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While reading the forums, you may have noticed that some posts are written in special colours, highlighting two different types of users: Community Representatives and MVPs.

Who are the Community Representatives ("the blues")?

Community Representatives form a link between the players and Blizzard Entertainment. We are here to constantly read and, if possible, respond to forum posts and to submit your feedback to the developers. Moreover, we engage the community by creating updates, participating in fairs and events and interacting with fansites and well-known members of the community outside of Blizzard.

The members of the European Community Team are:

  • Vaneras (English)
  • Takralus (English)
  • Nakatoir (English)
  • Meozeldian (French –English)
  • Meldheron (French – English)
  • Jolnirren (French – English)
  • Nidrorian (French – English)
  • Thyvene ((French – English)
  • Eldtyara (English – French)
  • Cerunya (German – English)
  • Ulvareth (German – English)
  • Wrocas (German – English)
  • Xordiah (German – English)
  • Xigadaon (English – German)
  • Zhydaris (Italian – English)
  • Xarishflar (Italian – English)
  • Reyslor [Рейслор] (Russian – English)
  • Mivandeir [Мивандеир] (Russian – English)
  • Braywir [Брайвир] (Russian – English)
  • Katriedna (Spanish – English)
  • Draztal (Spanish – English)
  • Taepsilum (Portuguese – English)
  • Kapeselus (Polish – English)
  • Wuluxar (Polish – English)

Who are the MVPs (“the greens”)?

MVPs are the Most Valuable Posters. While having exactly the same rights and tools as regular forum posters, they promote constructive posting wherever they can, contribute to the community and encourage polite discussion throughout the forums. When you see an MVP post, listen to what they have to say—they were also chosen for their knowledge of the game. MVPs are not employees of Blizzard Entertainment.

The English Diablo MVPs are:

Developers Team and US Community Members

Sometimes blogs and forum posts are also written directly by developers or our colleagues from the US Community Team. Find out who they are here:

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