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We’ve recently seen a number of posts from players regarding friend invitation spam and how it’s been affecting your online experience. We agree that it’s an issue and have not only been looking at ways to improve the Friend Invitation system, but also how to handle all the existing spam.

To that end, going forward any outgoing friend requests from players who are reported for spamming invitations will be proactively deleted. While players may still receive some friend invitation spam here and there, this change should result in an overall decrease in the number of fraudulent friend requests that reach your Social Window. If you happen to receive a friend invitation that’s spam, please continue to use the “Report Spam” option as normal so that our support staff can review the complaint.
I already witnessed that "spamguard" in action earlier today and it worked !

I noticed an unexpected "You received a friend request" in my chat window and when I opened my Social Window it wasn't there. I guessed it was some sort of new protection and it seems I was right.

Thank you !
Yes! small little steps will do it for most of us.
100s and 100s of spam reports didn't go in vain!

That is what we want. Daily little fixes that improve quality of life!
Have been getting lots of those annoying friend request spam lately. Good to hear that I haven't reported all the spam for naught.
Great! :)
I had around 20 requests from cash selling sites. Good to see this update though, for future's sake.
Until recently there wasn't a single day that I hadn't received a friend request from gold selling sites.

Futhermore, I had recently noticed that not only this friend requests were over but also the general chat spam.

jeez are we actually on same server i never get spam o_o
few month's to late with this but better late then never.
How about just making it so friend requests can't be send unless you've been in a game with that player?

Veeeery easy solution and makes perfect sense also.
WAS getting only 1 invitation / day in avg. But from the frikkin same kk4g user ? Reported him countless times..
How about just making it so friend requests can't be send unless you've been in a game with that player?

Veeeery easy solution and makes perfect sense also.

half of my firends on my list have come from LFP on forums, there's no way of getting a game with these people without adding friends first.

I don't think your suggestion would work
Very nice, already worked for me, but the war hasn't been won yet. These goldsellers don't give up easy.

You see, Blizzard does listen to us eventhough they don't listen to us. :P (cookie if you get it)
What we need even more is the option to disable the list "Recent Players".

I Only want to see my own friends online or offline, really don't care about the others i play for 5 minutes with on public 4 months ago.
Day one pulbic player names are NOT recent.
Heh, another step taken in the eternal fight to rule the game... or something like that. :P

Thanks for the new feature. :-)
Yes, noticed it already, and it's great. Thx.
Awesome news! Can we get an option to clear the blocked list though? It keeps filling up... Thanks
8 months later, a feature which should have been included from release.

Getting to be a habit!
They'll find another way.. :s
I too am annoyed by the amount and frequency of these requests

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