Creating a Greek aRPG community!

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Hello there!
I recently decided to try and gather some Greek aRPG players and create a nice community with people who can understand you when you start screaming “OMG A LEGENDARY!!” .
The main reason was that i, as many of you , feel lonely! I want to have someone to talk when i’m slaying my enemies!

I want any Greek player who is interested to reply in this thread like this:

Name : John tag : StPilate #2787
Age: 22
Available hours: Many per day!
Currently playing : Diablo and PoE ,depending on the mood!

Soon i’ll make a RaidCall server so we got something we can gather on.
You will receive a private message on the forum or in-game with the ID and the password once it’s ready.

Please, keep it english since this forum is international and it’s not nice to spam nonsense to others.

Keep in mind that this is an aRPG community,and not a Diablo-only community. So, please, no fan-boysm!
Hi man!

Name : George tag : puzzled1989 #1156
Age : 24
Available hours : it depends! on average 3 hours
Currently playing : Diablo
HELLOOOOOO mates....!!!

Name: Stratos tag : Begal#2554
Age: 25
Available hours: Depends on life.... :P
Currently playing : Diablo 3 (used to play a lot of games most recently LoL)

Name: Chris
Tag: Mantraxalos#2536
Age : 42
Available Hours 15:00-17:00 AND 21:30-24:00 Greece time
Currently playing :Diablo 3

Name: John
Tag: Azureus32#2412
Age : 38
Available Hours 18:00-22:30 Greece time
Currently playing :Diablo 3
Hey Guys!
NiCe iDea !! :D!

Name: Kwstas
Tag: Godfather#2790
Age: 23
Available Hours : 18.30-24.00 mostly 2-3hours per day.
Currently playing : Diablo 3
Hello guys
Hope u are still alive on this "idea" as Kostas ^ (Godfather) said
Hope you have this RC server!! I'm using it for WoW priv. .COUGH COUGH COUGH... xD *Much fun on it!! (<Edit)

Name : Nick
Tag : NickGiagines#2982
Age : 18
Available Hours : Cant really say cause there are days that i have nothing to do and im like 6+ hours on pc and days that im not at all .. Usually at morning 09:00 to even 15:00 and around 21:00 till 00:00 maybe 01:00 but if we gona plan something i can see my schedule and try to join ya !!
Currently playing : My girlfriend xD --- Diablo 3 , WoW
Hey Guy!
Add me!

Name: Marios
Tag: DarkFlash#2655
Age: 21
Available Hours : Mostly Afternoon , rarely morningw
Currently playing : Diablo 3 ROS

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