"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7

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I don't see any chances regarding the Auction House in the upcoming patch.

One thing that the AH is truly missing, is a vendor where i can quickly sell my item that i thought where good, but turned out to be worth only 10k or less. Since i hardly ever remember the name or the stats of that particular (rare) item, it would be great if on of Sanctuary's salesmen was residing in the AH to give me a quick buck! (insert question mark at appropriate time)
Question: Are you considering making monks' healing skills more reliable, like reducing BoH cooldown or inreasing MoH:BoI's LoH?

Explanation: Breath of Heaven is a nice skill, but it has a very limited healing effect and long cooldown, and BoI has such a low LoH so they are not reliable enough, not even close to something like barbarians' Bloodthirst which is a nice passive healing skill that opens up tons of gearing choices and provides reliable passive healing that is a lot stronger than any of our passive defensive skills (apart from OWE), not to talk about their mighty belts granting life steal. I feel that it's too bad monks have to retaliate when we have our cooldowns down, when a barbarian with similar stats can just stand in there and use their extremely mobile WW build with their high LS - they come out better in both sustain, DPS and mobility.
Are you considering increasing the stash size in 1.07?
I understand that you had to limit the stash before the game was released because you couldn't tell exactly how many accounts would be created and the hard drive capacity limitations, but now you know exactly how many accounts there are and how much your servers can take.
For collectors like me the stash size is extremely small... I've played relatively few hours compared to some and i already have 6 mules and 2 stash tabs permanently full.
My question is simple, are there any plans to start fixing in next patch two major problems in D3 atm (something like 1.0.6 "pre-fix patch) meaning loot quality (whole system needs a re-work imo) and complete lack of community features except party of course, by this i mean custom games, whole screen chat section when we can see other people characters etc.
I saw many concept arts from users even here on this forum and they looked great compared to stuff we have now.
Some old blue posts noted that patch 1.0.7 may target "* on kill" issues when playing in team.
For example "archon duration increase on kill" may work bad when other chars spam AoE. And the same applies to life on kill

Is it still planned for 1.0.7 or will be seen in 1.0.8?

Currently, for dueling to make sense, you need to play against people with gear similar to yours.

Any future PvP systems would suffer similar problems. Do you think gear impact on PvP should be decreased, or player machmaking should be introduced? If the latter, can we hear a word on a ladder, or ranking system in this context?

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Why thorns are not changed in this patch? I remember there were blue posts about this.
how about making pets in diablo 3 and the pet leveling up two
The WD hasn't seen any real changes since the introduction of MP levels and the IMs, we can not see anything significant in the patch notes so far and we would like to know as a community (link discussing this Q&A http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6444125686 ) would like to know if there are any last minute changes to be applied to the WD?

We have seen what you did with the barb, DH and now Wiz and Monk and think they have some really good changes, we would love something similar and there are a lot of discussions in the WD forum about skills and items if you'd like to have a read.
"Please feel free to ask any questions related to changes in included this patch (i.e. dueling, class updates, new crafting recipes, etc)."

rules say i have to stay on the topic...so here it is...

Are you going to quit from this project like Jay Wilson did, after the release of patch 1.0.7 ?
If not so , why not ?

best regards.
Why do we even have thorn damage and why is it not addressed in 1.0.7? Whenever I see Melee attackers take x damage on an item I crinch. It's the most useless stat EVER. Not even if a barb maxed out thorn damage on all slots and had the +50% thorn dmg passive would it be viable!?

"Identify All Rare Items"-Button.. ? (Not Legendary)

Thanks. /Enkeria
Question on behalf of the community: Diablo 3 PvP Sweden
Can you implement feature that allows you to see how much damage or life or defense that item will improve to your character when browsing auction house? Its crazy to see those "test" messages in general chat.
Will you be considering buffing/altering Whimsyshire? I dont think many play there... map too small, staff too expensive and only 2 unique drops there to farm for... It just doesnt qualify as a good hunting ground compared to Arreat2, Keeps2, Rakkis, Fields in act3...

Will there ever be a ladder system just like in diablo 2?
Greetings Blizzard,

Allow me to say thank you for bringing the Diablo experience to us - your fans. I believe Diablo has great potential for a video game. It just needs some fixes and tweaks before that though. Anyway, what i'd like for patch 1.0.7. is:

1) As i see this dueling feauture is not the big pvp game style that will be in the game, but i'd still want dueling to have something really simple that could keep a score on people fighting. Counting both the kills and deaths of each player. A very simple add-on really i believe, but still kind of important contributing to the fun this will bring.

2) I'd like to be able to view the stats of items when i'm browsing the Auction House, and the difference they have with my gear just like in-game. I think you've heard tons of requests for that and i believe it's a pretty simple and necessary addition as well. It gets kind of frustrating to link all your items on chat and then enter the game and look at the stats from there.

3) I want co-op play to give more bonuses to players. Because, right now it simply doesn't give any advantages, especially for experienced players. I think that the best that should happen here is to increase the magic find (and/or gold find) whilst being in a co-op game. Say like 5-10% with every added player?

4) I understand there are some issues and bugs with some achievements not unlocking when you complete them. This can get very irritating sometimes. Fixing this in 1.0.7. or a future patch would be great.

5) The final thing i'd really want in this game is a mob density feature. It could work like the Monster Power feature. You can call it Monster Density. What exists in this game now should be Monster Density 0. And 3 more levels of monster density should be implemented.
- Monster Density 1: Add 1-2 extra elites per dungeon and 9% increased mob density in all areas.
- Monster Density 2: Add 2-3 extra elites per dungeon and 18% increased mob density in all areas.
- Monster Density 3: Add 3-4 extra elites per dungeon and 27% increased mob density in all areas.
Monster density should continue to increase of course with added players in the game as always.

I know that you've said. Only 1 question per post but this was the only way i could communicate with the developpers and tell them all i want to be included in the game. I won't need to participate in a future ask the devs, because these are simply everything i want in the game and are written right here ( except of course a future ask the devs will ask for something totally different ). Ok thank you for reading Blizzard, congrats for the game, sorry again for the long post and.. keep it up!

- A loyal fan.
when i tried the ptr the new craftables seem to be very usefull for gearing up a new dinged lvl 60

- a few famous youtubers have already made the calculations regarding how efficient it would be to farm demonic essence and apparently the chance for an upgrade is pretty low

- now i see that those youtubers are very well geared but a new less efficient way to farm gear is not what we are in need of at the momment.

i think it is a step in the right direction with the minimum stats but, it's not enough in my opinion ... not alot of people really want to gear up new 60's atm, we a new more efficient way to get gear... and more boss fights to use it.

i think many would agree.

the question is: now we just had a 1.0.7 and many believe it doesn't take care of some of the "real" problems.

why did you choose to focus your resources on those things over other subjects such as making act 1,2 and 4 more farm efficient or making more ubber boss alike fights?

During the beta period of Diablo III, and right before the release of the game, there was a patch where two of the tabs had been removed from storage. It was explained to us that this was in anticipation of the massive pool of items that will appear upon release.

Skip forward to today where we have less players playing and presumably, less items being created than when the game was first released. So my question comes in two segments:

If not during patch 1.0.7, when can we expect to receive those tabs that were originally removed?

Second segment is actually done in case that the former question cannot be answered (since "when" questions often cannot or will not be answered). Could the developers explain why several months down the line, we have yet to have the storage capacity that was there during beta period?
When is 1.0.7 coming out, roughly? Just an estimate week, thanks.
Are you planning on buffing demon hunter survivability on 1.0.7 or future patches? At the moment its the only class that I have problems with on higher mp's, its too papery.

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