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Welcome to the Diablo III Ask the Devs global Q&A. In this thread we'll be collecting your questions regarding patch 1.0.7, having the community vote for their favorites, and then posting the answers we receive from the developers approximately one week later.

LOCKED. Tallying votes and seeking answers.

The topic for this month is Patch 1.0.7. Please feel free to ask any questions related to changes in included this patch (i.e. dueling, class updates, new crafting recipes, etc).

To view the PTR patch notes for 1.0.7, click here.

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Highly Rated
Quote from Wyatt Cheng's 1.0.7 preview:

"When the Monster Power system was first introduced, we were wary of making it available for Public Games for two reasons.
One, we didn’t want to reduce the pool of games that players could be matched into."

My question:

Why not get rid of the quest matrix too, when you create/ join games?

That would:

1. Increase the pool of games by a ton, even though there are 10 mp lvls.
2. Give me more fun, since I can fight severale bosses (i.e. I'd love to fight Skeleton King and Butcher)

Highly Rated
Hello, my question is about Tal Rasha's set bonus.

I chose to play Wizard and WD. The thing is, i always use atleast 2 or 3 pieces of Tal Rasha's set, but set bonuses do not benefit to any of my builds.

How about making Tal Rasha's 2p, 3p, 4p set bonuses more friendly to variations of builds in 1.0.7?

Let's say the traditional:
+ 130 int,
+ 7% crit rate,
+ 50 all res.

Or maybe something new, like:
+3.00% Life steal,
+30 APOC,
+% elemental damage.

That would open more gear choices for WD's and Wizards. Especially the LS bonus. Since Wizards and WD's don't have LS belts and can't dualwield, they are forced to use LS weapon. Set bonus like that would give more gear options to choose from.

Thank you.
Highly Rated
Since there will be some nice, new BS/JW plans in 1.0.7 and generally any crafting needs tomes/gems, can you make them auto pick like the gold?
Highly Rated
Monk class: Why did you choose to increase the dmg of many of the spirit spenders, instead of balancing spirit regeneration and monk passive skills which many monks feel are the really important issues of the class? Solving these two problems could have helped balancing the spirit spenders as a side effect and would've opened up many more build options.

Thank you for a great game that are getting better and better.

I am wondering if Duel are going to have a spectator mode in this patch (or a future one). Would be great to run around "dead" and "invisible" until we hit the button to resurrect inside the Duel Area after our first death. This would also help us streamers to have better tournaments (for fun!).

My idea, fake picture: http://i1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc438/enkeria/spectator_mode_zps6bc10e93.jpg

Thanks. /Enkeria
Question on behalf of the community: Diablo 3 PvP Sweden
With Patch 1.0.7 are you going to utilize the so called "snows" and adjust certain skills, which are currently too powerful in PvP without that affecting the PvE game?

Here's a link to an interview from August 1, 2011 in which Jay Wilson discusses the so called "snows", a technology that allows the developers to adjust specific skills in PvP without that ever affecting the PvE game:

You said that team deathmatch isn't that good enough but you're now releasing a crappy duels. Does it mean you didn't work on the PVP at all?
I would like to create new marquise gem, but motivation to create it for 80 million gold is so low. Will you make marquise gem as real high-end item with better stats or extra stats in the future? As high-end gem, it can improve also diversity of builds in the game.
Highly Rated
Why are the new crafted items bound to account? It is equally as hard to craft a good item as it is to get a good drop. It seems to me that Diablo 3 is becoming like WOW where the best items of the game are bound to you and cannot be traded. This is the only reason I never played WOW, Diablo has always been about trading and everything except story related items should be tradeable. To me it feels like the new crafting system is a huge waste of gold to be honest, what do I do with good items that I do not need?
Highly Rated
I have one hardcore question. There is no other way of death in hc but of disconnection between me and friends of mine. Are you making anything to avoid this in patch 1.0.7? I don't care about new chalenges, just don't wanna pay for unstable servers or connection.
Highly Rated
Legendary drop chance.

In 1.0.7, if a gear drop from a monster is rolled, what will be the base nominal chance (without magic find) of the drop to be legendary and are there different base nominal chances for different monsters?

Background/reasoning: It´s about time the players start getting a bit more in-depth data about the game, so that we understand what actually happens incase you changed the value in the future like "we doubled it" in a previous patch.

Note for voters - the game checks first if an item is legendary, then 6 affix rare, 5 affix rare etc. and knowing the answer to this question would allow us to make drop rate estimates and more accurate farming efficiency decisions.
Highly Rated

Why didn't you change the stats gems give to weapons? No one will ever use a "melee attackers take x damage per hit" in a socket for a weapon.

Also the Marquise recipes should be legendary quality instead of rare, unless you plan to put in more gems later.
I would also really appreciate an option that would enable to turn critical hit flashes off.
Why don't you buff DH (and WD) since they are the least used class in high MP?
Highly Rated

Are you going to add 1 to 3 "skill swap" fast-buttons in this patch, to change between different "saved" builds while being exclusivly in "town"? May I suggest the "W" key. It would be appropriate.

Thanks. /Enkeria
Question on behalf of the community: Diablo 3 PvP Sweden
I waited, that with new crafting system you will add or change many stats in game, because one of the main problem of this game is itemization and stats. Do you think, that these few recipes will attract players create anything, when there are only few usable stats in game?
Highly Rated
Elemental vs physical weapon damage differences.

Are all elemental damage weapons (except cold because of its snare) originally designed (intended) by the developers to be inferior to physical (black) damage weapons damage-wise and why?

Background: This is currently by far the biggest gearing issue in the game for many players, as:
1. The known issue with +minimum and +maximum damage affix being calculated wrongly by the game results in even higher physical damage on weapons compared to elemental ones.
2. Physical damage on weapons including socketed Rubies benefits from the "+x% damage" affix and elemental damage does not.
3. The "adds x% to elemental damage" affix (magic property) is calculated based on physical (black) damage and ignores elemental damage, further increasing the damage gap between physical and elemental weapons

Note for voters - this is the current order of weapon damage calculation:
base weapon damage -> +minimum/+maximum damage on weapons including rubies -> "+x% damage" -> +min/max damage on jewelry and off hands -> "adds x% to elemental damage" -> "+elemental damage".[/quote]
I like the idea of more bound to account items, but still i wonder why are you introducing even more of them?

Will Duel have a scoreboard with a vote reset button in this patch or any other future patch?

My idea, picture: http://i1211.photobucket.com/albums/cc438/enkeria/spectator_mode_zps6bc10e93.jpg

Thanks. /Enkeria
Question on behalf of the community: Diablo 3 PvP Sweden
I want play also farm-game, but I see one problem. In new patch I can farm demonic essence from every rare monster or boss in game. I would like to see more unique material from unique bosses. For example, every high-end boss in act, can drop unique boss material, which guarantees bonus unique stat in crafting. This stat is unique for each boss in game. Why do you favor chance of drop, where every monster has same chance to drop items with same quality, type or same affixes?

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