question about act 4 keywarden

well i heard he is hard, and well i do remember him from softcore so i know it wont be easy. but i was wondering about a few things since this i my first HC char (on softcore i have one of the top EU barbs but on HC i have absolutely no idea what to do) , and i am sure you guys can help, especially HC barbs.

1. if i attmept to kill HELL keywarden when i am already 60 and with nice gear, should i try to kill him, or its better to run away ( will have 700 AR and around 70k life not buffed).

also should i even try to be 60 to kill him or its ok just a waste of time?

2. what is the best barb build to actually kill him later on on inferno - again, with quite nice gear.

3. last question not keywarden related- if i use a reduced level requirements weapon with 900 dps for example on lower levels like beginning of hell, should i switch for reflect mobs? or with a good shield and stuff i can fight normally?
You should have no problem with the keywarden really with those twinked stats. I am ofcourse assuming you are talking about Mp0.

He is not really hard as people claim him to be. He's healing debuff just makes some things particularly nasty, and every time i've pulled him, he's been accompanied with a pack. Quite often its succubus who also armor debuff.

On inferno you do not need anything more than gear that makes you feel comfortable on a3mp0 (which isn't much) to kill him comfortably. You just need to know when to withdraw (since the healing debuff is very powerful). I think one of the most common mistakes is that people stay in and fight the moment their HP start dropping because they are so used to their healing abilities, which this guy completely destroys.

You do not need an specific build either. WW/tank build whatever does just fine.

Do not worry about reflect damage that much, your DPS isn't really that high that it would destroy you. The problems kick in somewhere after 100k dps, before that i've never had any problems.

However, you will have no reason whatsoever to kill him before inferno anyways, so if you feel uncomfortable, then it's best to just avoid him.

If you need any help with any of the kills or anything, feel free to add me, and i can help you out as soon as i get home from work. (in 3 hours or so)
thanks for the quick answer, i will surely add you, and if u will need one day any kind of help on softcore i am here to exchange the favor.

edit: i am getting some sort of error asking for friends. if u can try to add me , but please write you are from hardcore because i have too many softcore requests and i would like to recognize its u :-)

1) With those stats you should be more than strong enough. When I first encountered him (after the keywardens were added to the game) I was progressing through Act IV HC Inferno and I had never played that far on SC. I had no idea that he was going to be so much more dangerous than his companions from Acts I through III. I had about 10k armor, 700-800 AR, 22k dps, 45k life and about 600 LoH buffed and I was using a rather offensive build (running with both Wrath of the Berserker and Earthquake, no Rend and no Ignore Pain). I still brought him down and went on to down Diablo.

Having said that I should still warn you that depending on the circumstances it may still be dangerous. When I ran into him I also aggroed a teleporting, frozen, mortaring champion pack of corrupted angels. I was down to about 15% hp but fled until my cooldowns were ready for another pop. This was my first encounter with him and it was on inferno HC so my heart was about to burst out of my chest when it happened. On hell difficulty I can't see how you'd run into any trouble whatsoever with those stats though.

2) I eventually lost my barb (plvl 17) in Act III MP1 on the Bridge of Korsikk but he went down to 4 white Fallen Grunts due to losing my connection to the BattleNet servers. I think the hardcore mode remains broken until they implement a DC protection that can't be abused (there are several suggestions that would work perfectly but this is not the thread for that discussion). However, I simply can't enjoy SC after having played and enjoyed HC so I leveled up another Barb but haven't gotten around to actually gear him yet. I decided to change build though to something a bit more stable. Sure, Wrath of the Berserker + Insanity into Earthquake makes everything around you melt, literally, but I decided to switch out the fun and gimmicky but mostly ineffective Earthquake for Rend + Bloodlust. I'm still not running with Ignore Pain though.

I would personally suggest something like this:

L) Frenzy + Sidearm
R) Furious Charge + Dreadnought
1) War Cry + Impunity
2) Revenge + Provocation
3) Rend + Bloodlust
4) Wrath of the Berserker + Insanity

It's what I'm currently running and I've been using that build on the Keywarden before. He has a really nasty debuff so perhaps Ignore Pain would be good to use anyhow. I don't quite know what I'd want to switch out in order to make room for it though. Wrath of the Berserker + Insanity turns Rend + Bloodlust into a meat-grinder that also heals you and you can do damage while kiting that way. I don't know, perhaps I'm not doing it right so wait for at least a second opinion.

3) That's a good question. I know I used a reduced level requirement weapon from level 54 when I leveled my backup Barb and I never had any problems with RD packs. I should say though that this weapon did not have that kind of dps (around 750 dps IIRC) but Rend + Bloodlust and Revenge + Provocation was more than enough to keep me up. And in case everything goes south all of a sudden, Wrath of the Berserker + Insanity is still an insanely powerful "Oh !@#$-button". I usually don't press that button while taking down elite/champion packs, I tend to save it for one of those sudden, unforeseen moments where you'd really hate to see it be unavailable.

Good luck!
No worries! Im exclusively HC, so most likely wont need any help there, but i'll keep that in mind anyways!

Anyways, holy titbisquits, your SC barbarian is ridicilous :D
thanks @meatrose for the answer. i wil try to survive all of that...

and nukemi- please try to add me when u get home becaus ei am getting some sort of error asking. but say you are from HC in the request because too many SC people asking all the time... and i ahve no room
Ah, i'll do if i remember. Seems like there's something going on with the servers anyways, i cant log in at all when remoted to home comp through work.

"there is a temporary outage in the service, Please try again later (error 71)"
Well for HC there is one golden rule, play safe! So no room for rushing:>
You can just wait to hit lv 60 and then finish act4 on hell when you equip those items for lv 60:>
I ll skip AH advices bcs when i look your SC barb think you can give advices how 2 earn gold on AH for 99,9% of HC comunity:>
Anyway this is build that i think its really good for starting inferno.Its slow but safe!bcU!cccccZ
With high HP healing from revenge,furius chrage and overpower will be insane, and also inspiring presence is probably best pasive for HC:> Using Relentless most players will say that its overkill but it gives really high chances that you will stay alive in some of "ohh cr.ap" moments and maybe in case of DC
After some time on HC you will probably end up with some fast farming spec but for start that spec will provide you safe lveling:> It worked for me when i was lveling and gearing up mine barb:>
Mine bugdet for items was around 1,7 mil in start and i was able 2 get 120-130k hp 400 all ress, 10k armor and 15k dps.Think with yours knowlegde of barb class and prices being much lower in general now,you wont have any problems to get same or better stats:>
Hope i was able to help you and if you need something just add me "Legionar#2424":> i would be glad to help one of best SC barbs:>

Play safe and have fun DiabloGirl:>
all i can say that mob is the most deadly in diablo 3 i had 90khp 3500 regen 9500 armor 900ar and 35k dps semi tank mode when i wanted to go and kill inferno diablo i faced with it i never seen my hp below %70 while killing elites , mobs on a4 mp0 suddenly keywarden pop up from nowhere and saw my hp drains like hell saw some red lights i used wotb and a potion managed to kill keywarden in few seconds i already lost a character of mine to him i was 1 shotting all mobs on mp10normal but died to him in 3 seconds
It is his debuff (75% to healing debuff) + the slow that are nasty. I remember the first time I encountered him in HC on normal mode and nearly getting a level 32 wiped because I was just not ready for that much output after all the other mobs had been dropping in 1 to 2 hits.

You are already aware that he is nasty and that prepares you more than gear will. The worst case scenario is if he has an elite pack near him and he always does (morlu's usually). So just tippy toe til you see him and kite him back to a cleared area if you are not sure of your current build. GL

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