going to play again !!

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So after 3 months im coming back guys . After all the good new iver heard and the new patch coming up . Ive decided to come back cuz of all the feedback ive seen on the forums .. :)

So y hey :D im back after work . Have to go now cuz the boss is yelling at me . Not to buisy on the forums hahaha !

Anything to take awareness from .. new scams or something to watch out for .. any new tips ?
until the "soon" is over the patch is not out. And obviously it's not over. They said there will be a ptr "soon". So you actually need to wait 2x"soon". I would hope it will be before path of exile release date ( 2 weeks now ) or else i'm not dead sure how many testers will be here.
stay back man. this game is rly bad. At start its ok but when you realize how broken this game is..that will be too late. u will lost some precious hours.
What forums have you been reading?!

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