Public Chat/German EULA Issues - 23/01

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First i see only wizzard chat .I log in and see only witch doctor chat .

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Same thing happens to me. Hope it gets fixed soon.
Same here.
same here.
even got kicked out of the game now with error 30075 :/

Only the dh chat open, ah closed,massive lags,..
Seems like last nights maintence didnt work out as they planned.

well done, under 12h tills PoE opens.
Driving the playerbase away on a day like this?
Same problem. GB - EU server
same here
i can only whisper to people, no chat room available
Same here.
Yea, same here - Would be awesome with some information about this.
Same problem. Also when i logged in today i had to click accept to several contracts or agreements or whatever, something that is similar to those contracts you have to agree to when first installing the game. Weird.
Looking into this, will try to get you more information.
It's not affecting everyone but this appears to be an issue at our end and we're doing some tests on affected sample accounts now.

Apologies for the inconvenience.
Renaming this thread as the issue appears to be somehow linked to the German EULA issues that a small percentage of players have been experiencing this morning.
I can only see Demon Hunter Public chat :(

I Obviously have /w and /p but no /1 /2 /3 :(
Yes ßlacklight, which channel actually displays appears to be completely random. If you re-log, you will probably get another one.
Yep, that indeed is true, now I can talk to barbarians :P
When I try to log in to the game it says my account does not have a Diablo III license attached to it. (Error 12)

But when I log in to my account on the page it says that my Diablo III is active...
Same problem here

edit: i dont know about the German EULA, as i use the GB - EU Client
Same problem. I use the GB client (no German EULA or anything).
The investigation into the cause of this issue continues.

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