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I rarely post here primarily because I play on the NA servers. But these forums seem to have more mature players than the NA forums. These forums have the most well thought out posts and threads that I have seen. So I figured my idea that could solve the woes of finding your own gear. While keeping both AHs would be better off here than on the NA forums. Here goes my ideal.

New gear type, Blizz can call it whatever they want to call it but i use a name that everyone is familiar with to give you an idea. They can even change the color if they need to.

Make an item that is called uniques. Now some legendaries were designed around the uniques. But this type of unique is very different indeed. You can even get the idea to call them runewords that were created by mages a long time ago.

What will this gear give you. This gear will give you fixed stats on each piece similar to uniques and runewords in D2. I will use and example of a runeword from D2 to show what I mean. The Armor is Duress and since it has a mixture of dps stats and survivability here is how I would change it for this game. Now the numbers might need to be tune differently to get the same effect.

Duress ilvl 63
One of three random properties
Strength 100-120
Intelligence 100-120
Dexterity 100-120
Vitality 80-100
6-7% life
60 resist all
Attack speed increased by 5%

The whole idea is to have this gear that is weaker than legendary gear but at the same time it would be a definite upgrade to your character. This gear would get replaced later with legendaries because they would still be far better than these type of uniques.

I would make more than enough of this type of gear that it would be able to be found thought out the entire game, not just inferno level. I would suggest that this gear would be more than strong enough to help you go all the way through the game. Yes to be strong enough to clear inferno. But not strong enough to replace the legendaries

This gear would drop way more often than legendaries. It would not drop as much as rares though. So if the drop rates for legendaries and rares is 1 in a 1,000 and sets are 1 in 1250. These would drop at about the rate of 1 in 500.

This gear would be something that the players would be able to add in their search on the great gear hunt. These uniques would be able to be found by players so that they would not feel that they have to go to the AH and in order to find them. Since they drop more often than their legendary counterparts they would not be nearly as expensive as the legendaries. So if a player had to buy one of them in order to fully deck his character out it would not be as bad as buying the whole set.

You would at least be able to say you found all of your gear while playing. Similar to what you could do in D2. In D2 you could easily find gear that would make you more than strong enough to clear hell difficulty. Heck some of the gear in nightmare could be used to clear hell difficulty. Although I am not asking for gear that is that powerful though. These items would not need to be bind on account. Because they are not nearly as strong as a legendary or a really powerful rare. That is where they should be placed on the gear food chain between rares and legendaries.

IMO this solves both problems of finding your own gear while at the same time not destroying the economy or making some of the gear we have obsolete by using more gear that is way better than what we already are using.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. What do you think, will this work or not?
"...But these forums seem to have more mature players than the NA forums."

You don't come here very often, do you? :D ok reading your post now. :P
I think the idea is pretty good, but not sure how big the problem it solves really is. How many people are interested in completing D3 selffound and now after it has been released for such a long time? For everybody else than those guys, these items would just be more garbage you ignore when they drop.
I have to set up what i´m about to say, because we´re addressing a problem of huge scope. The game is centered around economy, the auction house. The auction house is the center of everything that you do, you farm for it and buy your gear from it and gear is everything. If you can´t make sales in the auction house with satisfying frequency, nor are you finding gear of your own, the game as an experience is boring and pointless.

After every patch the economy has stagnated more and more. This is what i´ve felt and i´ve seen others post about the same issue, but i can´t confirm this with any sort of data. It makes intuitive sense though, the collective gear level of the playerbase keeps improving and because the better items are rarer than the less powerful ones, fewer and fewer items are worthy of selling. This results in less trading, as fewer and fewer items are sold and bought, and the economy stagnates.

There are many reasons for why the economy stagnates.
1) people focus on decking up one character.
2) drop rates have been tuned with math, not feeling.
1+2) farming is time-consuming and barely rewarding, so eggs must be put in one basket to beat the drop rates => people focus on decking up one character.
4) bots. inflating the AH with amazing drops, leaving less to be found by legit players and traded between them.
5) level cap, easy respeccing, no stat point allocation on level up. effectively no point rolling alts and testing interesting builds. effectively no RPG experience; starting with a loincloth and knife to becoming a being of great power.
6) gold is your experience bar. spend it on alts, your main loses EXP. your main doesn´t gain power, you gain less drops, less gold, less experience. boring, pointless, repetitive gameplay and nothing to show for your time spent.

Your suggestion is on the right track, on the track to redesigning this game into an RPG. drop rates that are satisfying, a game experience that´s infinitely replayable by a hundred new characters instead of your one golden goose that farts every now and then.
24/01/2013 14:16Posted by ShadowAegis
But these forums seem to have more mature players than the NA forums. These forums have the most well thought out posts and threads that I have seen.

Buttering us up won't make us more compliant with your game suggestions - who am i kidding ShadowAegis for European Over Lord!!

I would modify you're suggestion, not introducing new garbage items, but just to just to highlight the actual good rares that you might pick up - thus making it easier for me to list these items on the AH. I am sick fed up of analysing every rare before vendoring! Just make them Rainbow colour when they drop and i'll keep them to one side.

Or if Blizzard find the term "Good" too ambigious to decide what is good or not let me punch in some numbers into a box in the main screen for item attributes and stats that i want to come up as Rainbow coloured when dropped.

How about that twist to your initial idea?!? :D your excellency, all hail the European Over Lord! :P
I put this suggestion up so that some players could start another character for the pure purposes of being able to say that they really did go through the entire game and they did not have the resort to using the AH. That was the sole purpose of this thread. The gear would still be replaced with the normal BiS gear.

I know what those that would like to be able to find their own gear are going through. I can understand their feelings on the subject. Why even the devs have been making some changes just for that purpose. Take the new BoA gear along with the Hellfire ring. That was put into place no doubt to address this subject. Although my idea would no doubt really help this issue.

The issue would not be small if the devs were trying to make changes in order to address it. No gaming company makes changes that only a very small percentage of the player base will get benefits from. That would be wasting resources, which would be a bad business move. I am trying to give the devs a little help in this matter.

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