Where is AH?

Technical Support
AH os closed right now? or its only my problem..? there's nothing about manteniance or something..
My AH is unavailable as well ..
blizz, say something,, that in wow u say even that the guy who is watching servers is going to the bathroom , here in diablo u dont say anything....
My AH is unavailable as well ..

Same here.
but the thins are frozen? i dont want to loose one sword that i wanted....
it would end in couple of hours...
kicked me before ,somehings up for sure :/
I just lost over 3M gold (for me a !@#$load of gold), so here goes the fun
same here.
I had 8m up for auction...
im thinking to go to world of warcraft forums to say that, for sure there'll be a blue answer.... -.-"
saw a suit item with awesome stats, nomally worth hundreds of millions, 4h left last time i checked before the AH is down, bid at 3M, someone is gonna get a nice bargain
Is there any chance to get a heads up on what is going on, or when the AH will be restored? Apparently my expectations toward the staff are too high.
Why u no work AH? O.o
its amazing not to see any blue answer in the "technical Support" forum...
Community is not valuable enough to respond too , just Your Regular Blizzard .
I just hope that auctions are paused during down time. But then again it would require competent dev team to implement such thing.
The fact that an online game's main component is down, in prime time, with no warning whatsoever, is outrageous. But this kind of ignorance from the author's end is insulting. Somebody should be on his knees, apologizing to us, yet there are no signs of any blue lifeforms here. They are all working hard at the moment I assume...
Blues only reply to US forums.
Last blue post here 3 days ago.
I'm pretty sure Blizzard just left this game to rot and die.

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