MASS DUPING goin on right now on eu ah

General Discussion Item has been posted for weeks, atm is posted 4 times in a price range of 500-700 mil., check this out. WTF is goin on BLIZZARD??
UPP i want some explanation tomorrow from devs, its a fraud and if u dont stop it now it will become larger, like korean mass dupe or gems duping 2 months ago
so i guess wizard god mode for 2 months wasnt a real problem and people didnt make billions of gold from that ?

duping is nothing , it was around , it is around , and would be around moaning about it wont get it fixed so get used to it

you think making it online and connected to a server will fix the problems diablo 2 had ...

all i have seen it that having it online actually created way more problems
Today we have 6 Inna's Pants with 190/90 stats. 4 on gold auction, starting from 470kk gold and 2 on RMAH for 150 eur.
Same stats, same time of auction start, definitely dupe.
i'm curious on how they duped it. The inventory bug or the rollback.
And it continues, more pants on AH, by the way, according to diabloprogress, 15 people are already having it.
A forum post on this topic will not be of much help to address this issue unfortunately, but please send us an email with the details you have and it will be investigated:

Thread locked due to CAPS.

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