duped items in ah again

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2 mempos 5.5 cc 185 dex gold auction house right now (they were even more yesterday)

theres an order id cant they just track the sellers and ban their accounts?
Same with 5 similar Skorns (1417 dps, str, 196%, LS).
Same with Inna's Temperance 190dex/90vit (I've seen around 8 of them, including 2 on RMAH).
Welcome to dupe world.
Well, this problem is quite old and was worse some time ago (at least there were more threads with numbers like 23 identical manticores), especially on asia. There was no blue respond to that issue. The most reasonable explanation was simply rollback-duping (giving away an item and claiming your account was hacked). On asia rollbacked accounts now (or soon) only have account bound items. Don't know about gold and stuff like gems.

It is still not very pleasant, that no blue said something like: "We are aware of the problem. We were to naive with the rollbacks..."

But anyway, this method of duping is better than anything that involves the engine since there are rather simple solutions to it.
Well if its done and can't be undone how come you still see massive amounts of the same items in ah?
Is it because many people are trying to sell the duped items?
So when there are many same items in ah are the sellers from different accounts?
If 1 account sells more copies of the item doesn't that mean it could be associated with the duping?
Blizzard can't you make the change in the next patch (1.0.7), like you did in Taiwan? I believe this will be a very good change.

P.S. or 15% + 15% ?
Yeah i check diabloprogress yesterday and i found that 15 ppl using exactly this Mempo wich is fcking shame for blizzard to let dupes destroy the game and the worst is that they dont give a fck or look like they dont :/
upp. Yea im almost done with this crap really, all the game resolve around farming, if ppl can dupe items so easily and keep items after they fix the source i see no reason to play anymore... disgusting
they locked all topics about duping. what can we say more ?

Let dem dupe then and lets go PoE
...... This is ridiculous. Also now there is a rmah aswell this becomes a very serious legal problem. This is probably why they are locking and hush hushing.
Duped items.

on AH now:

Skorn 1417.5 DPS 196 CHD 5.8LS
Inna's Pants 190DEX, 90VIT
saw 5x those pants you mention yesterday.....

topic gonne get deleted in few min btw,blizz way to handle duping
Random is random, so obviously they are not dupes. No? Random isn't random anymore?

Welcome to Dupeablo 3.
Has this been fixed yet?
It's a good thing Blizzard is taking care of all the botters!!! Bots are so harmful to the game. They're like people that play all the time and never have to eat, sleep, or even go to work. Can you imagine how that just ruins the game for us normal people who do have to eat, sleep, and work? In comparison, for example, duping an item worth 10 billion gold 20 times doesn't imbalance the game nearly as much as 1 botter or even 100 botters. Because a bot can get 10 billion gold in, what, a day? Thank you, Blizzard, for making the game a fun, balanced, grief-free environment for everyone.
Even if they ban the accounts now the harm is done. The dupes are not new, its old dupes people are selling because they're moving on to another game. Hopefully Blizzard can find them and ban them but to delete dupes bought from AH is not going to happend.

Lets just hope they loose the silly amounts of gold asked for their dupe items!
The Radiant Star Emerald is cheaper to buy from AH now then to make them yourself. So the little gold im making in collecting and crafting gems is gone :(
1 billion in 1 day? hardly.. on weekends i play 16-17 hours/day and getting nowhere close to that.. sure its all about rng but still. And exactly same stats on 2 items isnt impossible in d3 just unlikely
There are not enough words to describe how annoyed I am with the D3 duping situation. Let's start with my point of view on cheating in games.

I really don't care if someone cheats. I used Maphack, bots and duping methods all the time in D2, it was common. I mean Maphack made the game playable in my opinion.

The big difference is that D3 is a dictatorship and D2 is a democracy. Let me explain.

In D2 people knew when something was duped and adjusted accordingly. For example. Sojs, HRs, 40/15 jewels were commonly duped and decreased rapidly in value and the playerbase moved on towards other forms of trade. I'm not saying it was a good thing but it mixed stuff up with a glass half full mentality and the ladder resets and mass account bans fixed it well enough.

In D3 everything is handled in such a massive scale. We're so minuscule in this giant socially void system called the auction house, don't get me wrong I don't mind a big marketplace. For example. Player X dupes a godly item and sells it to Player Y for hundreds of millions and makes a profit of hundreds of irl cash, now Player Y got this amazing new godly item, likely unaware of it being duped. Player X later gets banned for duping while Player Y keeps their duped item for all eternity and now Player Y can afford several new Diablo 3 accounts and starts over.

This is not fine and totally defeats the purpose of a real economy. If you could multiply gold IRL you would flood the world and the value would decrease to such extents that the people actually digging up the gold would have to dig so much more and the only solution to it would be putting all the gold on rockets and shooting it out to space.

Now how is Blizzard going to shoot all this gold out to space? A ladder system would work but would defeat the purpose of the RMAH and will never happen. Expansions will bring higher "tiers" of gear and make the old gear obsolete. Mixing up the type of gear you will use based on nerfs/buffs to class skills would mend the problem a bit but it would just be delaying the inevitable.

We need to accept that some things will not change and adjust accordingly. It will not be fun when farming a godly item takes 10000 hours instead of a 1000 hours because of duping among other things ;)

For justice this is not a D3 should be D2 post. I just needed something for comparison. And please for the love of fiction. DO... NOT... ADD... TIERS...
Same with 5 similar Skorns (1417 dps, str, 196%, LS).
Same with Inna's Temperance 190dex/90vit (I've seen around 8 of them, including 2 on RMAH).
Welcome to dupe world.

3 of those Skorns are still up today.
Then there are 3 Inna's Temperances at the GAH and 1 at the RMAH right now.

How do they do so on such massive scale? Can't be rollback exploit, since by now there should be red flags risen the moment someone tries to do it?
Its good to see blizzards always online drm stopped duping and botting lol

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