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Posted by Rod Hull


Honestly Im 36 and I dont usually like to pull the old 'your a kid' routine on forums, cause tbh considering the posters you get its actually insulting to some kids! But honestly the average age on these forums feels really young. Lots of very self important people whining endlessly about something that they have often played for well over 1000 hours... its pathetic

06/01/2013 17:27Posted by Lurker
36 old person protecting pay-to-win game and milking mechanics... its pathetic

Rod Hull, you are so delusional its getting comical now. You clearly do not understand whats going on here.

Whilst i can see they are trying to take this genre in a new direction, its not what the majority of loyal fans wanted ..

Hence the hate that is now piling up against this company.

Defend them and your views all you want sir, it is sorely wasted here though.
RodHull is right.
There is not Pay2Win in this game, because:
1) There is nothing to Win.
2) Every single item is accessible, there are no premium pay only items.

Seems like absolute majority of "Pay2Win" callers haven't really seen any actual Pay2Win game, where, if you really want to "win", you have to dump THOUSANDS of dollars in game WEEKLY, since stuff gets nerfed all the time, new, more expensive Pay2Win shineys get introduced all the time too.

Also this is not a MMO, there is no monthly subscription, so asking for active player numbers is irrelevant. Anyone can easily take a month, or a year long break or 'quit' all together. Everyone can play at their own pace, set their own goals. For some people it is enough to complete normal with one char and be done with the game.

So the idea of everyone grinding no stop 12+ hours a day for years as a definition of good game is absurd.
We are of course interested in reading constructive feedback on why you do not like Diablo III, but threads like this one are far from constructive.... this thread does absolutely nothing to change or improve things, and although it did get you some attention from us, I am sure is is not the kind of attention you want!

06/01/2013 10:00Posted by KillaKhan
stop acting like everything is alright with this product

This I think constitutes a sweeping statement, and this is exactly the kind of post that doesn't benefit anyone except perhaps those who are looking for someone else to highfive on how much they do not like the game.

And just for the record, nowhere are we acting or pretending Diablo III is the perfect game, in fact we have previously acknowledged more than once that Diablo III needs more things to keep people engaged and having fun.

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