropchance. A jewel can reroll the affixes staying the same type (Classspecific/elemental...) using another jewel and 3000 gold or a brimstone and 10000 gold. Using a scroll of nephilim will reroll the value of the affixes but not change the affixes.
Charms - Talisman:

Okay, now that you have made it so far you might be thinking what purpose can adding a talisman serve. Add more build diversity? Simply act as an additional item slot? A new unique way to allow for crazy affixes? Well, the answer to all three is NO. Talismans should NOT be build defining, they should NOT have superrare and unique affixes and they are NOT supposed to degenerate into a second necklace-slot. So what purpose do they have?

Charms and the talisman have to be an entirely independent meta-game where players can make lots of small and cool upgrades that on their own might seem trivial but when combined create a unique sort of progression. So, how is that accomplished?

To see where this idea is going I'll have to refer to a popular D2 mod called Median XL. Medians charm system sucked, but that's not what we are looking at. What we ARE looking at is the ridiculous amount of affixes items could have. Items could have 20 affixes and more. Looking through one of these items could take half a minute until you fully understood what this item actually does. And this was AWESOME! Items felt very unique, even affixes that didn't serve any purpose felt sweet simply because they created this huge wall of text. To accomplish the same thing in D3 we need the talisman.

At the opposite side of the necklace we add this cute little new item. When clicking on this item a new 4x4 frame opens. Charms (1x1 or 2x1) can be put into this 4x4 frame and so the max amount of charms the talisman can hold is 16. So when you hover over your mouse the talisman is going to show a huge wall of text with dozens of varying numbers. THAT is cool! THAT is the main purpose of the talisman. To have this permanently changing item that nobody else has in a similar way. Every talisman has to be unique, every talisman has to be more special than a snowflake. At the end of each month you are supposed to have the desire to show your talisman to your friendlist and compare it with theirs. SO LET'S GET STARTED!


If charms are simply a +5 strength, +10 life slot it doesn't feel like something new. So in addition to each charm granting this small bonus it has the potential to be in a charmword.
Charmwords are a combination of runewords and charms and are the main way to add spice to the simple statstacking character of usual charms. The main reason why the talisman was scratched was because it didn't add any unique mechanic, it didn't add flavour to the game and that's why it wasn't a great addition. With charmwords you can have an entire metagame around the talisman that doesn't have a clear choice and allow for much customization. The first thing we need are different charms:

- 8 types of charms: Ar - Bon - Cur - Del - Elf - Fis - Gor - Hel

Similar to runes, but not in the overwhelming way of having 20 unusable ones. Players are supposed to occasionally find new charmwords by toying around with their talisman. Each consecutive charm is 5 times rarer than the previous one. "Ar" charms are as rare as current legendaries with 200% magicfind. 5 charms of the same type can be combined to create a charm of the next higher tier.

If any combination of these charms is put into a row it can be a charmword.

Example: The charmword Ar-Ar-Ar-Ar adds 5 to all stats. So in your early stages when you haven't found the rarer charms you will rely on these ones. So your talisman might look something like this:

0 0 0 0 > Ar Ar Ar Ar
0 0 0 0 > Ar Ar Ar Ar
0 0 0 0 > Ar Ar Ar Ar
0 0 0 0 > Ar Ar Ar Ar

This most simple version of a talisman grants additionally to each individual charm affixes another "5 to all stats" bonus for every column and row -> + (8 * 5 = ) 40 to all stats.

In an ideal situation there should be about 100+ different charmwords that are made by aligning 4 charms in a row. So such a talisman

Ar Bon Hel Elf
Del Bon Ar Cur
Fis Gor Cur Cur
Elf Del Fis Bon

has completely different bonuses if you even chose to switch one charm.

So lets create some charmwords:

