so 1.07 patch notes in a few days.not troling

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09/01/2013 15:40Posted by CuttRogue

Hopefully not, but we are not able to give an ETA yet though.

Just to clear things up -
‏We're still busy working on the details, but we're hoping to have it out in the next few days. :)
This stands true, right?

I have not heard anything different since that tweet was made, so I believe this still stands true.

Just to clear things up -
‏We're still busy working on the details, but we're hoping to have it out in the next few days. :)
This stands true, right?

I have not heard anything different since that tweet was made, so I believe this still stands true.

Thank you, you're the best =)
Nice to see Blue post interacting with the forum. Thankyou
Is it possible you will remove the gold cap of 1,000,000 per $.25 USD before the patch? An unannounced change could be very costly
Ty Vaneras.

Lets hope we get an update by the weeks end and pvp (dueling) and the new interface for battlenet that allows us to create special game for "ear" hunting in this month :D
I did exactly that! it worked wonders, i never thought i would play hardcore but then i thought, hey you got every class in both genders on 60 and the only thing missing is a real challenge.
SO i went to the US server, basically doing a complete restart with the achievements and voila i liked the game a lot more than before!
I hope Blizzard doesnt listen too much to the whiners but the people with real constructive criticism. I for one like the game, if i wouldnt i would simply stop playing and not whine about every little thing that bugs me.
Besides, most critics come up with unrealistic changes or even WoW like features.
Simply: You want WoW features play WoW.
mr mirago,

i just watch the trailer of the new game "path of exile"

i must say the graphics are so exited, its just like diablo 2 remake, and the colour choosing are incredible. i really want to see colours and graphics and item pictures and dark world in d3.
and first video of annunced gamplay by mr wilson was like this. why they decide to change i really dont understad. and character desings are also incredible, more realistic then d3. like i said its like remake of d2.

i think im gonna try that game, when the beta released. becouse i missed d2 and when i whatch the video i sad "oh my god its 3d version of the d2".

we will se but i still so much in love with diablo 3, if d3 changes before in a good way, i think i am never leeave it before d4.

with my best regards, thank you.

Grettings remember the trailer is very old and if you want see new gameplay search for youtube after them. Kirrparrian plays alot of path of exile if you heard about him =).

I like Diablo3 to, and i will play both path of exile & Diablo3. Something path of exile dont have is all this cool gore blood that diablo3 have! =)..
Next time I read a post from one of the D3 staff where they post "we removed X because it wasn't fun", I'm going to need a new stress ball.

Maybe look at D2 and consider why that game remained popular for years, despite many things the D3 dev team considers "flawed" and "not fun".


edited because the board will not allow proper and functional quoting.
09/01/2013 13:02Posted by Vaneras
Great so as that hasn't even happened yet, the actual patch release for everyone will be further away. :(

There have been quite a few requests (demands even) recently for more player-testing of content before we release it, and we would like to accommodate that whenever it makes sense to do so. A downside when player-testing is involved is that more time is required before content can be released, but we are of course trying to find a good balance on that so that the wait for new content is not unreasonably long.

Indeed, many of us have been requesting this very thing. Allowing us to test stuff for ourselves is actually a step towards transparency, in my eyes. Glad to hear this, even if it means that 1.07 will be delayed a bit.
09/01/2013 15:54Posted by Vaneras
In regards to transparency, this is a topic that we can agree that we should try to improve on. I honestly doubt that we will ever see something like developer journals or drawing boards as you suggest, mostly because of the heavy iteration process that constantly goes on in the development team, but it would be wrong of me to say that there is no room for improvement :-)

A little more transparency? In the past 2-3 months here is what we have learned to expect for the games future....TDM scraped, maybe some plan in some future patch to update crafting, a hostile button, and that's all i know. Perhaps I have missed something but i come to these forums regularly and check blue posts across all realms not to miss anything.

So yes there is room for improvement because i feel we couldn't be much more in the dark and it would be hard to not improve from that.

Edit/ Sorry i missed the removing death timer. O joy!! That should bring half the community back.
So, its confirmed that 1.07 will get here in beta(PTR) first ..
Well,if its like the 1.05, we can expect it being finished tested,
in a month or two :/

I was rly expecting the actual patch,
not an invitation to come play in the Blizz sandbox, sry :/

I cant remember a game thats been released,with so many broken promises like this one..
"soon, tba , in near future ", all frases used by Blizz regarding the PvP,
and that was back in June 2012..

The game has alot of unleased potensial,
just so sad the community gets the feeling of getting "ripped off", after reading each released patchnews and updates .
Wouldn't it be a blast if they introduced pandas in 1.07?
I just hope PVP isn't the only addition they will add in patch 1.0.7
A lot of people are waiting for PVP but I do hope they will make changes to other stuff aswell because that is ALSO needed very badly.

I'm just hoping for a system that adds more monsters to a certain act (just like MPlvls are now) because only playing act 3 is really boring.
Thanks Vaneras for all the Information. We really appreciate that!
I would also like to thank Vaneras for the information, keep up the good work!
Thanks Vaneras, every information is good information.
09/01/2013 16:25Posted by Mirago
Something path of exile dont have is all this cool gore blood that diablo3 have! =)..

There are items ingame that have an "Extra Gore" affix I believe ;)
Thanks for the info hope 1.07 will hit before I quit at level 100 :)
Hello bad decisionmaking.
Hi Vaneras, it is good to see you in the forums quite often. Just a quick question is there any big skill change on any classes or any new items etc ? you can give away a little excitement for us can't you ? :)

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