The New Classes on the Expansion of Diablo III

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Oh, and don't bother with inventing characters such as "fallen angel" or "demonspawn" and so on.
Lore-wise, the hero has to be Nephalem = pure human.
Necro, with power source as soul energy / living energy, soul energy is for summoning and it reduces both, and living is for when its empty you enter a death form, being able to summon more but less health
Templar, Scoundrel an Enchantress will be great to be added as new classes.
Corrupt paladin,like wow dk or somethink like that with hammers and big shields like d2
necromancer must come back please
I want a Shang Tsung Like Hero who can transform to Any Monster from The Diablo Bestiary. Just an instant to attack, then transform back. All the transformations has an unique way of wearing the gear that Shang Tsung is wearing. Can't come up with a fitting class name :s
New class can't be a vampire...
And it can't be an angel or a turncloak demon...

Savior of Sanctuary is a Nephalem (human).
Your argument is invalid, read the lore!

"What about a naruto class but also he's half-vampire? then he came across to the male Demon Hunter and <insert fanfiction here> XD omgosh hurrrrr mittens! X3 Also I'd like a half-demon samurai class with pets instead of necromancer! going invisible is bling. But they're half blood so it doesn't conflicts with lore.
:-DDDDDDD durrrrr <3"

^that's how this thread looks like, and you're telling people to read the lore. Your efforts are appreciated.
damn twilight generation and their vampire fetish. go away. we need necromancer back
I think and I hope that they will try to make a necro-paladin-druid hybrid... What I mean? imagine a shield based paladin-worrior of Rathma (necromancer God?) who will be streangth based maybe with some throwing skills and morning star special weapons, maybe they would focus on blood magic and why not Vampire transforming or Werewolf ;) (Werebear was so redicoulous according to my opinion) plus he should be able to use the shield as a weapon also with some special skills... But to be honest I would like to see more that 1 new class at the expansion!! lets see... Finally I have to say that I liked the monk character but I think the appiarance of the character doesnt really fit the abilities... and the witch doctor... I dont really know what they were thinking.... Necromancer was so !@#$ing good choice.... So Blizzard please make us a blond long haired worrior with blood magic and shape shifting abilities... ;)
NO! what we need is a PIRATE!!
Unique weapon: Hook (e.g. legendary hook of Capitan Hook!)
Unique quest: Find missing Wirt's Leg to replace your own!
Unique armor: Eye patch
Unique off-hand: Bottle of rum
Unique follower: monkey (or parrot)
New enviroment: Sea with islands and beaches
New epic boss: Kraken!!!

It's soo good and obvious it must be true! :D
Death knight is best solution shapeshifter from man to undeath walker :)
I would like to see some hybrid classes

Beastmaster - melee (str) shapeshifter (dex) summoner (int) his abilities would bonus from different stat, that would make some fun builds, testing and gear variations.

Deathbringer (necro or death knight) heavy class with shield (str, vit), offensive with scythe one or two handed mixed with some magic abilities.
I would love to see a shapeshifter druid. I really miss the shapeshifter druid. A necro woudl be cool to, I know the WD is little like a necro, but it dont have the real necro feeling when you playing with it. It will also be cool to see a javelin/shield character.
I want to play the jeweler
Leah class.

Tagline: "Annoy your friends!"
A Man in love and married to a witch gets killed by zombies. The witch tries to bring him back to life with her black arts but fails over and over. In a last attempt she transfers all her love into her husbands dead limbs. She dies immidiatly! However, the corpse starts to wake up. Filled with an extrodinary amount of love he has come back to life.
Life comes with a price, and this time it is his wife's life, the fact that his body is half rotten and that he has become one of his killers. There is a huge difference between him and other zombies, though. He is driven by the power of love!
Days went by and he spent many days in front of the mirror trying to get used to his new self. Thoughts about his dead wife, his killers and the irony that he has become one of his killers (at least as a third person point of veiw) consumed every thought. He knew he would be resented by his looks. A new strong feeling grew inside him, some kind of frustration over his situation.. combined with love: frustration is making him incredible strong.

Driven by fast regenerating love and frustration he will find the one responsible for his death.

Strenght based defensive class. Using shields and any one-handed melee weapon. Can also use two-handed axes and swords.
80 love. 80 frustration.

Shield of love
Protect yourself with love. Reflecting incoming damage by 50% and knocking back the attackers.
Costs 20 love. Lasts 5 seconds.

Stun an enemy within 30 yards for 5 seconds, does not need clear sight. 15 second cooldown. Costs 10 love.

Wall of frustration
Smash the ground in frustration. Making the ground tremble and form a wall in front of you, streaching 15 yards and lasts 10 seconds. In addition any enemy hit by the wall will be knocked back. Cooldown 5 seconds. Costs 30 frustration.
Mods: instead of a wall, a circle of pointy rocks will be formed around you and deal 580% damage and cause bleed for 100% over 3 seconds.

Increadible strength
Flex your muscles so hard you become immune to any damage. You cannot move while Incredible strength is active. Cast again to deactivate or it is automatically deactivated when "frustration" is out. Costs 5 frustration per second.
Mods: Add thornes to Increadible streangth, 12000 per hit and be able to move at 50% of your speed.

Heart strike
Imbuve your weapon with glowing love, causing 180% weapon damage, to pierce your enemy's heart with the next hit. Stealing 1% of the damage done in life. Costs 5 love.
Mods:increase the reach of Heart strike to 15 yards and pierce all enemies in the way of the strike.

Beloved companion
Raise a dead with your love to defend  you. Your companion can cast "charm" and "wall of frustration".
Costs 2 "love" per second. Cast again to deactivate or it is automatically deactivated when "love" is out. In addition, you are able to cast other spells when this is active.

Shield bash
Form a shield of and bash your enemy causing 180% damage. 100% chance to stun the enemy for 3 seconds. Costs 5 frustration. stun cannot occur more than once every 8 seconds.
mods. form a shield from your frustration to throw, same damage, but has a 50% stun rate.


Increase the max love by 20 and increase the regeneration rate by 10%. The max frustration is decreased by 20, though.

Increase the max frustration by 20 and increase the regeneration rate by 10%. The max love is decreased by 20, though.
Paladin FTW!
bring back the druid shape
My greatest dissapointment with Diablo 3 always was the lack of the Paladin :S in the old days I mostly played Paladin and Barbarian in Diablo 2, and sometimes a Sorceress. In my opinion they should've sticked to the old classes instead of the new monk and demonhunter, etc. :(

So my vote is for Paladin !!

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