good job on locking thread about duping

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why would you lock a thread about a duping that is going on?? because he had 2 words in caps.

Cobra: Item has been posted for weeks, atm is posted 4 times in a price range of 500-700 mil., check this out. WTF is goin on BLIZZARD??

A forum post on this topic will not be of much help to address this issue unfortunately, but please send us an email with the details you have and it will be investigated:

Thread locked due to CAPS.

Yes it does help. If you even bothered to go look at his link you would see. instead of locking a thread that did not need to be locked. Why don't you go lock the accounts of the dupes.
The weird thing is, finding these accounts is easy since theres an order id,which can be traced back to those who sell the item multiple times
Isnt duping something that blizzard should adress and not the players?
Could captain come and explain duping for me? Im a bit lost.
Locking this thread too. Find out here why:

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