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I will miss those Jay Wilson comments on youtube... :p
Thank you GOD! Now bring back Dave Brevik!
Enough with Jay Wilson drama. That guy can't take criticism at all. The game is fine and continues to give many players endless hours of enjoyment.

Put the grandfather of Diablo Dave on the team.
When companies respond to community pressure and make changes such as this, the pressure comes from well-educated adults, each of them posessing a host of well-founded and reasonable arguements. To have a company buckle down to the pressure of a few thousand rabbid uneducated 15-year olds makes me worry.

Jay, you were sadly the victim of ignorant flesh-eating infants. You've made a great game in D3, one that can only get better. And to the rest of you, a few years down the line, when PoE and TL2 are dead, and you are citing D3 as one of the best ARPGs ever, remember it was Jay's direction that made it possible.
Thanks and good luck! And a lot of people should keep in mind they don't know who made which decision why and when.
There are a lot of things i don't like about the D3 "end game" BUT... nobody can tell how the game would have been without him. So let's hope for the best here and wish him luck.

I wish him well, I really do, but I think he was really bad for the game, too.

Hope you find a good job, but from a D3 perspective:

Godd riddance!

(Sadly, with moving to another position, do we know if he isn't in charge of something else now?)
The very best of luck to you Mr. Jay <3
18/01/2013 12:27Posted by TheColonel
I really want the new lead developer of the came to say this : "We see that the community wants PvP really bad, so we will focus on the patch 1.1 now"

Except only part of the community even cares about PvP in a game such as this. I'm not saying it should not be worked on and/or developed, the more there is for people to do in the game the better so I'm all for it, I'm just saying that a lot of people comment on stuff as if they had the entire community behind them while in fact it's quite possible that only a vocal minority is sharing that opinion. A vast majority of players don't visit these forums after all and none of the players I happen to play with care about PvP at all. Note that I'm not implying that there are not a lot of players who look forward to the PvP cause I know that there are.

That being said, I think that there are more pressing matters to focus on to make the game better, to increase the replay value and the longevity of the game. They still have a long way to go when it comes to the itemization and the entire loot system in general. My personal opinion is that this should be their number one priority. Or well, more like number two priority.

Another really huge part that needs fixing and what should be the number one priority in my opinion is - the entire hardcore mode. That's where all the fun is in this game if you ask me. The problem at the moment is though that no elite pack, no champion pack and no boss in this game even has the slightest chance of rivaling the biggest threat to all hardcore players - the random DC. There are ways in which they could implement really good DC protection that cannot under any circumstances be abused by those who think that it's "hardcore" to pull out your Ethernet cable to survive. Going down in flames while taking as many demons as possible with you to hell is glorious and it's what a hardcore mode is all about. "Dying" to a couple of white mobs that you normally one-shot due to a random reason that has nothing to do with the game, that you have no control over and that has nothing to do with your skills as a player is not epic or glorious at all.

I agree that Diablo III is not everything it could (and perhaps should) have been. It's not an excellent game in its current state. It is however, in my opinion, still a good game. Thank you Jay for all the hard work. Even though I strongly disagree with some of the decisions that have been made in development I've had hundreds of hours of fun with it so far and I'm not one of those who resort to brainless bashing and offensive comments as soon as the developers of my favorite games are not tailoring the entire game experience to fit my personal needs and opinions. The amount of !@#$ that this man has had to take is out of proportion and as a passionate gamer and a part of the community I'm actually embarrassed. Constructive criticism and suggestions on how to make things better however are awesome tools for the developers and history tells us they're listening to us. Like one WoW-player said on Ghostcrawler's twitter; "if Blizzard listened any more to the community and implemented the changes people cried for the game would have died several years ago".

Hopefully the replacement game director will be up to the challenge so that Diablo III gets better and better. Patches are constantly enhancing the game but I think that some of the major redesigns that are in my opinion needed are more likely to come (if at all) with the first expansion, which I'm still very much looking forward to.
fuc k that loser
So the rats (Bashiok, JW) have left the ship. I guess Wyatt gets to drown with the ruined corpse of the franchise as it sinks to the bottom.
He tried something different to set a new path to the franchise. Some players liked it, some didn't. It didn't work out as he and his team had expected. Thanks for all the effort though.

Now i really hope Blizz tries very hard to revive its most valuable franchise.
Patch 1.0.8:
*Jay Wilson is removed from the game entirely.

Best patch ever :D
I wanted to share the good news with my friends but sadly... none of them even care about this.

Behold the destruction Wilson has wrought.

Now, can we get some barb nerfs, some better drops and a fun PVP system?
Thank god!

17/01/2013 20:00Posted by Thyvene
I will be moving off of the Diablo III project and transitioning elsewhere within Blizzard.

I hope you will end up as janitor ...
Wyatt Cheng for President!!

Also - good luck in the future, Jay!
:O look ...he quit ! im gonna miss those comments about Mr. Jay Wilson..
good luck mate !
Best news EVER...

Close the door on the way out plz...
I can at best quote myself from another thread, since I cannot find better words:
Without Jay Wilson at the helm this game can only get better. Good riddance to bad rubbish!
Oh, and Blizzard? Keep him away from Project Titan as far as possible!
Put him on WoW when you start your new MMO so players will change game
Hey guys!, let's put some fun to this xDD

best regards! :D

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