- Ar Ar Ar Ar: +10 to all stats
- Bon Bon Bon Bon: +20 strength
- Cur Cur Cur Cur:+20 Intelligence
- Del Del Del Del: +20 Dexterity
- Elf Elf Elf Elf: +24 Vitality
- Fis Fis Fis Fis: Increases damage by 2% of your Dexterity (works additively to the main attribute)
- Gor Gor Gor Gor: Increases damage by 2% of your Intelligence
- Hel Hel Hel Hel: Increases damage by 2% of your Strength
- Ar Bon Cur Del: 4% increased movementspeed
- Ar Cur Del Bon: 8% increased attackspeed
- Ar Del Ar Del: 3% increased Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence
- Ar Del Cur Cur: 6% increased movementspeed
- Ar Ar Ar Del: 3% increased critical chance
- Ar Bon Bon Del: 4% increased total Strength
- Ar Ar Ar Cur: 36 Strength
- Ar Cur Cur Cur: 4% increased total Intelligence
- Ar Ar Del Del: 8% increased Strength, 12% reduced HP
- Ar Del Ar Ar: 25 minimal damage
- Bon Bon Ar Ar: 25 maximal damage
- Bon Cur Del Del: 8% increased Dexterity, 12% reduced HP
- Bon Ar Del Cur: 4% increased Dexterity
- Bon Ar Ar Ar: 35 fire damage
- Bon Ar Ar Cur: 35 cold damage
- Bon Cur Cur Bon: 35 arcane damage
- Bon Del Cur Bon: 40 poison damage
- Bon Bon Bon Del: 35 lightning damage
- Bon Ar Del Del: 5% increased critical damage
- Bon Cur Cur Ar: 20% increased critical damage, 10% reduced attackspeed (additively)
- Cur Cur Del Ar: 10% Armor
- Cur Cur Ar Bon: 500 Armor
- Cur Bon Bon Bon: Increases armor by 30% of your Strength
- Cur Bon Cur Cur: Increases armor by 30% of your Intelligence
- Cur Bon Del Del: Increases armor by 30% of your Dexterity
- Cur Bon Ar Ar: Increases armor by 40% of your Vitality
- Cur Del Del Ar: 8% increased Intelligence, 12% reduced HP
- Cur Cur Bon Bon: Increases damage by 20% of your dexterity
- Cur Ar Ar Cur: Increases physical damage by 5% of your physical resistance
- Cur Cur Ar Ar: Increases physical damage by 5% of your poison resistance
- Cur Del Bon Del: Increases strength gained from talisman by 50%
- Del Del Ar Bon: Increases physical damage by 5% of your lightning resistance
- Del Del Bon Del: Increases physical damage by 6% of your cold resistance
- Del Ar Bon Ar: Increases physical damage by 5% of your fire resistance
- Del Ar Cur Ar: 10% increased fire damage
- Del Bon Bon Bon: 10% increased cold damage
- Del Cur Cur Del: 12% increased lightning damage
- Del Ar Ar Cur: 10% increased poison damage
- Del Ar Ar Del: Increases physical damage by 5% or our arcance resistance
- Del Cur Ar Ar: 10% increased arcane damage
- Del Del Del Bon: Increases vitality gained from talisman by 50%

These are just a couple of possible stats.

Ar = Elf, Bon = Fis, Cur = Gor, Del = Hel (Elf can substitue Ar but Ar can not substitute Elf and so on)

Create some talismans and try to be flexible! If your charm is similar or the same to some1 else's than the system has failed!


Ar Bon Del Ar
Bon Ar Del Cur
Cur Del Bon Del
Del Del Del Bon

4 columns (top to bottom) and 4 rows (left to right):
Bonuses: 4% MS, 6% of cold resistance to physicacal damage, 8% increased attackspeed, 6% increased dexterity, strength gained from talisman +50%, vitality gained from talisman +50%

to make things more interesting: Additionally to the rows and columns the charmwords work diagonal (top left to bottom right and top right to bottom left) and all corners (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right). This would add following bonuses to the example: Ar-Ar-Bon-Bon: - Ar Del Del Del: dexterity from talisman +50% and Ar Ar Del Bon: -

Don't forget that each charm on its own also has affixes just like the charms in D2!
This is Blizzard Staff reading your thread :
This is Blizzard Staff reading your thread :

It´s for the community to discuss, not for the devs to copy.
Interesting ideas. But losing imbues when gear is taken off is too much. Imbues should be more permanent (like crafted items in D2).
04/01/2013 14:22Posted by Nishrek
Interesting ideas. But losing imbues when gear is taken off is too much. Imbues should be more permanent (like crafted items in D2).

This would make weaker versions completely useless again. Once you have completed one really good one you will get bored again. I think removing these items and allowing players to craft many versions of it is an important thing. Let players chose if they want to give up their almost perfect imbue or the weaker one on their new item.
Other improvements outside of itemization:

- Random infinite dungeons with randomized monster spawns: Destroying a door in Cain's hut opens a path to a dungeon system. Every zone can spawn and its entrance and exit lead to the next/previous level of the dungeon. Combine this with random monster spawns and the game loses a lot of its repetitiveness. E.g: You start in Cathedral level one which has sandworms, charging bulls and fallen inside of it. Finding the exit you continue in the Festering Woods which contains act 4 monsters inside of it. Entering one of the tombs inside of festering woods you continue at The Battlefields...

- Rare (rare) monsterpacks: Give monsterpacks a chance to roll these rare affixes. A chance of 2% per group would allow to meet one of these groups every 5th run. The idea behind this is to make the player go "WTf?!" once in a while and stop snoozing grinds by giving the player a chance to die again or to prove himself. These affixes can be made really powerful. Examples: Invulernable minions, double damage, huge horde or triple sentry.
04/01/2013 02:20Posted by Dwelve
So, all you do is safe up enough money to create ONE gauntlet and than you are done with this itemslot? Influencing the outcome to a certain degree is of course desirable. But removing the entire randomization almost completely does sound a lot like a MMO rather than an ARPG.

Which is why it would be limited to only 1 affix on rares, a 1/4-1/6 reduction in randomization at a cost of more materials and gold. Also even that affix would still be random in its value roll.

04/01/2013 02:20Posted by Dwelve
Where is the thread with your legendary revision?

