cant wait ! hopefully not for nothing ^^

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i would really really love to see IF theres a big change in 1.0.7...
i meen i really hope that it is becouse the duelling thing looks awesome to me !
every 1 killing eachother with there own gear! (thats what we wanted right ?)

i meen that would req some skillz ( , i meen to survive not to kill ^^)
its been a long time since i played this game !
so hopefully some Pve changes in the game like something ''random'' (<- sarcasm ! *kuch ) maps to clear.. C`mon just a Few of them is also good :) .. mabey gearwise changes also for the diversity :) . some like REALLY rare to find unknow You get me right!?

man i love the game really and ../..(-_-) u to all the QQ`rs !!

so BLizz i really hope that u will get me back to the game !!
Do you know why we QQ ? because this is mother!@#$ing Diablo !

One of the best franchises in the history of pc gaming , wich , unfortunatly is nothing more than a shell of what it used to be , thats why we QQ

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