Best Class for HC?

Just wondering what you people might think was the best class for HC?

Please list the class you think is the best choice and a short reason why you think it's the best choice.

Thank you for your inpute... =-)
Your favourite class is the best class because all classes are good. Play what you enjoy the most so you stay focused. Monks are boring!
Well I guess i'll be playing a WD then... Any advise on WD for HC?
I like barbs... lots of HC centric skills and passives.

Relentess... Juggernaut... Bloodfunnel...
Whoever can survive disconnect or game crash.
22/01/2013 04:32Posted by Sollow
Whoever can survive disconnect or game crash.

What do you mean? Has that been a issue?

What do you mean? Has that been a issue?

For some people yes, for others no, but you know how it is - it only has to happen once. :)
(as a testament to the dc rate of occurrence the first 3 pages of the HC forum are flooded with dc posts)

You can minimize the chances of dying (dc or otherwise) by playing with a team. My advice would be to make a few friends and play together. It's more fun, a bit easier and if you share loot all of you will gear up faster. :)

As for which class is good, all of them are. Blizz is trying to keep a balance between them, and even though it fails sometimes they're still pretty close.
DH is probably the least played class on HC because it's more vulnerable but it shines in a party.

In closure: pick the class you like most so that you're looking forward to logging and whacking some demons, and have fun on your adventures.
Thank you very much Karryne. I really appreciate that someone took the time to write a response that was more then one line. =-)
22/01/2013 00:04Posted by Bartness
Well I guess i'll be playing a WD then... Any advise on WD for HC?

I'd say WD is a very safe choice for a (first) HC char.

You'll always have a bunch of canon-fodder running around. With Jungle Fortitude, Bad Medicine and Zombie Dogs (Life link) you'll have a ton of damage mitigation.

The LoH returns from acid rain are just silly, and Spirit walk is one of the best escape skill in the game (arguably THE best).

Soul Harvest gives you a tremendous boost in int, enabling you to get decent dps relatively easy.

Add the "get outof jail free card" called Spirit Vessel to that, and it makes for one hell of a safe character.

That said, all 5 classes are definately viable, although I wouldn't run a Wiz or DH as a first char
Thank you Dajkin for your advice. I will consider all you have said. =-)
i think every class good, of course need to play carefully.. only in some bad situations we can rate what is good and what is not, but don't go in those situation and play whatever you want. personally i made very defensive monk but dead, also made a barbarian, but doesn't feel happy while playing with him, so i switched to wizard and enjoying.. even it's not very defensive..
I would also say that the WD is a good first character, since you have the pets to tank for you. Also, you get spirit vessel at lvl 30, wich kinda cheats death. Pick a barb for example, and you WILL be dead by one mistake. With a witchdoctor, you have a second chance.
Barbs rule! :P
21/01/2013 23:55Posted by Danas
Monks are boring!

Why u say that? Wth? Monks r funny. They hop around alot. And have the best Ehp in the game.
And therefore makes them the best HC toons. Considering all the bugs and other problems in this game. Monk is more expensive than a barb

Spiritwalk and Smokescreen r the best skills, when ur not lagging or crashing that is. If the game was workin as intended i would say DH or WD. SS is a little bit better imo.

They fvcked up the wiz. Its the worst. But makes it the most challenging toon.
I just leveled my first HC char, 1-60 and cleared inferno in <35h playtime. I had one hc char die on level 6 when I afked, other than that it's a first go-first success.

I strongly recommend shieldusing barbarians. Stack vita, sell trade mats and socketed low level stuff on AH for gold. Spend it on red gems for helm+weapon, cain set and good weapons/vita gear (stack vita like there is no tomorrow, you don't need str for dmg while leveling).


Frenzy - Sidearm/Triumph
Revenge - Vengeance (later provocation - this skill is a must if you stack vita)

Leap - Iron impact/launch
Battle rage - Marauder/Into the fray (can be substituted by ground stomp early levels)
Ignore pain - Iron hide/bravado
Rend - Bloodlust (this skill is, as known by most, insanely OP with a good weapon)

Bosses, only needed in late nightmare/hell, normal bosses you just kill with any spec. I used this spec on all inferno bosses except diablo:

Frenzy - Smite (there really is no option, this is super OP on hc bosses, like playing with a cm wiz)
Rend - Bloodlust

Call of the ancients - Duty to the clan
Quake - Call of the mountain
Wotb - Insanity
Battle rage - Marauder

*Caution on siegebreaker, without a life steal weapon/passive and rend bloodlust - don't go too heavy on damage skills. Inferno diablo I went super battle-tank with 57% block and a stormshield, full defense passives and Frenzy smite with Rend bloodlust as only healing skill. (Overkill, but i didn't want to gamble).

Passives are a matter of taste, good ones include:

-Nerves of steel - stacking vita it's a must, I had well over 1000vita+ before i hit level 50 using purple gems, that's a ton of dmg red
-Pound of flesh - great <lvl 20-30
-Relentless - your get out of jail card, i don't think i benefited while leveling but it's a great investment
-Bloodthirst - great on normal->hell, life steal scales down to 40% effect but it's still a significant boost if you use rend/revenge spam as your main source of damage, in addition to the healing those skills do thery pack quite a bit of damage themselves.

I also found myself playing quite a bit with weapons master and ruthless, you can go for damage in many cases, especially on bosses (using a high damage cooldown based spec, maximizing uptime of Insanity in combination with life steal is a safe way to go).

This worked like a charm for me, I dropped below 35% health 2-3 times total when leveling at good speed. Things to watch out for: creep blocks and vortex. Hardest part for me was probably early hell, level 50-54 I had a few incidents in a2 vault of the assassin but the rest was a walk. Also, watch out for keywardens, they're relatively strong compared to other mobs on nightmare/hell. And combined with a bad vortex/frozen pack the a3 one can kill you quickly.
WoW! You make a really strong argument for the Barb. I'm thinking I might got with that instead.

VERY nice job and TY very much.
Glad I could help. As for a choice of class, it's not black and white, it's a matter of taste. Monks are probably equally powerful as tanks, if i'm going to account my exp from softcore tanking with them maybe even better. My only advice for first-time hardcore is - don't play a demon hunter. The class has the tools to survive, but it's extremely unforgiving against tiny mistakes and you will struggle with a2 snakes, phase beasts and soul rippers.

Also, having a level 60 on softcore to gear similarily and try encounters helps. I didn't do it for anything but diablo on inferno, but i had 100+ hours on my barb already. I also played the AH quite a bit on HC and overgeared most of hell. If you run with self-found gear only, I would definately advice trying fights on softcore with similar gear before entering unexplored territory on hardcore.

Good luck =)
I have played all heroes at lvl 60 except monk and i can tell you DH is the easiest hero te get high dps, fast movement speed and strong survivability. You just have to play it right. You can't just stand still and attack. Keep moving and shooting. If you do that well you rarely take damage, and when you do you heal up to 100% with shadow power. You dont even need any life steal or life on hit on gear. If you inspect me yeah i don't have a DH he died yesterday to a disconnect...

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