I have mentioned it many times, on both US and EU...
Main idea

Times I referenced the idea

Basic idea is that legendaries become a 6 affix rare with a special legendary affix. This enables you to make viable level 63 versions of every legendary as an affix. It is also self-ballencing in a way as all legendaries will have 6 rare affixes at their core, so only the legendary affixes themselves need balencing. To make the process less random some affixes are fixed at good (or not so good but relevant) affixes such as Andarials Visage will always have Poision resistance as an affix (and the legendary affix itself will add even more).

Sets are also a legendary affix but generally much weaker that normal legendaries. Sets are also changed so that the set bonus quantity is dependant on the sum of all item levels of gear from the same set you are wearing. This would mean the both wearing more or higher level set items would increase set bonus effectiveness. Finally this would remove the current trend of using 1-2 set pieces because they have both rigged properties of the items themselves but also the 2-3 set bonus is very strong. People would either need to complete the set for end play, or drop it entirly and use full legendaries instead.

Imagine a completed set adding 20 to critical chance, 200 dexterity and other cool bonuses? However is it worth that over some very powerful legendary affixes? The choice would be yours. The idea at the core is to make all legendaries and sets cool so the user must decide what fits him best rather than at the moment where the game decides what is usable and what is not.

As all legendaries would be based on a normal item for basic stats, this means functionality could be added to hide a legendary's appearance for that of the normal item which is also dyeable while still retaining the legendary stats. Gone would be the days of people looking like clone soldiers all wearing Mempos with Vile Wards and various incomplete set pieces.

It would also mean a legendary is an upgrade over a rare, always. Thus gear progression would be along the lines of...
Magical -> Rare -> Legendary/Set

Yes Rares may lose some value in the end, but many legendaries would gain more value as people would be much more interested in using them.
So it basicly comes down to more diversity among unique items? While, yes, this will definitely improve the itemization but i having uniques being the best in all cases isn't really what i would like to see. So the new imbues could still let rares compete (because uniques can't be imbued) and crafted item also give a very very desirable alternative to uniques. Having 3 paths to chose from is already waaay more fun!!
05/01/2013 01:22Posted by Dwelve
Having 3 paths to chose from is already waaay more fun!!

But starts to become impossible to balance if you are not careful. That said, you could easilly add some kind of alternative 7th affix to existing 6 affix rares that is legendary like in power while retaining balance. This affix could come in the form of a "runeword" (not Diablo II runeword) for example which gives legendary like improvements. As they would both be considered the same tier you can balance them directly with each other and sets.

This would provide 2 progressions for end gear.
Magical -> Rare -> Legendary/Set
Magical -> Rare -> Improved Rare

Currently you can skip straight to rare gear most of the time due to farming driving the prices down. It might be a good idea if Blizzard removed 1 and 2 affix items entirly and instead have magical items as 3 and 4 affix while rare are 5 and 6 affix. Out side of starting, no one uses 1-2 affix magicals anyway so those drops could be removed entirly.

Another good idea might be to allow the use of a white item as a base item when crafting. This fixes the resulting item base properties at those of the white item. Potentially this could mean people are willing to pay quite a bit for good white items as it improves crafting results.
Have you read the thread you just posted in?

Because with the changes i suggested (combined with your thoughts) there would more than just 2 progressions:

1. Improving the 1st BiS legendaries
2. Improving the 2nd BiS legendaries (if they really are substitutions)
3. Improving imbues (all 20 of them)
4. Improving Crimson-set
5. Improving Obsidian-set
6. Improving Ember-set
Can a blue bump this, so discussion and feedback starts flowing?
I think I agree with the reasoning behind why you would want this, and I like what its generally trying to do, knit together a lot of tasks that should be fun and meaningful but just arnt in a way that makes us all want to go do them. Its definitely what the game needs, and if it were a choice of sticking with how it is now and going with these ideas Id rather see these implemented.

However, it does sound rather complex, I think theres probably simpler ways to improve parts of the crafting system and the sort of loot we are looking for, Id certainly back some of the ideas 100%, others Id be in favour of different methods that were a bit more straight forward.
That's really the kind of feedback i want, Thanks!

Can you elaborate what sounds to complex? I'm fine with a certain degree of complexity and i think it's needed. You have to be aware that this is the "behind the scenes" version of this systems. Ingame things would appear much much more simple. E.g. Crafting of Crimson recipes would be simply shown through a tooltip "Craft an item that focuses on boosting life at the expense of permanent defense." So you just go there craft one item and see if you like the path it is taking. If you like the direction you keep on crafting and becoming more familar with the recipes and decide if you want to try to go for really good versions of the item or try another recipe now.

Also many thoughts behind the ideas are not really explained well (but i have to make cuts at some place ^.^). For example all the ember-recipes can only be made for itemslots that skyrocket the critdamage. To allow players to take an alternative route and still stay somewhat in balance to crit/critdmg stacking the numbers have to be made lucrative, so that´s why they need these up to 12% increased damage to elites.

As to the description of the imbue completion bonuses: There will be a separate "imbue-window" which contains all available versions. Once an imbue is completed and gains the bonus ability it is described in this imbue window. On the item you would see a simple "Teleport 40 20" affix at the bottom while could find the detailed description in the imbue window.
many interesting ideas - but Blizz dev dont care. Thats all. bb

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